The Yankees beat ‘Nestor Cortes’ side Shohei Ohtani in a 6-1 win

Nestor Cortes has been battling hard jars in 2022. But with all due respect to fans of Michael Kopech and Cal Quantrill, no one is carrying a candle for Shohei Ohtani, whose Angels hit to start opening twice on Thursday. It didn’t matter; The offense caught Ohtani easily and Cortes again skillfully won in a 6-1 Yankees victory.

Nestor’s first test came at the start, when he was assigned to oversee the fierce team Angels of Taylor Ward (228 OPS + since 2022), Ohtani (2021 AL MVP), and Mike Trout. (formerly the Hall of Famer internal). Results: strikeout, groundout, strikeout. Ho-hum, okay?

Although it was very good in 2022, Ohtani was not as sharp as Cortes. Former Cardinals leader Matt Carpenter made his debut there in the playoffs, and holding his right hand for 11 pitches, he won the 25th goal of his career to put New York, 1-0.

As such, Carpenter paralleled his 2021 powers at St. Louis (three halls) in 232 small forms.

Another man who has worked so hard to get through 2021 is frustrated with Gleyber Torres. A few fighters later, shot Ohthan and started his own bag:

To make a game similar to Carpenter’s analogy, Gleyber has gone from 9 homers in the form of 516 plates in 2021 to 10 in the form of 169 plates in 2022. To say a 25-year-old needs a year to come back like this Season of Deficiency is meaningless. Now, Torres just had to save 162 in total.

Cortes worked on several projects in the next few races to keep Halo out of the group. A few weak singles and a two-way tour of Juan Lagares raised the profile of his former teammate Andrew Velazquez, but due to the good suspension of Anthony Rizzo, the runners disappeared. Then two in the bottom third, Trout walked and Matt Duffy lined up one to give Luis Rengifo a chance to score. Cortes grabbed hard, causing the floor to weaken in front of the plate that Jose Trevino was wearing and throw it at Rizzo, finishing the inning.

Although Ohtani slammed a number of his runners-up in the second half, the Bronx Bombers continued to follow his name during their encounter with him. The next player to go deep was the greatest Bomber of all:

Yes No. 19 of the 2022 season of Aaron Judge, who is still continuing the rise of the opposition. Only one other player reached 15 (Mookie Betts).

The Yankees chased Ohtani from the fourth quarter when Aaron Hicks and Trevino started the frame with singles. The two RBI made by Marwin Gonzalez from José Quijada ended 4-0, New York, and completed the day of Ohtani with four runs allowed to hit eight times and only two hits with three swings & three misses. To put salt on the wound, Cortes removed him from the start to end the fifth assembly, too. Since I personally like to watch Ohtani play a ball on both sides, I often get a stumbling block for him. Against the Yankees, though? I have no regrets whatsoever. Save to Houston!

Meanwhile, Cortes rolled with the closing ball. He placed the Angels away easily seemingly useless in the last two frames of his seven-inch stone. Cortes threw just four (!) Yards in the seventh inning. The last left line glowed: five beats, two walks, seven beats, and seven zeros on the board.

Cortes now has a 1.50 ERA and a 2.49 FIP this season. He has done well and as Joe LoGrippo of the PSA will explain tomorrow morning, he is in danger of being charged with starting the All-Star Game as a pitcher in any American League. Nestor forever.

The Yankees advanced fifth against Angel “27th man” Jhonathan Diaz. Thanks to all the talent (DJ LeMahieu homer) and luck (Trevino football player who hit the singer to go to infield single, and he dropped a fly ball and Ward), the leaders grew to 6-0. Insurance runs like the one that was most appreciated later in the football game when Clarke Schmidt crashed and Wandy Peralta had to come in with a full bus, two exits, and one run in the past. Had it not been for the cold winter runners, it would have been less, but instead, the flying ball finished eighth with a 6-1 lead.

The rain began to fall at the beginning of the ninth, and this caused a delay that lasted an hour and a half. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Once there, he released the final angelic breath within seven minutes.

The Yankees now have an impressive 35-15, best for the best in baseball history. The W achieved their 12th annual victory in 16 trials; lost only two (12-2-2). It is an exciting project in the first two months of 2022.

If bad weather still exists, then the two teams will meet again for a while to prepare for the second game of the second season when the Yankees want to sweep. Jameson Taillon is due to meet Reid Detmers and start arriving at 7:05 pm ET. If the rain disrupts the night cup, the Yankees will play tomorrow night against the Tigers (at the same time, the same venue).

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