Travis d’Arnaud’s 3 RBIs lead the Braves through the Mets

NEW YORK – Instead of just saying this as another list, Braves manager Brian Snitker admitted he was thrilled to see his team face a team with the best record in the National League.

“We’ve seen the Mets from afar,” Snitker said. “We know they are a very good team. They did really good things in the offseason. It does not surprise me when they are. I’m glad we’re playing with them. “

Snitker’s game mindset did not change when the Brave Opens opened the four-game series with a 5-2 win over the Mets on Monday night at Citi Field. For the first time this year, the dominant players of the World Series played as a team that could defend its title.

“We have a lot of pieces and a lot of talent,” assistant Collin McHugh said. “We have a global tournament to prove. We didn’t play our best baseball, but tonight was good.”

Max Fried gave six strong innings and received much-needed support as Ozzie Albies and Travis d’Arnaud scored twice in a row in six games. After Tyler Matzek picked up the bases and came out on top in the seventh, McHugh silenced the home crowd and beat Mark Canha, who left Fried third.

With the opening win, the Braves drew within five Mets games and showed confidence in their quest to win the fifth consecutive NL East title.

“We believe in ourselves and we know we are a good team,” d’Arnaud said. “Today, it all happened.”

While the Mets have won every series they have played this year, the Braves have either lost or split any series they play against the Rangers, Nationals and Reds, who are all here as final teams. Atlanta’s only win this year came last week against Ana, who has four games under .500.

Either mediocrity was formed from a World Series hangover or just a slow start with a team that did not make a successful record before August last year. But with the former manager of the former Buck Showalter now leading the Mets in the lead, the Braves knew he had to live on the list and avoid being buried too deep.

As a result, while a one-game winning streak does not send a message, a four-game winning streak against a skilled team could bring back the slightest hit for the Braves who had already fallen asleep. It does not hurt that the freedom fighters introduced Ronald Acuña Jr., who came down on the first line of celibacy, made a number of fine appearances on the right and came in just a few minutes into the opening game. .

Any concerns about the reconstructed Acuña right knee continued to come out as he descended the line of 30.5 ft./sec. and his single. This is the Braves player who ran for the first time this year.

If Acuña returns to solitude soon, he will bolster the production of Austin Riley, who started two major games for six and started fourth with his seventh homer of the season. He still remembers being the third Atlanta veteran when Riley defeated nine homers in 75 games at Citi Field.

In terms of home runs, the Braves entered Monday leading the NL with 28. But it is worth noting that 82.1 percent of them were shooting individually. The band did not always sing a number of songs. Atlanta ranked 11th in the NL in the first and second to last levels with .215 hitting averages with top scorers.

This adds cognition to the meaning of the definite sixth inning. The Albies fired a 0-for-21 skid as they reached the plate and hit the outside ball on the left side of the pitch. The singer was followed by a d’Arnaud double set against Chris Bassitt’s 0-2 slider.

Bassitt did what he chased. It can hit the left hit. But d’Arnaud managed to hit the ball and see it go to the right field which was one of the most successful games in the junior game. His double run in the eighth just added a cushion as the Braves headed for what could have been a big win.

“It was a huge success on a list like this,” Snitker said. “It was as good a ball as we played.”


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