The world’s greatest basketball star Baba Miller has volunteered for Florida State Seminoles

The world’s top basketball coach Baba Miller has volunteered in Florida State, he told ESPN on Monday.

“I could see a real family in Florida State,” Miller said. “I saw a very close relationship between everyone. That was a big part of my decision.”

An 18-year-old boy, 6-foot-11 a little further from Spain is considered one of the world’s top college-leading graduates in the 202nd class. He chose Florida State in Gonzaga, visiting all schools last week with his father. .

“The games are similar to mine with my skills and the freedom they have given their players to play in any position,” Miller said. “I love the Florida State culture. Once I got there I could see the relationship they had on the team. They have strong relationships between the players and the coaches. I loved the good vibes that were on the team.”

Miller, whose grandmother is from the United Kingdom, grew up on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca, but spent his teenage years playing for Real Madrid in Europe, from the age of 12. Last summer he won the prestigious Adidas Next Generation and Real Madrid competition. considered to be the best program in the world, he later helped the Spanish U18 national team become the undisputed champion in the FIBA ​​European Challengers, finishing as the second best. the scorer is approximately 11.8 points, 4.4 rebounds and 1.4 stole in 21 minutes, shooting 64% from the 2-point range and 50% for 3.

Miller spent most of his time with Real Madrid’s B team in the EBA league, about 11.3 points and 5.3 rebounds in 24 minutes while shooting 69% from the 2-point range and 35% for 3. He was surprisingly called up to the senior team. December and made his Euroleague debut as a 17-year-old in a match against CSKA Moscow over the COVID-19 epidemic.

“There was a time in my career when I wanted to live in Europe, but recently I decided to go 100 percent I want to go to the US to get better, especially physically and professionally,” Miller said. “Europe is a place to compete, not to prosper. In the United States if you do not play you will grow in activities and personal fields. This is something you do not like to do in Europe. It is a very difficult decision for me.”

Miller grew up as a guard, just standing 6-2 at the age of 14 before reaching the age that led him to 6-11, but he retained his rotation skills. Its size, plus its 7-foot-2 wings, excellent 204-pounds frame and impressive gripping ability, passing and shooting from the outside give it a unique flexibility on both sides of the floor and great potential to grow in its body as it progresses. to fill.

Miller has joined the Florida State team which is a six-year-old professional athlete with a big change, the loss of a new season-ending newcomer John Butler, who could be one second. The Seminoles still retained their top two players, Caleb Mills guards and wingers Matthew Cleveland, from the team that finished 10-10 in the ACC and 17-14 overall, missing the NCAA tournament for the first time since 2016.

In addition to Miller, the Seminoles are bringing in two talented four-star men Cameron Corhen and De’Ante Green as part of the 2022 enrollment class, as well as four Chandler Jackson guards. Sharpshooting winger Darin Green comes via the NCAA transition portal from UCF, along with two-year-old Ivy League defender Jaylan Gainey, Brown’s headquarters.

Miller will also represent the Spanish national team at the U18 European Championship in Izmir, Turkey, in late July and early August, and enter Florida State at the end of the tournament.

“Representing Spain last year was very exciting. We had well-trained staff and interesting friends. I had a great time playing my country and winning the tournament last year.”

Jonathan Givony is an NBA architect and founder and co-founder of, a secret monitoring and analysis service used by NBA teams, the NCAA and foreign countries.


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