Tribuna do Norte – Returning to the Festival of Santo Antônio Arapongas with new traditions

The June festivals are steeped in many traditions. One of the most well-known is the Santo Antonio Cake – the famous matchmaker – which can hold a medal and according to popular knowledge, anyone who finds this treat can thank him and especially get a wedding. Araponga’s tradition is a little different. The parish of Santo Antonio de Padua, the address of the most famous party in the city, which returned after a break from the epidemic this year, went one step further and exchanged cakes for the well-to-do.

Since the epidemic began, in 2020, the parish began offering candy to the faithful instead of cutting cakes, but hiding the medals in sweets filled with dulce de leche, widely used as wedding party souvenirs.

The change was the idea of ​​Father Noel Ribeiro, the parish priest of the church. As the party was hampered by restrictions imposed by the epidemic, sweets began to be marketed during Trechena prayers during the week of celebration. So far, about two thousand well-married matchmakers have marketed Sadhu. Each candy costs R $ 4.

“It simply came to our notice then. Faced with the reality of the epidemic, we think it is better to work with well-married people, which in a way is less work than cake. And it was a success, “said the priest.

Janelis Costa da Silva Majochin is responsible for a team of 12 women, all volunteers, who work at least three days to prepare sweets. This year, about 4,000 well-married have been produced, but there are only 1,000 alluring medals.

“The priest wants it to be a ‘new tradition’ and apparently it will be effective because everything produced is sold. We have high expectations for this weekend, on the eve of St. Anthony’s Day, when the sweetie is most in demand, “he explained.

He says the change is due to the need to be forced by the epidemic. “Besides being an easy product to store, it was more practical to sell it during the epidemic because there was no party,” Baker said.

Regarding the medal, Janelis says she has heard many stories about people who gained grace by finding images of saints. “We hear a lot of stories talking to the oldest chefs at the party. Personally I don’t know anyone, but they always talk about girls and boys who couldn’t get married at all and got married after receiving the medal. There are also other grace stories, such as a boy who was looking for a medal for grace at work. I knew it worked for him too. It’s all a matter of faith, “he said.


The 28th edition of Festão de Santo Antônio started last weekend and will resume this Friday (10th) and run until Sunday (12th). Watch the video report on Thursday’s jetty.

Third generation volunteers help prepare the team

Housewife Maria Aparesida Chini, 69, has been a volunteer at the Santo Antonio de Padua parish for more than two decades. “I have been helping the kitchen since the beginning of the St. Anthony Festival. I am very happy to be able to cooperate, “he said.

And in this version of the party, Maria is able to count the help of two special people. One of them is his daughter Alessandra, who is now part of the Parish volunteer team. She says she used to go to the kitchen with her mother when she was a child and now she’s happy to have the same experience with her daughter, Emanuel Chini Pacheco, 10, who volunteered this year to help prepare for the celebration.

“It simply came to our notice then. In addition to helping the parish, we have built a bond of friendship with everyone here, “commented Alessandra.

Most of the typical food sold at the festival is produced by volunteers in the parish kitchen. In all, more than two hundred people are volunteering to help prepare for the fair.

(Aline Andrade and Cindy Santos)

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