Thompson: It’s been building, and now Jordan Poole and Ja Morant are fully integrated into this list

Jordan Poole smiled as he looked down at the iPhone 13 Pro Max in his hands. An insulting smile, as if he knew this was going to attack him.

He watched a video of the game in the fourth quarter when Memphis claimed he had deliberately tried to injure Grizzlies star Ja Morant. He watched the slow replay of the game in which he and Andrew Wiggins locked up Morant, Poole swaying and hitting the ball, then reached out and grabbed Morant’s right knee. It showed him pulling Morant’s knee towards him with his right hand while pushing Morant with his left.

“Yeah, it was a basketball game when we doubled it,” said Poole after seeing it, “and I hit the ball and I wanted the ball. I mean, obviously, you don’t want to see anyone injured. I’m not that kind of player. I respect everyone. Uk see him next game. I don’t play at all like that, really. That’s not my type of game. “

Perhaps Morant shook his knee as he planted a snare. Morant may have injured his knee in the third quarter on Lung competition at Klay Thompson 3-pointer. Either way, Poole and Morant are now directly linked in this second Western Conference series, which the Warriors lead, 2-1, on Saturday with a 142-112 victory at the Chase Center. Morant established the bridge by beating Poole continuously in game 2 and caused Poole to fall as he danced. And Poole responded – as you know he could – by returning to Morant in Game 3.

That all changed when Morant filed a lawsuit in court. He looked upset when he ripped the pillow off the chair next to it and slapped it in frustration. He watched in agony as the athlete trained his right knee. It was the same knee that kept him out of the nine games until the end. Memphis coach Taylor Jenkins then said he was “impressed” by what Poole was doing. Morant then wrote “breaking the rules” on top of the video Poole watched, claiming Warriors coach Steve Kerr that Grizzlies guard Dillon Brooks “broke the rules” when he hit Gary Payton II in the head from behind during a quick break.

Now it’s a big argument with Poole and Morant in between.

“It’s a game talk,” Thompson said. “I, personally, am badly injured in the knee, and I do not think there is any evil intent from Jordan. I do not think he is strong enough to touch a human knee. “We play the game well, and I’ll have his back. He doesn’t want to – no.”

From what we know about Poole, they do not want Morant to leave the list. He wants a rod to measure Morant’s greatness.

Poole stayed for three days when the interest in the list completely changed his safety, or lack of it. The looks and memes ended well with Morant throwing Poole, one of his jaw-dropping games as he scored 47 points in 2 games.

“It’s basketball,” Poole said. “We go there. We play hard. We compete. These are the best players in the world, you know what I mean? So just get out there, just play hard, stick to our game plan, switch, keep pushing, come the next day, go to the shooting range and just try to be better. ”

Trying to humble himself on the sidelines, Poole – who is two months older than Morant and was selected 26th after the Grizzlies star in the 2019 NBA Draft – did not just let the story end. Poole came here, from the time he was sacked in 2019 until he was a key member of the running competition because he believed he was one of the winners. He does not stop Morant, who scored 34 points in 13-21 shots with seven assists. But Poole was determined to prove that Morant had no chance to stop him. None of the Grizzlies went well on Saturday.

Poole and enemy No. 2 now in Memphis. It may have passed Draymond Green now that he is accused of injuring Morant. Some in the Grizzlies country were already expecting Poole to be suspended from Game 3 for walking down the payroll court. Now, there will be a cry for removal from Game 4.

That makes perfect sense, too, because Poole is a big problem for Grizzlies. And that’s a great way for the A Warriors to make Morant a defensive career.

The Warriors struggled with Memphis’ hot start and led the second half. Morant, a steady three-year-old Grizzlies goalkeeper, watched the game with 9 minutes left, with 36 seconds left in the first half. In Game 1, Morant completed his break with 5:38 remaining in the second half. He came back at 7:40 mark in Game 2. But the Warriors had run eight straight points, which was started by Thompson 3 games. The Grizzlies’ lead, once 13 points, was a six-point deficit nine minutes later after that. So even though Warriors star guard Stephen Curry is still on the bench, Morant returned to the right side of the ship.

But this part of the game is for Poole. If Curry starts in the second and fourth divisions, the case is with the Warriors’ three-year guard for six minutes or more. And he welcomed Morant to the Poole party by dragging him to the end.

Morant formed De’Anthony Melton to unite. Poole responded by searching Morant, calling for a veil to find Grizzlies’ face to protect him. And Poole went straight to him, using procrastination and backsliding to get to the starting jump. Next time, he called Morant again, this time going to work from the top and drilling a Morant pull on the free line.

The Warriors defeated the Grizzlies by 10 points per minute while Curry became the second team. The game changed with Poole to Morant and put a constant pressure on Memphis’ defense. The Warriors are 26-point additions in non-Curry minutes to the series.

Like any defense, Grizzles is very focused on getting rid of Curry. With Brooks released from Game 2 and suspended for Game 3, the Grizzlies have turned to Melton and rookie Ziaire Williams to oversee Curry and block his open form. Helping them with the big Grizzlies – either Jaren Jackson Jr. or Wayne Willman or Brandon Clarke – waiting for help if Curry moves.

But Poole gives the Warriors another player who can attack, another player who can run or isolate. And with Thompson on the court with him, and with Curry interest, Poole has the opportunity to work. He was able to pull out his crossovers and move his doubts to get to where he was supposed to go. He’s not Morant on the edge, but the Poole package is just cool.

“Jordan, our ability to put it down and make it go downhill,” Kerr said. “What you have added to our team is very important. We can put Steph on the bench and I would say on the list, maybe we are winning non-Steph minutes, which is very difficult for us. Because for a long time, this has been difficult.”

But what made Poole’s friends happy was how they competed for defense. Green and several fighters told Poole they needed more from him in self-defense. They wanted him to compete. If it means to be beaten, let it be so. If that means ending in a Morant show, so be it.

“It’s going to happen,” said Curry, who knows nothing about being a security target. “Whether it’s me, him, everyone. That is the nature of the playoffs. But you just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. You need to be proud of yourself, knowing that they are trying to put you in action for a reason. This does not mean that you have to stand on your own two feet.

“It means you’ve done your job. The first attack, be physically fit, do not have broken bones. Whether they score or not, you just try to get them to get it and it is obviously not a bad thing. I think he changed well and had to keep doing this because when the game goes down, the tips are important. And if you do your job on the ball, you have support behind you. In most cases, you will be in the right place. ”

The drama that will be discussed in this article was produced by Poole competing for security. Not the best form of Poole. They will also be alert during mid-game days, especially if Morant misses at any time.

But we know Poole. We know how he was bound and what he is. He wants a Morant in court. He wants to get back to the superstar. Because that’s how he shows he’s on this stage.

(Jordan Poole Photo: Jeff Chiu / Associated Press)


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