The Yankees win, 2-1, while Jameson Taillon carries a good game up to eight

This was one of the most exciting things I have ever seen in my 27 years as a fan of the Yankees (yes, I was born a fan, no doubt). Corey Kluber’s no-hitter and Gerrit Cole’s complete masterpiece in Houston are among the most recent. However, given all that Jameson Taillon went through in his career, to pick up the best game in the eighth inning on Lou Gehrig Day he is right there with the best. As a result of a late meeting that ended with a two-goal win, a two-goal haul, from Anthony Rizzo who ran the double, Taillon’s career was saved in a 2-1 victory.

Although the Yankees managed to jump on Shohei Ohtani for the first time and often in the first game, knocking out the star from his fourth trip and three home runs, the same cannot be said against the Reid Detmers. They lost a gold medal in the second and third, and placed the first two runners in each ining, so that the next batsmen would simply throw the garbage and fail to repay the money.

Houseman Clint Vondrak (invited by the young children) did his part to help the lazy Yankees on the plate, squeezing the Detmers over the zone all night.

Although the Yankees failed to capitalize on the fine performances they provided they missed, at least, they chased the Detmers into the game with one in five. The rookie count was already possible at 86, so Jimmy Herget took his place.

It was inside it that the Yankees seemed to pass, with Marwin Gonzalez taking the lead. crying twice when Mike Trout fired a throw-in at the infield. Aaron Judge then followed with a one-off trip. However, neither Gleyber Torres nor Miguel Andújar managed to pass.

This type of game has a single defense game to keep what it wants and this did not disappoint. With one outside the seventh, Ohthan burned to the ground. However, Isiah Kiner-Falefa walked around, pulled it, and threw it right to find one of the fastest runners in the league by half a step.

Unfortunately, all good things had to end, and unfortunately, that end came before the ninth inning. Leading up to the top eight, Jared Walsh hit the bottom left foot that just jumped into the IKF waters, allowing Walsh to go second and break the game and not hit. Angels will lead later to inning on Kurt Suzuki one of two, but that’s all Taillon would have offered to get out of.

Seeing the transformation of Jameson Taillon the pitcher since joining the Yankees has been very rewarding. With the help of a specialist who has extended this season, Taillon in my opinion demonstrates throwing skills, filling the battlefield, throwing six squares with all quadrants, and ordering a deep and cut on both sides of the plate. They may have missed out on a very good game (the deepest in the team since Chien-Ming Wang in 2007), but they have nothing to stop them from: eight innings and one run, two runs, no movement, and five strikes. 101 sections.

The Yankees got their chance to score in the bottom eight, lifting a point with one from Oliver Ortega via Andújar twice and moving from IKF to Aaron Hicks. This brought Joey Gallo to the plate, and in a similar way to Joey Gallo, he hit the fastest ball in the area. However, little shooter Anthony Rizzo came to the rescue, putting 1-2 Archie Bradley in the middle to make sure Taillon’s Herculean effort did not go unnoticed.

Clay Holmes came in to close out the ninth, and although it was a little harder than we were used to – he lifted two starters by walking Ohtani and jumping Trout and Walsh – eventually causing Luis Rengifo to come out, a tie. down to victory. Holmes has now scored 25 innings in a row.

As a result the Yankees sweep the second title with the series, giving the Angels their eighth loss. New York now has a season-winning 21 games at .500 at 36-15. Receive the Tigers in town tomorrow for three games, with Gerrit Cole replacing Elvin Rodríguez. The first call is set for 7:05 pm ET so be sure to join us for this game.

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