The Yankees seem invincible as they continue to dominate

The well-known, lightweight Rays striker Taylor Walls, in a moment of bold fools, also said last week that the Yankees were “very successful.” This just confirms that Walls has no future in view of his playing days.

The Yankees are very successful because the Secretariat was very successful.

Or Michael Phelps.

Or Rafael Nadal in Roland Garros.

The Yankees are always confusing people. Some nights, like Friday, don’t seem fair.

The Dodger is supposed to be the best baseball team, and right now they are no better than a clear second. The Yankees’ 13-0 win over the Tigers last night at The Bronx was the best of the season.

Yankees ace Gerrit Cole was the two best batsmen in the seventh inning before Jonathan Schoop entered one place to stop the record. It was the second straight night the founder of the Yankees threatened the history books, after Jameson Taillon played a fine game until eight last night.

The Yankees are threatening to do something special, and they almost did this two nights in a row.

By this time, he had a very close relationship, and the returning kid, Manny Banuelos, made his Yankees debut ten years later he was supposed to be the club’s next. Banuelos threw two closing innings after Cole’s seven innings.

The Yankees look cut off at the top of the entire MLB.
Corey Sipkin of NY POST

“We hit, we played well D and Manny came in. It was a good night,” Cole said.

Judge Aaron recorded the same night, along with his 20-year-old homemer, “MVP” songs were heard on Judge Night. But later, after the team sealed their fourth win in a row with an eighth victory in 10 games, the issue was about Banuelos as the team’s two biggest stars.

“I am very happy, Dad. I have achieved my dream, ”said Banuelos, shedding tears even from hard-hearted journalists. “This is amazing … everyone knows it has a great team. Being part of it is great.”

The team looks very good, its biggest challenge is history, as the league seems to be not really difficult.

Angels brought in two of the best players in the game earlier this week and left The Bronx with injuries, beatings and a concussion. So what did everyone expect from the Tigers, the first-season picker who had no teeth?

The mysterious star Jose Trevino along with emergency warriors Matt Carpenter and Anthony Rizzo both joined the Judge in a local army squad. Carpenter has four homers in his first five games as a Yankee, from the rest of the pile (then third in pinstripes, joining Dave Kingman and Eric Hinske).

The Yankees have changed a lot from what we all thought, and very different from what Walls said.

Who can be beaten? Maybe.

The most successful? Of course not!

Manny Banuelos makes his MLB appearance Friday at the Yankees' victory over the Tigers.
Manny Banuelos makes the Yankees’ first appearance on the team on Friday when the team defeated the Tigers.
Corey Sipkin of NY POST
Manny Banuelos responds after making his first MLB.
Manny Banuelos responds after making his Yankees game.
Corey Sipkin of NY POST

Sure, it’s a defeat, how every team loses a game here or there. Even the 1998 Yankees, a modern baseball bat, lost 48 games. As a result, technically, the team that won 114 games won again.

“I think everyone here knows how good we are,” said Isiah Kiner-Falefa.

They know where they are standing, and right now they are at the top of the pile. Their 37-15 record is the best in the game.

It also puts them at a successful 114 level, similar to the 1998 team.

Aaron the Judge
Judge Aaron breaks the homer in the third inking.
Corey Sipkin of NY POST

For those who have seen them have to rush to make the playoffs last year, and to follow and watch their rivals destroy, is hard to believe.

He paired it with a shortstop, added a talented but angry old third, exchanged a midfielder with the Mets and expected the best.

Anyway, anonymous opponents besides their opponents, so far we can say that there is no problem.

The record is good, the flexibility is good, and the Judge should completely dismiss his upcoming MVP case.

Cole finished the night allowing two bouts and no movement while hitting nine. Twice, he hit the side. The perfectionist was almost perfect.

Cole was fired and charged with the only surprise expected after signing a $ 324 million contract, a nine-year deal. But in a sense, he is the real deal.

Gerrit Cole is walking down the aisle as soon as he starts.
Gerrit Cole is walking down the aisle as soon as he starts.
Corey Sipkin of NY POST

And the other two are falling down like that, too. Cole himself admitted to Nestor Cortes, who hails from Baltimore, Seattle and all angles to fool the striker after the fight, thanks to his weapons as the leader of Cy Young.

And it sounds like Taillon, his third, has finally arrived like a star. After being voted second in the 2010 MLB Draft scandal, between Bryce Harper and Manny Machado, Taillon paralyzed Tommy John’s two operations with another very serious operation, testicular cancer. So like Cortes, in a sense he is late for the race, too.

Greatness seems to come from their friends when they leave Pittsburgh. The new Clay Holmes, who like Cole and Taillon originated in Pittsburgh, has become almost perfect.

Which means he has something in common with Cole.

Lately, the whole team has been looking perfect.


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