Tragic evolution of abuse and lawsuits against children and adolescents

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This is not the case today with violence against children and adolescents, unfortunately not!

This is because the technological means and the extended social life itself have provided us with easy access to information, events that used to happen behind closed doors, can already be perceived by the eyes of today’s society.

It is true that, like so many other crimes (mainly domestic and family), what comes to the attention of a competent body organ is a small percentage of what actually happens. However, it is also true that it is easier to know if a child is a victim of violence or rights violations.

The greater interaction with people in different places allows us, primarily through government agencies and society, to see a situation that is strange to the normality of a child’s routine, whether at school or socializing with friends and family.

For this reason, it is the duty of everyone to communicate any information that identifies and identifies child abuse offenses, in order to avoid more serious situations such as daily reporting and testimony.

We have specific laws to protect children and adolescents and to punish aggressors, especially those supported by the Children and Adolescents Constitution, the Federal Constitution and our Penal Code.

The law clarifies that “Children and adolescents have the right to be educated and cared for by parents, extended members, as correction, discipline, education or any other excuse, without the use of corporal punishment or cruel or degrading treatment. Family, responsible persons, By public agents who take social care or care for them, treat them, educate them, or protect them. ” In which there is nothing positive to teach children / adolescents, are categorized by law.

Instead, the penal code brings in the typeification of the crime of abuse in the industry. 136, stating that conduct “for the purpose of education, training, medical or custody, endangering the life or health of the agent under the authority, custody or supervision, either deprives him of food or essential care, or makes him subject to excessive or inadequate work,” Or correction or abuse of discipline ”, imprisonment for 2 months to 1 year, or a fine of up to 4 years in case of serious injury and 12 years in case of death.

But in the reality of daily life, it seems, the letter of the law is not afraid and does not bring awareness to those in need!

We live in a tragic situation of increasing violence against children, and here I am highlighting the phenomenon with children, because the greatest numbers are against them, defenseless and easy targets.

It is difficult to understand the motive of attackers’ attitudes, since judging a child as an adult for fear of assault, injury and intimidation does not have the slightest chance of evaluating their activities, or it will not act as an educational character. If not humiliation, injury and death.

As a legal professional and as a mother, it is often difficult to separate the real plane from the real plane in the face of a specific case, but we as an active society need to be aware of this kind of condemnation. Of crime

It’s not about interfering in other people’s lives or the way they are being “educated” by other families, but a duty to protect our children from attitudes that will do them no good for growth and education, on the contrary, they hurt. Taken in adult life and it will probably be negatively reflected in the behavior of the person.

Parents’ councils, schools, families, public bodies and society in general have a responsibility to work together to make the joint efforts to spread the culture of domestic violence, whether physical, moral or emotional.

The repetition of violent attitudes cannot be covered by tolerance, because it is important to understand that the structure includes respect for the dignity of our animals and human life!


Marcia Ferreira Alves Pereira

Bachelor of Laws from Unoesc de Xanxerê. Postgraduate in Civil Procedure Law by Uniter and Post Graduate in Criminal Procedural Law by Damacio Educacional. Currently, he is a resident of the Public Ministry, in the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Ponte Serrada District.



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