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Updated on 06 November 2022

ÁGUA BOA – On November 10, the well-liked jury of Lucile Sosa dos Santos will happen. She is accused of suffocating her two children, a 5-yr-outdated and a 1.5-yr-outdated.
The crimes came about in the early hours of July 4, 2012, at a downtown dwelling the place the household lived. At that point, the girl claimed that somebody entered the home and strangled the two children and ran away.

The civil police charged him for the deaths of the children. The Agua Boa Prosecutor’s Office has filed costs in opposition to housewife Lucile Sousa dos Santos for culpable murder in opposition to her two children.
The MP additionally requested a decree of preventive detention of the accused in the grievance. Lucille was incarcerated in the ladies’s penitentiary in Kuaba for about 3 years. According to the MP, the crimes have been dedicated for a slipshod, semi-brutal goal and with a useful resource that made it tough for the victims to defend themselves.
In February 2015, the Mato Grosso Court of Justice accepted a request from the Public Defender’s Office to challenge habeas corpus to the suspect, as she was pregnant at the time.
More than 10 years after the crime, Lucille will lastly undergo the well-liked jury. The native discussion board will begin at 8am on November tenth.

Court acquits mom suspected of murdering two children (11 February 2015)

Kuaba – A mom accused of murdering her two younger children has been acquitted by a Kuaba courtroom. Lucile Souza dos Santos, 32, has been detained at the capital’s Ana Maria do Couto May penitentiary since the crime.
Because she is pregnant, the public defender’s workplace obtained habeas corpus for the suspect late final yr. Lucille was accused by the Agua Boa Civil Police of killing her two children, Cag da S, 5 years outdated, and Cag da S, 1 and a half years outdated.
Both have been strangled to dying on July 4, 2012, the place the household lived, on eleventh Street, in the heart of Agua Boa. Soon after the incident, the girl stated she was harmless and that somebody had entered the home in the early hours of the morning to strangle the two children.
He has all the time denied the crime. Now, he stays free pending a trial date but to be set. The crime shocked the neighborhood at the time.

MP proposes costs in opposition to mom suspected of killing her children (03 Aug 2012)

ÁGUA BOA – The State Public Ministry (MPE), via the Água Boa Public Prosecutor’s Office, has filed a cost of certified murder in opposition to housewife Lucile Sousa dos Santos, alongside together with her two children, in the municipality of Água Boa. In the grievance, the MP additionally sought a decree of preventive detention of the accused, who’s quickly detained at the Kuaba Women’s Correctional Centre.
The crime came about on July 4 this yr and based on the MP, it was carried out for a slipshod, semi-brutal purpose and with a useful resource that made it tough for the victims to defend themselves. The grievance was filed right now Thursday (02.08). In the grievance, prosecutor Clarissa Cubis de Lima offered the data beneath investigation by the Canaan Police. “Around 6 am, the accused strangulated her two children, one aged 5 years and the different one aged one, utilizing her hand drive to compress the necks of the children and inflicting their dying as a consequence of bodily accidents.
According to post-mortem experiences, the victims had a sluggish and painful deadly course of, consisting of resistance, unconsciousness, convulsions, suffocation and obvious dying. According to the police, the crime came about quickly after the sufferer’s father left for work. The accused killed her children to take revenge on her husband, as she believed that he was having an extramarital affair and didn’t need her to have custody of the children in case of separation. “To keep away from arousing suspicion, the accused hid the incident of a theft at his residence, saying that his home was attacked and robbed by a person who hit him on the head with a membership, which rendered him unconscious,” stated the grievance.

The prosecutor famous that the defendant’s non permanent detention interval will expire on August 5 and that he wants preventive detention. “Besides the social outrage brought about in the metropolis by a brutal and barbaric crime involving two children, there’s a threat of escape, as the newest paperwork connected to the police investigation file reveal that he supposed to flee after the crime, hiding cash in his home.”
For the prosecutor, there may be nonetheless a necessity to ensure the regularity of procedural directions, “since most of the witnesses listed are kinfolk and/or acquaintances of the sufferer and the sufferer could come to compel them or affect them in any approach. Testify”, he stated.


Police Conclude Mother Killed Her Children – (03 Aug 2012)

Agua Boa – Civil police have concluded {that a} 30-yr-outdated mom herself killed her two children, aged 1 and 5, who strangled her to dying in Agua Boa in early July. They are the children of 35-yr-outdated Roberto Carlos Gomes da Silva and 30-yr-outdated Lucile Souza dos Santos. Deputy Marcelo Fernandez Jardim, who forwarded the report back to the state’s public ministry, accused the girl of double homicide.
The state public ministry can file a cost sheet in opposition to the suspect. The consultant realized that the mom had dedicated the crime alone. The police additionally stated that new data has emerged in the investigation. The suspect stated the cash stolen by the alleged thieves who killed the children was buried in the household’s yard.
According to the consultant, R$ 350 was discovered by the new residents of the home. The police didn’t reveal the purpose for the disappearance of the cash. In testimony, Lucille denied the crime, claiming that she had handed out throughout what occurred and that she solely realized the children have been useless after waking up. However, he contradicted himself, based on the consultant, since to the navy law enforcement officials who attended the occasion at the time of the crime, he stated that he was attacked by an unknown one that invaded the household dwelling.
Lucille was arrested the day after the crime after a choose ordered a brief arrest. She is lodged in the Ana Maria do Couto May Women’s Penitentiary in the capital. The girl has all the time denied the crime, saying she will be confirmed harmless. The police additionally stated that consultants have confirmed that the children died of mechanical suffocation (suffocation) in the early hours of July 4 this yr.


Published on 05 July 2012

=== UPDATED TODAY AT 5PM – Police consultant requested and acquired a brief arrest (30 days) for harm to 30-yr-outdated Lucille Souza dos Santos. She is the mom of two children killed in Agua Boa yesterday morning. Two children. Aged 5 to 1 1/2 years outdated, they have been strangled to dying in the household’s dwelling on eleventh Street downtown.
From the starting, Lucille says that round 6:30 a.m., a person entered the home and strangled the children. He referred to as for assist and took the children to the Paolo Alemao Regional Hospital, however the children have been already useless. Lucilei will be settled in the native public jail, the trial. The deputy stated he has indications that he’s the solely suspect in the double homicide.
We simply spoke to Lucille, who denied wrongdoing. We additionally interviewed the police chief who named Lucille as the sole suspect in the crime that shocked the neighborhood.

Published on 05 July 2012

=== Updated right now at 2:40 PM. – The our bodies of the two brothers who have been strangled yesterday in the Agua Boa have been buried in the municipal cemetery this morning. Their mom Lucille continues to be detained at the native CISC.

Published on July 04, 2012
Two children have been killed in the heart of the metropolis

The native IML launched the our bodies of 5-yr-outdated CAG Da S and one-and-a-half-yr-outdated CAG Da S brothers round 4:30 pm right now. Found useless this morning, about 7 o’clock, at their mother and father’ dwelling, 480 eleventh Street, downtown. The our bodies have been autopsied at the headquarters of the Polytechnic in Agua Boa and launched to their father, Roberto Carlos Gomes da Silva.
Wake and burial will be at Agua Boa. The mom, Lucile Souza dos Santos, continues to present explanations to the police station. Deputy Antonio Moura Filho has already collected a number of testimonies to clarify who dedicated the brutal act of killing the two children. New data anytime.

ÁGUA BOA – A tragedy occurred this morning at residence quantity 480, eleventh Street, downtown. The two children have been discovered in vital situation by their mom, who referred to as neighbors for assist. The navy police have been instantly referred to as, however after they arrived at the scene, the mom and children had already been taken to the Paulo Alemao Regional Hospital.
A patrol commander of the Prime Minister of Cabo Araujo will shortly give an interview to deliver the first data. On the different hand, neighbor Gustavo Accadroli, who took the mom and children to the hospital and helped present first support. Gustavo Accadroli additionally recorded an interview to inform about the tragedy. Interviews will be offered quickly.

ÁGUA BOA – According to the police chief, Antonio Moura Filho, 5-yr-outdated Cag da S and one-and-a-half-yr-outdated Cag da S brothers have been killed with indicators of strangulation. The boys are the children of Roberto Carlos Gomes da Silva, 35, and Lucile Souza dos Santos, 30.
The couple lived in Canarana and moved to Agua Boa about 1 yr in the past. The kid’s mom, nonetheless at Paulo Alemao Regional Hospital, instructed reporters that she awakened in the morning when she noticed a hooded man exterior the home. He would not know if he fainted from worry or hit with a stick. He awakened and located the little one in a vital situation. He instantly requested the neighbors for assist. At the second, the couple and others are testifying at the native police station.

ÁGUA BOA – Police consultants from Barra do Garças are conducting against the law scene survey at 480 eleventh Street downtown. The web site is remoted and carefully monitored by navy police. Technicians from Barra do Garças have been requested, since Politec’s technicians from Agua Boa weren’t working. One is on trip and the different is on a visit.
The our bodies of the brothers have been taken to the native IML for necropsy and will be launched in the subsequent few hours for relations to bury them. The crime shocked the neighborhood. Several rumors have been heard this morning about how this tragic occasion might have occurred. All data is being filtered by investigators. We will be again with extra official information anytime.

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