Travel with children: Novotel Itu experience with a 5 month old baby

Novotel Itu. Credit: Laís Roani

Traveling with kids or kids can be challenging, but our first experience was very exciting. The Novotel Itu, an Accor hotel Working on a full board basis, we had a choice for our first trip with Vicente.

Cost advantage

Novotel is a well-known hotel among thousands It is possible to use points from all programs. Depending on the cost of generating your points, staying can be very cheap. In that sense, the value for money is excellent.

Especially about our booking, it was made on Black Friday and we got a very good rate. There were 4 nights from Wednesday to Sunday, just over R $ 2500. Since the points were used for payment and the production cost of these points was low, the hosting had a Great value for money.

Booking Novotel itu with all points
Booking Novotel Itu on Black Friday Promotions
Acer reservation with points
Payment with all points

Room at Novotel Itu

The room is modern and comfortable. They are not too big, but our rooms have served us well.

In the case of Vicente, we requested and a was granted Cage and a bathtub.

The phonology in the room is very good, you can’t hear many sounds from the hallways. Still, the white noise speaker I took with me did a great job!

We booked the easiest room so far and all the programs were upgraded to a room that overlooks the pool with gold status. But here’s the caveat: if you are traveling with small children or are bothered by noise and early sleep, it may be best to have a room facing the parking lot. For this reason On the weekends there is a show with live music on the stepsAnd the noise continued until about 11 o’clock.

Finally, the house has a good fridge, safe and hair dryer.

Room trip with baby
Room with cage. Credit: Laís Roani

Structure and pool

I like the fact that the hotel has a lot of attractions but at the same time it is quite compact.

A. Recreation area, gym, spa and restaurant All in the main building. This way you can access it even on a rainy day, for example.

Highlights for Nice adult pool and spa pool. There is an infant and baby pool for children, with a mini water park with water slides and other toys.

The main pool. Credit: Laís Roani
novotel itu Children's Water Park
Children’s water park. Credit: Laís Roani

The Green area around the hotel Provides a good walk. There are football courts, tennis and sand courts.

There are playgrounds for the little ones and trapeze with the art circus team which guarantees good fun – even for the adults.

novotel itu playground
Children’s playground, court and trapeze. Credit: Laís Roani

Food at Novotel Itu

Works in hotel Full board scheme, including breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition to these three main foods a Small afternoon coffeeWith just a few snacks, coffee and juice, but if you have an early lunch it breaks down the work, for example.

I actually really enjoyed the food. Even after reading some complaints about the food being repetitive or not tasty, I thought it was all very well.

Undoubtedly, the personal evaluation of each weighs a lot more here, but in the end I liked the menu. It’s not very extensive, but I found it Everything was very tasty and well presented, especially the dessert. Weekend specials include hamburger nights, barbecues and fizz.

Included with non-alcoholic beverage meals.

Novotel Itu with Baby

Hotels in particular Interesting for those who travel with children. It has a toy library, a lively entertainment group, meals with different hours and a separate menu for children.

Here’s one more Children’s pantry, open only to guests with infants or childrenWhich provides an extra structure to help prepare baby bottles and baby food.

Baby novotel itu cup
Cup baby. Credit: Laís Roani

There is accessibility throughout the hotel, which makes the trolley easy to use.

The experience of traveling to Novotel Itu with our 5 month old baby was very good.

As parents, we were able to enjoy and relax, especially considering that the hotel has a full board. That makes it a lot easier. And liked the experience at Vicente. He was attentive to everything, and despite not being big enough to take advantage of the many hotel options, he was happy to see the other children.

Undoubtedly, we intend to go back at another time!

Traveling with baby
Record of first trip with baby. Credit: Laís Roani

Have you ever traveled with babies or children? How was the experience?

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