This is why Jarred Kelenic is a major challenge in rebuilding the Mariners

Jarred Kelenic’s sales are highlighting this weekend as the Mariners face the Mets in New York for the first time since the two teams reached an agreement on Dec. 3, 2018.

And that is not a good sign for Mariners.

When he was seen as the President of the Mariners in the baseball game of Jerry Dipoto’s master stroke and Mets’ great faux pas, the principles changed – especially in New York. THE tweet Former New York Post writer Jon Heyman said more on Thursday:

The Mets won the Kelenic-Cano-Diaz trade. Then I said. The Mets have a 3.6 WAR and a close, M’s -0.2 WAR and a .173 hit young OF. Not @ me.

It is clear why people have such thoughts. Save for a month, Kelenic has nothing but trouble since he was called up by the Mariners last May (last year to date), causing a very dark fear of Mets fans that they should live for a decade or more. his popularity in the Mariners uniform. On Friday, instead of confronting a group of New York journalists who would no doubt have greeted him at Citi Field, Kelenic was sent to Triple-A Tacoma.

In contrast, even though Robinson Cano was released by the Mets last week, the $ 40 million gambling deal did not go well, with sponsor Edwin Diaz helping lead the Mets to the top of the NL East. Combined with the challenges that Kelenic continues to play in the major leagues, it is safe to say that it was probably the Mariners, not the Mets, who misjudged the contract.

This is as temporary as what happened in the past. But it is also good to have a lot of time worries, and even then, Kelenic will fulfill the great expectations he has had since the day he joined the Mariners.

Note, I do not put Kelenic in a hopeless situation. It’s easy to see a list of the best successful players when you look at Kelenic. Just filling the holes seems to be a lot harder than they expected.

There is a huge amount of climb on the Mariners ’potential for Kelenic to convert. Many of their reconstruction plans were predicted by Kelenic to lead a hope that Dipoto saw as a catalyst for a stable playoff-caliber team.

It did not happen as it was written. With Logan Gilbert, who called up from Tacoma the same day as Kelenic last year, is growing very well, and Julio Rodriguez looks set to take six weeks to start his major league career, the big deal is over. track in other areas.

Evan White, considered to be the first veteran of the future, was injured for the second year in a row and has a .165 mark showing his 84 games in the major leagues. Forward player Kyle Lewis has highlighted great talent but has knee problems that hinder his performance. Cal Raleigh, who hopes to give them the upper hand, has an average of .159 in 60 games and has a 0-for-23 injury-related disorder.

But Kelenic is the biggest problem, so far. When he was called up on May 13, Dipoto warned tactfully but told me, “Jarred Kelenic will be the best striker in the league. I hope it starts today. But little do I know that it is true. His approach and skill are excellent. He has done what we asked him to do at every level, to receive the best prize we could give him, which is an opportunity in the big teams to show. “

What he has shown is not encouraging. Kelenic hits.140 in 96-plate form this year, with 36 hits in 86 at-bats for 37.5 percent. Overall, its almost 123 and .173 games, which Joel Sherman of the New York Post reported as the lowest in the history of players with at least 450 appearances in the first two years of their career.

It has to be said that Kelenic has been very defensive this year, and from time to time he puts up an army that reminds you why scouts and professionals have looked at him for years as an unmistakable hope. . But his last beating before he was heard on the ground affected his condition. Get ready to hit Wednesday with the Mariners following the Phillies 4-2 in the ninth inning, Kelenic did not pull the bat off his shoulder and hit four yards.

It was clear that Kelenic had to go to a less stressful place to get back. One can see the pressure on Kelenic’s face when he climbs on a plate, and I doubt that he is struggling with emotions like body. Justin Hollander, Mariners’ chief executive officer, told reporters in New York on Friday, “No one thinks this is mechanical. Nobody thinks it’s a matter of talent.… I was talking to someone the other day; they call the change tax you pay and the difference between the smaller teams and the larger teams that have never been bigger. And they just need reviewers against the competition to remember how good they are. “

Coach Scott Servais said several times Friday that what Kelenic needs most is anything but finding a way to enjoy playing the game again. It is not easy when taxes are high as it is with Kelenic.

“He knows it’s important for him to be a big part of our mistakes so we can do better,” Servais said. “He wants this to happen as quickly as possible. … It may not happen right now. So let’s do the right thing for the player, which we have been trying to do. And I think going back here is the right thing to do, and he understands. ”

This is Kelenic’s second small show, who came back last year to record the September / October promises in the middle of a race. He set the .248 / .331 / .524 slash line with five home runs and a big hit in the crucial minutes.

In spring classes, Kelenic predicted that his challenges would be the best he had ever experienced in his career. He also said that he had learned how to control the ups and downs of the weather and not to let the fall interfere.

“All I do is take some of the things I learned last year, the challenges I had, and apply them up to this year, because there is no reason why last year should happen this year,” Kelenic said in March. “Because if that happens it’s up to me.”

Servais insisted that Kelenic was only 22 years old, and that the story of his career had not even been documented, Hollander said there was no set time for Kelenic’s return. But what not to mention is that this stint at Tacoma is very important for Kelenic to develop ideas that can help him do well in big things.

“I think his approach was good for a long time, and he doesn’t get results,” Hollander said. “And I think this manifested itself in chasing the results a little bit and getting out of his way. He’s going down, he’s going to rest. He’ll come up with a plan that can help him. He’s confident.

Although the hue and cry encouraged Kelenic last year, the only logical conclusion is that he hit retroactive to the authorities. Kelenic’s return to Tacoma is a great thing for his development, as well as for the Mariners. The return of Kelenic as the closest type of player that the Mariners consider when they trade with the Mets would be a very good thing.

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