Three players are killing the Red Sox case, and that’s not what you think

The three Red Sox killer players are not easy to follow Bobby Dalbec, Jackie Bradley Jr., and Christian Vazquez. They strike under the system for reasons.

With the following group of players: Kiké Hernández, Alex Verdugo, and Trevor’s Story. He is supposed to be in the 1A team for the top three giants Xander Bogaerts, Rafael Devers, and JD Martinez. These three records are doing their job, more or less. Bogaerts leads the team on average (.343), Devers in homers (four), and Martinez in RBIs (14).

The problem is the middle class, like our friend Lou Merloni tweeted the other day. Everyone has failed the Red Sox in their own way, with the result of a major mistake.

Start with Hernández. Alex Cora raised eyebrows last year when he put a free swinger in the lead, which he never felt was appropriate for a lifetime of a .313 per cent. Cora had a direct idea in mind, however. In his former career as a manager, in 2019, Andrew Benintendi’s attempt to lead the charge failed after almost two months, forcing the return of Mookie Betts.

When Cora found another problem in directing, she did not want to just sit to the left of the system, but chose to set the tone for the running ball. He saw the illegitimate Hernández as a working man, and Hernández rewarded him with 20 hrs, a shutout in the last two months, then a postseason monster.

Unfortunately, this victory did not last until 2022. Hernández went 0 for 19 to open the season and appears twice in his entire career. He hits .176, which needed to fall into the system. Unlike the other names on the list, he is swayed in the right circles most of the time, but does nothing with the circles he hunts. When Hernández is right, he hits the ball on the side of the pull, but has been raising lazy balls flying in the right field.

The Red Sox needed the return of a winner who did well unexpectedly last season, but because Hernández was not giving a start, Cora decided to raise the issue, with disastrous results.

Chaim Bloom and the front office should pray that the crisis of this Article tell more about its new location, new location, and new home than any other physical crisis, because another $ 140 million alternative is risky.

Tomase: Trevor’s story hears the first signs of turmoil from Red Sox fans

He opened the season on a Gerrit Cole slope and hasn’t stopped since, but it’s not really a problem. While it is true that Story has been shaken and missed about half of the games he has seen, the biggest concern is that he is not playing running games. He only hits .200 against them and hits the ball faster than any other pitch.

The failure of the Story to deal with speed helps explain why it is easily moved by the sliders from the plate, and the vibrating hole will be used mercilessly until it closes.

In the meantime, he kills the wrongdoer. He felt the pressure on Fenway after going 1 to 16 and hitting 10 in the last four games, and these insults only get worse if he doesn’t give up. The Red Sox left Hunter Renfroe because they believe they will be paid $ 7 million even if they get 31 homers and bring in .816 OPS.

What does this mean for Story, who has yet to reach home and is hitting .194?

This brings us to a mysterious disappointment, Verdugo. Like last year, he started smoking which showed him was about to jump from the average to All-Star. And like last year, it ended before it started.

The Red Sox need Verdugo to be the standout performer when he hits the boxer and the maker of the runner when he hits the fifth. The same applies to Hernández and News. Instead, the three have been offering everything.

John Tomase

Verdugo’s impressive start – .333 to 10 games – bought him a good deal that he quietly got tired of. In his last 17 games, Verdugo hit just .147 and .317 OPS. “His average expectation” at the time is very high, but an eye test does not indicate that he had a traumatic event. Verdugo once walked away and gave some more hits, and Cora also claimed he had deviated from the all-in-one management system that represented his most lucrative segments.

Looking back, the worst thing he could have done was set up three homers in the first week of the season, because he has been so happy ever since. Verdugo is a shooter on the line with the latest pop. When they run to the fence, they fail miserably.

Because he is one of the best batsmen in the major leagues, his story is not about respiration, but about drunkenness. For the first time in his career, he has been rocked by half of the squares he sees, and this has led to him starting to exercise and running a few lines.

The Red Sox need Verdugo to be the standout performer when he hits the boxer and the maker of the runner when he hits the fifth. The same applies to Hernández and News. Instead, the three have been offering everything.

Until this change, under the system is the most difficult part of the team.

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