Theater Festival – Journal Do Oste’s children’s show enjoyed by over 8,000 children

Beginning June 1, the Toledo Theater Festival 2022 was not a box office success because the shows were, so far, all free. But it was undoubtedly a universal success, with the Toledo Municipal Theater having a full house with 13 performances of 13 plays aimed at children and youth, a total of 8,084 spectators representing 17 schools (15 public and two private) and three social projects. Which serves them (Prozovem / Naka, Sarco da Alegria and Sao Vicente de Paola Social Action). The last show of the schedule for children and adolescents was “Tá todo mundo loco”, staged in a single session, presented by Grupo de Teatro Infanto Juvenil, Plim Produções Artisticas e Animações from Maripa this Thursday afternoon (9). Partnering with City Hall in the surrounding municipality and with Nara Mattana’s instructions, text, clothing and makeup.

The story depicts the adventures of a girl who, inspired by her grandmother (who always tells her enchanted story in one of her lessons), ends her journey in a spellbound kingdom. During the plot, the character discovers that the kingdom is not as enchanted as they say, and meets many other personalities from the stories of a prince, a princess, and children, which shows him that not everything needs to be perfect to be enchanted. .

Prior to “Tá todo mundo loco”, the festival took to the stage at the Toledo Municipal Theater (all presented at two daily sessions and, due to their environmental content, were part of the Junho Verde program and received support from them. Paran বেস Basin Regional Network 3) BP3), an entity maintained by Itaipu Binacional from the Corenteza cultural program: “Contos e Disencantos”, by the CIA. “, Clown PD Mando (Tessa Camilla) and Nublada (Alice Carin) – both from Cascavel, on the 3rd; With the Toledo Group, on the 8th.

The festival also had a ‘Everyone Tells a Story’ workshop last Thursday. Aimed at early childhood education teachers, the activity, given by actress Maya Piva, was also held on the premises of the Toledo Municipal Theater.

Ordinary people

Also with free admission, the attraction for the general public starts from this (10) with the CIA show “The Empty of Alfia”. Scenic Cascavel, which takes the stage at the Municipal Theater at 8 p.m. The next day, at the same time, Coletivo de Dança e Teatro from Toledo, presented the play “Psicose 4:48”, which officially marks the end of the Toledo Theater Festival.

However, with the theatrical language at the center of attention, the “Hemanotheu na Terra de Godah” event was held on the main stage of Toledan culture on June 12 (Sunday) at 6 pm, with Companhia de Comércio Os Melhores do Mundo. Tickets are being sold on disc tickets.

Upcoming shows

Location: Toledo Municipal Theater

10/6 – Friday – 20h – Alfie’s emptiness – Cia. Rattlesnake technique – free admission

The story, which takes place in two realities of the same existence, is surrounded by the study of each one’s own journey with the hint of poetry. Something that makes everyone question what everyone has done to fill the void they feel and why it exists so much in humans.

6/11 – Saturday – 8pm – Psycho 4:48 – Dance & Theater Collective / Toledo – Free Admission

Adapted from Sarah Kane’s play of the same name, the play features a mental character influenced by a failed attempt at chemical healing. In the flow of ideas, similes, numbers, and writing, he enters a state of perpetual despair, crying out for help: “Just try to understand me. Don’t judge me, hide your mercy and your contempt! It’s not your fault, but it’s my fault too.” No. At 4:48, when the frustration comes … “Directed by Gabbel and Jr. Cunha, who are part of the cast with actress Carroll de Souza and Priscilla Santos.

12/6 – Sunday – 18 hrs – Harmantheu na Tera de Godah – Sia. The best in the world – including ticket sales

Originally made in 1995, the play is still shown in several Brazilian cities and tells the story of Harmantheau, an ordinary urban, obedient and good shepherd from the time of the Old Testament of the Bible. Pentoscope’s Hebrew, he received a mission from Jehovah to free the earth from Godah. In his journey, a number of unusual events took place, connecting countless elements and characters from different times and places in history. During the event, there are several moments of improvisation, thus leaving a linear script, which creates a lot more excitement in the audience and always sets one show apart from the other. Interestingly, the theater group always wants to use topics related to where they are presenting the play.

From Toledo City Hall

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