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American Nicholas Perry, also known as Nicocado Avocado, is a star Mukbang. He was once a young vegetarian (excluding any kind of animal products in the diet) when He has made a living as a violinist Freelancer. Now, with 7.2 million followers across its six YouTube channels, it eats up industry volume Fast food. As a result and over the years, Rich (and obese) and his health has deteriorated.

But we go there. First, what Mukbang, That event is attracting a growing number of fans? It started in South Korea in 2010 when several people started doing three things at once: sitting in front of a computer camera, interacting with the public while eating an exorbitant amount of food. The Mukbang – The word which is the Korean word “food” (Muk-da) With “expansion” (bang-song) – quickly spread around the world.

The Loneliness The population of South Korea is the reason for the success of this movement: about 5.6 million people live alone in this Asian country, according to statistics from Korea (South Korea’s National Institute of Statistics). In other words, highlighted by Spanish newspapers, Video of it Mukbang Meals are served as a companion.

Success is rooted in the desire to see strangers overcome their challenges, to get out of their comfort zone, and to find some trouble in it. In addition, this section of the video captures a sense of humor and entertainment that captures “, argued Sergio Bareda, the agency’s CEO. Influential The experience of the Madrid keeper, to El Payes.

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Empathy and debate are essential traits of the characters who make this type of video, he adds, since “listeners expect to see one. DisplayNot food “. As a result, the content is viral and advertising “It’s a very important source of income.”

Nikocado knows the rules of this “show” well. Born in Ukraine on May 19, 1992, his childhood was not happy, he admitted YouTuber Another icon of Trisha Payatas Mukbang, With 1.44 million followers on the video platform. A. Podcast “Dishes with thirty,” he said A family was adopted as a child in Pennsylvania (USA) and how difficult it was to understand the decision of the biological parents. As a teenager, he developed OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) and ADD (attention deficit disorder).

Love knocked on his door when he was already living in New York, the town where he had met the young Colombian Orlean Home. The two moved to Colombia and in their first video as a couple, they reassured customers that the only reason for the discussion was food.

It was Orlean, who already had a YouTube channel, who encouraged Nicholas to be YouTuber. In 2014, (unfiltered) Nicocado avocado – a pun in his name and the word “avocado” was born in English, and at the time, the couple discussed exercise routines and the benefits of veganism. However, two years was enough for the followers to witness the sudden change. On September 1, 2016, American released the video “Why I’m No More YouTuber Vegetarian? ” Those who refuse animal products have been described as “unbalanced, hostile, and emotionally unstable.”

Fans – who have repeatedly expressed concern about the possibility of suffering from eating disorders, which he has already denied in “My Compulsive Eating (unsuitable for children)” – will not forget this five-year-old video. There, there are recent comments that prove that the transformation of time has not diminished dissatisfaction. “It was the worst decision of your life. Literally look at it now,” wrote one user. “This guy was nice, genuine, smart and friendly. Nowadays he’s one of the internet monsters.”Another said.

Julia Vázquez, Clinical Neuropsychologist and Researcher at the Vall d’Hebron Instituto de Investigación (VHIR), YouTuber “Used as a spectacle and a way of life, it will be more associated with certain personality traits and with the belief that the economic benefits outweigh the health risks,” he told El Pais in detail.

Vázquez explicitly states that if you limit your diet to pizza, hamburgers and fries, you will have “many physical and mental problems”, diabetes, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease and movement problems, and so on. .

The “internet monster”, dubbed a cybernet, after the video where he announced his abandonment of vegetarianism, was always adding pounds (and controversy) – Today’s weight is 166 kg, 100 kg more than when it started. The first appetite I chose to swallow in front of the camera was empanadas (without meat).

Nicocado’s life is not only about showing his indifferent appetite, but also his relationship with Orlean. Avocado sets the tone for the offer: Orlean offered one of these fruits YouTuber And inside was the engagement ring. One month after their engagement, on March 15, 2017, in the “It’s Not Right” (video with sensitive content) video, as El Paes reports, Discovers that Orlean tried to commit suicide by cutting his wrist.

And the drama and confusion continued: on April 1, 2017, he pointed out that his relationship was over because, during a trip, 12 men cheated on Orlin and gave him an STD (Sexually transmitted diseases). Two weeks later, of course, they were married. Well, the reality is that the couple is married and currently only lives in Florida (USA) There are videos where they throw food in each other’s mouths.

Nicocado’s sensational veins instruct her to build content, and there’s rarely a video where she doesn’t cry or scream. In “No One Likes Me, I’m Finished”, she appears to be doing a nervous breakdown behind a plate of fried eggs and noodles, shaving her hair and, at the end, rubbing the yolk on her face.

Its stars Mukbang Has a specific strategy and, in an interview with Mail Magazine in 2020, compares its performance Real Events – People know there are dramatic moments, but they still enjoy the show:

Everything is planned. YouTube has been a way to create character and provide entertainment. Completely exaggerated to get what you see on camera Click. (6) I am smart enough to know that dramas are sold. Orlean has practiced this fake food fight, betrayal crisis and breakup with me. It doesn’t reflect our relationship in real life. “

What is already reflected and cannot be hidden is the physical problem. The former vegetarian admitted to men’s health in 2019 that he had recurrent insomnia: “I can’t sleep because I feel like my digestive system is on fire

Nikokado promised for some time that he would stop doing that Mukbangs When he was 30, El Pais came forward. If you or if it’s just one more Click Bet It’s an unknown.

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