Three Homers on Guerrero Blue Jays Alongside the Yankees

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. shook off a bloody wound to his ring finger on his right finger to strike three home runs against rival Yankees, including two from ace Gerrit Cole, and the Toronto Blue Jays beat New York 6-4 Wednesday night.

George Springer scored a tiebreak single in the seventh, and Toronto retained the Yankees despite homers from Anthony Rizzo, Aaron Judge and Glaber Torres – and a fly in the eighth by Giancarlo Stanton, who was caught on the warning track.

Guerrero had a big hand in this.

Blue Jays 6, Yankees 4 | Result from the box Game by game

The runner-up for last year’s American League Most Valuable Player award knocked Cole off in the first inning, got his hand accidentally when playing first base in the second, then hit linearly, double-hitting Cole in the second and third to lead Toronto 3-0. .

He doubled Cole in the sixth – made the pitcher show that he was tilting his hat on the 23-year-old – then started a 443-foot lead from Hower against Jonathan Loaisiga in the eighth for a 5-3 lead.

It was the second three-homer game of Guerrero’s career, corresponding to the highest set of his career last April 27 against Washington. He was on deck when teammate Bo Bischet reached the final at the top of the ninth, leaving him without a chance to equal the Grand League record of four hosts in a match.

Guerrero is leading the big team with four hosts in six games, after leading the big team with 48 last season.

Jordan Romano made the ninth of his fourth save of the season. He realized 27 consecutive chances.

Guerrero seemed to have to leave in the second inning when his bare throwing hand was stepped on by Aaron Hicks. Guerrero had to reach through his body to throw the Bichette and place his right hand behind the first main bag to balance. Hicks stepped on him, running out of singles in the field.

The four-year-old major league player immediately began waving his hand, then walked to the Toronto dugout as blood dripped on his uniform and grass. Demonstrating toughness that will surely satisfy Toronto hockey fans, Guerrero taped his wound with training tape and returned to first base a few minutes later.

PHILADELPHIA – Max Scherzer could finally focus with all his might now that his right hamstring didn’t bother him.

It took him a while to figure it out, but when he did, he looked back at Sai Young.

Mets 9, Phyllis 6 | Result from the box Game by game

Scherzer settled in after dealing with an early problem, Pete Alonso drove in five runs with Homer and two doubles, and the Mets beat Philadelphia Phillies 9-6 on Wednesday. Scherzer (2-0) needed to load the basics in the first to recalibrate how to reposition himself on his right foot, then he hit the next batter, challenged the ground and allowed one run and five strokes with seven cancellations in five innings .

“I just didn’t do every field where I had to,” Scherzer said. “Luckily enough for me to be able to go three in innings, so that we don’t get out of control and give up a bunch of runs in this situation. That really set the tone and allowed our attack to continue. “

Alonso and the rest of the Mets’ attack provided more than enough running support for the 37-year-old three-time Cy Young winner. Brandon Nimmo scored a solo home run by Aaron Nola in the third inning – the Mets’ first hit of the afternoon – before retiring in the fourth and fifth.

“We did a great job of pouring it all day,” said Alonso, who was once again a determined striker instead of preferring to play at first base. “We had excellent bats from 1 to 9 and that’s what it takes to win these tough divisional matches.”

RBI’s first double, Alonso, helped get Nola out of the game. The right-hander also lost command in the fourth, going with a battery and hitting two more to load the basics and take the hook from manager Joe Girardi. Nola (1-1) allowed three wins on three hits in 3 ⅓ innings.

The Mets also won the battle of Phyllis, which deepened five times after the short start of Nola and the upcoming weekend. Alonso made three runs to Homer to the right center in the sixth to make it 8-1 and closed Scherzer’s day after throwing 96 pitches.

“It was a big moment in the game that took us a bunch forward and fortunately that was enough,” said Alonso. “Philly has a great offense. They are a great team. They began to return there. But I have a feeling that the transition in this way was huge for the team. “

SAN FRANCISCO – Logan Webb dropped the ball with four strokes in eight innings, and Luke Williams doubled the only runs he needed when the San Francisco Giants beat the San Diego Padres 2-1 Wednesday.

Webb (1-0), who became the Giants’ ace last season, allowed a run. He withdrew 22 of the last 24 strikers he faced, destroying seven and missing none.

Giants 2, Padres 1 | Result from the box Game by game

In his first two starts, Webb lost just two runs in 14 innings.

Padres left-hander Sean Manaya (1-1) was also stingy, holding San Francisco to two runs for six innings on a four-stroke ball. But the pair of Williams from two series in the second erased the lead of San Diego with 1-0 and proved to be the decisive blow.

The Padres threatened in the ninth against the Giants’ reveler Camilo Doval. Jake Cronenworth reached a single with one out, Eric Hosmer started with two outs and Doval hit Jurickson Profar to load the bases.

But Doval hit striker Matt Beatty in off-speed to close his first save.

Dashboard: Field with results and summaries for the rest of the action on Wednesday.

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