Top 10 movies, series and documentaries about the royal family

The British royal family has long been a product of entertainment, and after all, nothing more interesting than understanding the life of the monarchy in the twenty-first century, isn’t it?

Many things have to do with the idea that kings, queens, princesses and princesses live luxurious lives, full of many privileges that no one can ever get. And that’s what arouses people’s curiosity and produces so much about this different, complex and fascinating universe.

With that in mind, r Canaltech Has compiled a list of the 10 best films, series and documentaries about the royal family, whether they are telling the truth or immersing themselves almost 100% of the time in the world of fiction.

10. Windsor

With less drama and more comedy, The Windsorce is the most diverse production on the list (Photo: Disclosure / NOHO Film and Television)

In 2016, the royal family turned to comedy with the launch of Sitcom Windsor. The series tells the fictional story of Camilla (Hayden Gwen), who has big dreams of becoming queen. Also in the story is Pippa Middleton (Morgana Robinson), a young rebel who is jealous of her older sister Kate Middleton (Lewis Ford). Production, of course, brings the royal family from a perspective you never imagined.

Windsor Available in three seasons on Netflix.

9. White Princess

The White Princess shows an unveiling of the greatest battle to inherit the English throne (Image: Publishing / Company photo)

The next headline of the list goes back to talking about the subject in a more serious tone. Inside White princessA plot based on a book of the same name by Philip Gregory, we follow the story of Elizabeth, played by Jody Comer, also known as Villanell Killing Eve.

She is a young woman who, when the War of the Roses ends, is forced to marry Henry, one of her family’s biggest rivals, so that she can return to the country. Already married, he discovers that his brother is planning to ascend the throne.

You can see White princess In Starzplay.

8. Elizabeth: The Golden Age

Elizabeth’s sequel, The Golden Age, features a more centralized and mature king in power (Image: Handout / Universal Image)

Inside Elizabeth: The Golden AgeA film directed by Shekhar Kapoor, we see actress Cate Blanchett as the more mature Queen Elizabeth I, in 1585, already in power for almost three decades.

During this time, he has already faced a number of crises during his rule, such as conspiracies in court, murder cases, as well as personal conflicts involving romantic relationships. Now, on the brink of a war, he wants to control the actions of his powers while trying to deal with a forbidden love.

The movie Elizabeth: The Golden Age Available at Starzplay.

7. Tudor

The Tudors combine betrayal, deception, political intrigue and lots of drama in one spectacular series (Image: Handout / Showtime)

In the series Tudor, We follow the story of Henry VII, in the 18th century, when he was still struggling to win the most coveted seat in England, from his misery as king. In the meantime, he falls in love with Anne Boleyn, even though he was married to Catherine of Aragon, and has to find a way to cover up the controversy so that he can tarnish his image.

Tudor Claro video is available.

6. Diana

Diana is another film depicting the tragic life of a princess who conquered the world, but not her family members (Image: Prakash / Echoes Films)

In 2013, Naomi Watts got a mission to play the role of Diana in the movie. In this biographical picture, named after the princess, we see the moments when the young woman is about to divorce Prince Charles, facing the loneliness of her life in the palace in her charitable promise. The story takes a turn when she meets Dr. Hasnat Khan (Naveen Andrews) and is glad that he treats her like a person who has no real title.

Diana Can be seen on Globoplay, Telecine, Prime Video and Paramount +.

5. Elizabeth

Elizabeth shows how the daughter of Henry VII of The Tudor’s put her on the throne of England (Image: Handout / Polygram Filmed Entertainment)

Prior to the 2007 film discussed above, Kate Blanchett played Elizabeth a few years ago, in 1554, when England was divided between Catholics and Protestants. During this time, Elizabeth’s half-sister, Maria Tudor (Cathy Burke), was diagnosed with a serious tumor and her days were numbered. To make matters worse, the sisters have different religious ideologies and clash over what will be the fate of the country on this issue, both decisions are of paramount importance.

The movie Elizabeth Available on Star +.

4. Speech of the King

King’s speech shows how Elizabeth II’s father was stuttering (Photo: Handout / C-S Films)

Famous movies King’s speech, Which hits theaters in 2010, tells the story of George (Colin Firth), a member of the British royal family who has been stuttering since the age of four. The problem prevents him from engaging in actual activities that involve lecturing, and for that, he seeks the help of several professionals, but without success. Everything changes when you meet Lionel Log, a speech therapist played by Geoffrey Rush.

You can watch movies King’s speech HBO Max.

3. Royal House of Windsor

The Royal House of Windsor shows how the royal family had to adapt constantly to the throne (Image: Handout / Channel 4 Television)

Anyone who follows the royal family from afar cannot imagine how many challenges he has had to face to stay on the throne for so long. And it is precisely this adversity and how much the House of Windsor had to adapt to keep it from falling. Royal House of Windsor Address

With the help of historical documents and the testimony of important people who were once part of the British government and the daily life of Buckingham Palace, this documentary series shows how they embraced anti-German sentiments and got rid of the image of Nicholas II, the last great Russian Tsar. Fall did not happen with the part and they have avoided every major crisis since then, to the present day, to stay exactly where they are.

Royal House of Windsor Can be seen in the Netflix catalog.

2. Spencer

Kristen Stewart has a great performance as Diana Spencer (Image: Handout / Diamond Films)

This list includes the most recent productions of the royal family, Spencer Kristen Stewart won the Oscar for Best Actress in 2022, not only for her skillful acting, but also for the British royal family, which surprised many people by expressing the pain and suffering behind all the luxuries and glamor of life.

Despite the laughter for the camera and the philanthropic practice she practiced, Lady D in secret was living a miserable life, a failed marriage, in Bulimia, and alone. And it is precisely these aspects of the life of the Princess of Wales that the film addresses in such a visible and breathtaking way.

Spencer Available for rent and purchase on Apple TV and Play Store

1. The crown

The Crown is probably the most popular production of the royal family (Image: Handout / Netflix)

To top off the list with the best headlines about the British royal family, I couldn’t miss it The crownOne of the most recent productions and one that is still happening

The series tells the story from the beginning of the activities of Elizabeth II (Olivia Coleman), who was in power after the death of her father, to the present day. In the fourth season, the highlight is the political issues with Princess Diana (Emma Corinne) and all her popularity, as well as Margaret Thatcher (Gillian Anderson).

The crown A Netflix original series.

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