The Warriors could blame the loss of Game 3, Steph Curry’s foot on their comeback problems.

BOSTON – If Steph Curry at the end of the fourth quarter turns into a well-known NBA Finals season, if this puts it aside or prevents Curry from being involved enough to send the Warriors quietly in the summer without a fourth head, he has a failing box. -Error.

Jayson Tatum sent Klay Thompson 4:20 left with 12 Celtics. Boston finally won 116-100 to jump 2-1 in the series. But, meanwhile, the Warriors still have a weak life. They just need to make the game closer to the last four minutes.

Thompson started with a solid defense over Tatum, forcing a 14-foot pass. But watch Marcus Smart hit from around the corner. Jordan Poole did not give him a sign on the crossing, while Curry and Andrew Wiggins watch the ball, allowing Smart to cross in the middle and push the ball again.

This led to many pinball events that ended with Al Horford’s weight dropping to the left of Curry. Curry limped out of the stadium around 1 a.m., complaining that every time he lost his left foot he was said to be mild but similar to the injury he suffered to Boston in March, which kept him from missing a month.

“I don’t think I will miss the game,” said Curry. “Take advantage of the next 48 hours to get ready.”

It is too late to know all the consequences of the box failure and subsequent injury. But this sequence serves as a respite from the great crisis of Game 3 Warriors. They did not bring power. He never played basketball. They didn’t punch often enough. They were shattered on glass.

“As bad,” said Draymond Green when asked how he played. “I was soft.”

The Celtics had just 13 wickets in two San Francisco games – six first, seven second. It is a money that can be eliminated. They have been defending the glass well for most of the playoffs especially recently. The Mavericks had just nine, four, seven, four and six frustrations in their last five conference games against the Warriors.

In Game 3, the Celtics had 15 disappointing rebounds. They recovered 40.8 percent of their errors. That’s a winning number, and the film tells the disgusting story of the Inner Warriors, where they won 22-11 in second place and 52-26 in color.

Here is the first of Boston’s 15 frustrating games. Robert Williams passes by careless Draymond Green, enters with Kevon Looney and grabs the missing jumper. Some controversy ensued, but the Celtics defeated the Warriors and eventually awarded to Jaylen Brown for a 3, first three of their 22nd chance.

“We lost every 50-50 battle today that we have won so many games,” Looney said.

The Warriors’ only success on the list was explained in part by Green’s appearance and body language. As he walks away, emotionally, his teammates often follow him. Green’s strength and power have been limited to two losses. He finished with two points, four rebounds, three assists and six errors in Game 3.

Here Green is on Williams at the start of the second season. Williams shoots a 7-foot hook from the outside of the paint. He doesn’t have a good touch, so this is not a bad result for the Warriors. He leaves it short.

But Williams also finds a hook approaching and a flexible ranking because Green does not go into his body to pull out the box after the first miss. Instead he just looks at the kidneys and watches the air rush over his head. This is an unknown green error.

The Warriors defeated the Celtics in the third round again, climbing all the way back from the 17th hole to take the lead. But the election came late in the third and first quarters of four when Grant Williams went on to beat the Warriors back and Boston resumed the game.

This is the first of Grant Williams’ three most frustrating moments at half-time. Tatum missed 3 from the right wing, but, again, Wiggins and Otto Porter Jr. failure to find a body on a Celtics draft player. Grant Williams slipped between them and pointed at Robert Williams, who was holding him back and forcing him to fire.

This is the third of Grant Williams’ three attacks. It comes at the beginning of the fourth phase. The Celtics have extended the lead to nine. The game is moving fast from the Warriors. He leaves Marcus Smart open at corner 3, but misses.

Hold the steering wheel, adjust what is coming and things can stabilize. But Gary Payton II, Poole and especially everyone else in the mosh pit also fail to put the body on Grant Williams, who is playing more than anyone on the pitch. He shakes it up, puts it in and puts in 11 Celtics, forcing Steve Kerr to pass the time.

When it comes to self-defense, it is good to wonder why Kevon Looney only got 17 minutes. Looney had seven rebounds in those 17 minutes and has been one of the best in the league in the game, but Kerr chose to chase the game with a combination of small balls.

“We have to think about what’s going on down there, what we want,” Kerr said. “Do we need more space on the ground? Do we need a better recovery? And we were kind of piercing tonight. They did a good job. They won. They put a lot of pressure on us, and we (it) felt like swimming all night long. As a result we were unable to find a combination of the two methods except for the third phase when Steph was very hot. I have not been able to find the right combination to get it right. “

As the Warriors Looney bench goes smaller, Green, Porter and Wiggins need to take on a more defensive role. Wiggins had seven rebounds. Green had four. Porter had only one. Payton had it. Together, they were weak inside and lost the game – and probably the series, considering Curry anonymous – because of it.

(Photo by Grant Williams also holding a secret in selecting Warriors: Elsa / pool via USA Today)


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