The Vikings set up Lewis Cine: Double the cover in the winning league

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After selling 20 sites from No. 12, the Minnesota Vikings selected Georgia Lewis Cine defense and selected No. 32 in the NFL Draft. After two back-and-forth corners at the back of the third and fourth innings, the Vikings did not find much profit at No. 12 and saw the opportunity to find two players with the first grades selected No. 32 and 34.

“He was one of the people we wanted to get involved with in our youth,” said senior Kwesi Adofo-Mensah of Cine.

Commenting on Cine, Adofo-Mensah mentioned it several times and also praised his competition, ingenuity and speed.

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Major layouts: Cine was the 33rd player on Dane Brugler’s big board and on the Consensus Big Board and third defense, behind Kyle Hamilton and Daxton Hill.

Introduction: The Athletic‘s Seth Emerson wrote for Cine, describing him as a reliable all-around player who quietly led star defense without attracting the attention of fans such as Nakobe Dean, Jordan Davis and Devonte Wyatt.

“Cine only did the job safely two years ago,” he wrote, “playing the game when needed and often (if ever) being the person who was close to the ball to play the most. If there were any weaknesses in Georgia’s defense last year it was probably the second, which time “Cine was the one who set things straight, made things easier for passersby and became more defensive in defense. He was a cleaner at Georgia’s high school.”

Cine was born in Haiti but grew up in Florida before moving to Texas, where she was known to have a four-star prospect with college enrollment companies. One of the most well-documented in the football-loving world, Cine’s commitment to Georgia benefited after two years of defending and leading the team in battle in their rivalry.

The old Bulldog has incredible speed and ran a 4.37-second 40-yard dash, which looks great on the field. Its sleek 11-foot-1-inch jump shows its explosion.

Brugler briefly described Cine as a dynamic player. “With its sheer size, explosion and the desire to connect, Cine is an all-encompassing defense and has led Georgia’s talented defense of the sport and passes that have been secured in 2021,” he said. “Although he has the opportunity to hone his martial arts skills, he can do well as a bodyguard, run like a cargo ship and adjust his preferences. Overall, Cine does not have the right size according to NFL standards and has martial arts skills, but with “He is a rising star with the ability to play sports. He is a rising talent and starting NFL player, just like Xavier McKinney as a hope.”

How to fit: The Vikings are supposed to be Cine producers on the court if they are as committed to Camryn Bynum as they say. The Vikings used outside coach Mike Smith and assistant coach Mike Pettine, both of whom coached the Packers defense and firmly established the “dime” defense.

Based on Bynum’s reputation as a Cal defender, it could be that he has contributed to his flexibility to put on a defensive defensive line on the pitch. That’s what Ed Donatell did with Kareem Jackson, who played for the Texans before joining the Broncos as a defense. That said, it is nothing more than a small package of workers, not a primary security, so they have to make the decisions of Cine, Bynum and Harrison Smith who will put on the field at the same time.

Either way, Cine provides a long-term solution after Harrison Smith retires.

Rethinking? The second real assumption is that the Vikings remained 12 years old and chose a player as a defense partner Kyle Hamilton or a choice made there, the successor Jameson Williams. The Vikings also said they had a few players in mind to choose from and Williams was one of them, according to Adofo-Mensah.

As it stands, he met the prospect of writing Cine, defender Andrew Booth Jr. from Clemson or quarterback Malik Willis of Liberty. If Booth’s treatment was good, then he could have added a player to the most vulnerable position with the opportunity to quickly upgrade Cameron Dantzler as well as long-term insurance against the departure of Patrick Peterson.

Rookie impact: Cine should be a well-prepared player who can learn defense within the regular NFL offseason period and can be ready to start right away because of his intelligence, his style and his body. The problem is not whether he is able to get into the NFL defense and play right away but if there is a place where he can play a lot of games with a defense room that already has potential.

Coach Kevin O’Connell did not immediately accept the idea of ​​a three-year-old safety net when asked about this after his decision, instead saying that he had made the decision knowing that he would not choose players who could meet their needs as players. team.

Chart depth: Cine enters the defense room with a consistent star in Smith and a newcomer to Bynum, who played well but did not play well in 2021 as a substitute for Xavier Woods and was later forced to move to three fields. -Security sets. Bynum’s place as a starter has not been confirmed, but now it looks like there will be an open competition at another protected area where the retaining stocks Myles Dorn and Josh Metellus are pushed down the bottom chart.

Prompt monitoring: Cine is an avid athlete who has an amazing body and feels good on the corners of view and a good instinct in running. The impact on Georgia’s historic defense was huge, and he was very good at avoiding big games. He has to make sure that his growth is consistent with NFL mistakes, especially against running, and may not be a replacement machine, minimizing its effects by eliminating errors, O’Connell’s good manners.

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