The woman who married a doll ‘D Light’ in Minas Gerais

In December 2021, Mine State Minas Gerais shows the case of a woman from Rio Parnaba who married an angry doll. The event, which aired on social media, had about 300 guests and had an impact on national media. After the wedding, she had her wedding night at a motel and traveled to Rio de Janeiro. Virtually all costs were borne by the sponsors and friends of Mariwon Rocha, 37, known as Santinha.

After the marriage reaction, another surprise came: Santinha announced her pregnancy. In an interview, she revealed that she was pregnant before marriage. For 40 weeks, he has walked the streets of Rio Paranাবারba with an artificial abdomen. An unexpected event happened last Saturday (5/21): Marivon Rocha gave birth to a little doll named “Marcelinho”, the son of her cloth husband “Marcelo”.

Normal delivery was done at Santinhar’s house and there was a dramatic atmosphere with the nurses (Photo: Private Archive)

Delivery was normal and was broadcast live on social media. Friends set up a delivery room inside Santinhar’s house. The “nurses” performed all the procedures to measure the pressure, while Santinha felt the pain of contractions and was inspired to hear the newborn cry.

“Marcelinho” was born with “Sade”, and Santinha has already shared pictures of the happy family: she is with her clothed husband, “Marcelo” and their youngest son. This Monday (23/5) another step was taken: “Marcelinho” has won a birth certificate. “I’m not going to stop there, I’m even going to examine his feet,” Merivon told the report.

Watch the video of the birth of the cloth doll:

Opening tea

Santinha has been promoted
Santinha even promoted an opening tea and gave the gift to the “real mother” (Photo: Private Archive)

Before the birth of “Marcelinho”, Santinha preached an opening tea and received several gifts: trousers, diapers, bottles, and so on. Solidria, she decided to donate everything in the “true months”.

“I just kept some blankets for myself to wrap ‘Marcelinho’.”

The baby’s house was built with the help of his 19-year-old daughter. The young woman bought a cage on the internet and painted it blue. “He thought of everything with great affection.”

A theater!

Santinha has always made it clear that marriage and management are theater. A mother of two, aged 14 and 19, she works as a day laborer to support herself. Despite having a degree in pedagogy, he has not yet found a job as a teacher. “I was even called to work at Garda dos Ferreros, but far away, and the city government did not provide transportation. I do not have a car, how do I go? I had to quit my job. “

Mariwon’s main goal is to win the attention of national media, especially television presenters such as Luciano Haque and Rodrigo Faro, to win the dream home. “I live on rent, I tried to finance, but I couldn’t. I have no proof of income, but I am still fighting for my dream. ”

That mother made dolls

Santinha revealed Mine State That doll “Marcelo” my mother made at the beginning of the epidemic. “I always loved to dance, but there was no one to dance with me. My mother did Marcelo for me, she became my dance partner.”

The woman has performed at various events in Rio Paranaba and surrounding cities. Increasingly associated with “Marcelo”, he decided to fulfill two dreams: to do a photoshoot in the bride’s attire and to conquer his own home. That end is still going on. “I believe in God that I will get my little house. I will shake the keys with my two children and show that no dream is impossible. “

Bad comments

One of the most commented pictures on social media
One of the most commented photos on social media on the wedding night between Santinha and the doll “Marcelo” at a motel in Rio Paranাবারba (Photo: Private Archive)

Following the marriage response, in December 2021, Santinha was the target of hateful comments on social networks. When questioned, he vowed to draw strength from criticism. “The ladder of our success. When we have light, we are enlightened, I don’t care about criticism. They criticize because they don’t know me, because everyone here in Rio Paranাবba knows about my struggles and my efforts. ”

Real boyfriend

Naked doll “Marcelo” is the only man in Marivon Rocher’s life. She is dating a 40 year old man. “He respects me and approves of my theater,” he said.

Before “Marcelo” came the “flesh and blood” companion in Santinhar’s life. “I have been with him for seven months now. I have been married to Marcelo for about six months. “

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