Top 10 Most Viewed Movies of the Week (05/07/2022)

It’s already May and Tom Holland is still the big name in the movie. This young man tops our list of the most watched movies of the week, not one, but two big hits in a row – which made his popularity and the good times of his career very clear. After all, he believed that he would limit himself Spiders are human?

Besides No return homeWhich, of course, made the video an overnight sensation Undisclosed: Out of the map Also the adaptation of the shiny popular PlayStation game marks Sony’s entry into the games section of the movie and the good performance here shows that the bet was right – and we’ll see more of this universe soon.

It’s worth noting that there is still no official tool that measures movie audiences on streaming and video on-demand services, and the best way to do this is through JustWatch, a platform that helps users find out what they’re watching and what content is streaming. Available at

So, based on this data, we reached an approximate ranking which included the most viewed movies of the week in Brazil.

10. Time

Director M. Night Shyamlan’s new film is what fans expected from the filmmaker: a bizarre mystery, a huge amount of suspense and some unexpected twists. This time, all of these elements are present in the story of a family going on vacation on a secluded beach. Everything is perfect, until they begin to age rapidly and without any logical explanation for it.

A child becomes an adult in the blink of an eye and the parents of the family grow old and die before they understand what is happening. So, the family must run against time to discover the mystery of this place before it gets too old for everyone.

Time Available for purchase and rent on Telecine and on Google Play, iTunes, Claro Vídeo and Amazon.

9. A quiet place 2

Sequel to Nice A quiet place Covid-19 was one of the films most affected by the epidemic and, therefore, almost no one saw it in the movies – precisely for this reason, the expectation of its debut in streaming is very high. The funny thing is, even if it doesn’t happen, the interest has increased A secluded place2 The growth continues.

Here the plot continues the events of the first film, where the Abbott family had to leave their shelter and venture into this post-apocalyptic world where little words could represent their deaths. The problem is that they will discover that these monsters are not the only problem they have to face.

A secluded place2 Available for purchase and rent on Telecine and Now, iTunes, Google Play, Microsoft Store.

8. Profit: Lunar Menace

Known specifically for his catastrophic films, director Roland Emmerich returns to threaten the world with lots of chaos and devastation. Only this time, the threat is an old acquaintance of mankind – the moon. After all, what would happen if our natural satellites left orbit and collided with our planet?

Inside Profit: Lunar Menes, We see not only the natural consequences of this catastrophe, but also the struggle of a team of astronauts to try to prevent the impending end of the world. From some fantastic insane conspiracy theories and somewhat questionable rhetoric, the feature presents this group of heroes unlikely to face a mission that seems impossible – and will reveal cosmic secrecy.

Profit: Lunar Menes Available for purchase and rental on Google Play, Amazon and iTunes

7. 007: No time to die

The world’s most famous secret agent returns for a final mission – and perhaps his most challenging. Daniel Craig’s departure from the role of James Bond marks the end of the last 16 years of arc construction and the appearance of 007 in front of all the ghosts of his past.

Even retired and properly married to Madeleine (Léa Seydoux), the spy must return after believing that he had been betrayed at the same time as a terrorist threatening to use a new biological weapon that could end humanity. And while he’s running to save the world, Bond finds a time that he never thought he was looking for.

007: No time to die Available for purchase and rent on Telecine and Now, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and Microsoft Store.

6. Sonic: Movies

The fastest and most famous blue hedgehog among the games also won the movie and broke the curse of game adaptation. Sonic: Movies In a simple plot, the classic video game brings the character to the big screen, but is full of heart and references to the game – that is, suitable for today’s and 90’s kids.

The story begins when Sonic ends up in our world, drawing attention not only to the military, but also to a bizarre scientist who wants to capture the hedgehog to take advantage of his strange power. And when she wants to escape from this new enemy, Sonic encounters a family for the first time.

Sonic: Movies Available for purchase and rent on Telecine and Now, Microsoft Store, Google Play, iTunes and Amazon.

5. Poison: At the time of the murder

Criticism can explode, but the truth is Poison It was a real success and loved by the people. And At the time of the murder That’s what comic book fans, who grew up with 90s comics, wanted: two symbols fall for the punch and destroy everything, complete with lots of claws, teeth and suspicious taste jokes.

The story brings Simbiot into a direct sequel to the first feature and a somewhat troubled relationship with Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy). And in one of these, the couple crosses his path with Venom serial killer Clatus Cassadi (Woody Harrelson), who turns into a villain murder. Completely insane and violent, he will now wreak havoc across the city and only Venom can stop him.

Poison: At the time of homicide Available for purchase and rental on HBO Max and iTunes, Google Play and Microsoft Store.

4. Batman

The Dark Knight is back – and this time, early in his career. Inside Batman, We find the protagonist as a warner of Gotham in his early years and want to understand his role in the city as a consciousness of revenge. Completely isolated and antisocial, Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson) has created a symbol whose weight he himself cannot comprehend.

And it is with the advent of a serial killer like The Ridler (Paul Dano) that Batman has to find new meaning for his activities – as well as face privacy about his own past and the city. Who swore to protect.

Batman Available for purchase and rental on HBO Max and Now, iTunes, Google Play, Microsoft Store and Amazon.

3. Death on the Nile River

The world’s second most famous detective is back Death on the Nile. This time, Hercules Pirot (Kenneth Branagh) was invited to a wedding party aboard a luxury ship on the Nile River in Egypt – and it was clear that it would not end well. Because the party is filled with a lot of violence, violence and climate so that things can’t end in any other way than killing.

So, the investigator has to find out who is really responsible for the crime. The person responsible for the death is still on board, all the passengers and crew of the ship are suspicious and there is good reason to do such a thing – and only with his famous intelligence will the detective be able to solve this mystery.

Death on the Nile Available on Star +.

2. Spider-Man: No Return Home

The long-awaited movie messing with Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) Multiverse is also a true love letter in the history of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Spiders are human In the movie. In the end, No return home It has nothing to do with what the protagonist encountered under the supervision of Marvel Studios, but with what we have seen in the character over the last two decades.

So, after revealing his identity to the world, Peter Parker appeals to magic and it forces people of other realities to come to him – including villains like Dr. Octopus and Green Goblin. Thus, friendly neighbors must compete against time and rely on improbable alliances to keep the universes in order.

Spider-Man: No Return Home Now available for purchase and rental on Google Play, iTunes, Microsoft Store and Amazon

1. Unpublished: Out of the map

PlayStation’s first big movie adventure, Undisclosed: Out of the map A new generation brings Indiana Jones to the big screen. Pigbackback in the hit Spider-Man, we have Tom Holland playing the protagonist Nathan Drake, a young thief in search of a century-old treasure that is somehow linked to the whereabouts of his missing brother.

But in order to get the answers he needs, Drake will have to ally himself with a less faithful man while running from a billionaire who also wants this treasure and is willing to kill anyone in his path.

Undisclosed: Out of the map Now available for purchase and rental on iTunes, Google Play, Microsoft Store and Amazon.

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