The unexpected return of the Mets brings dreams of what could be

It’s not like you don’t have other options you have, right? The Rangers were returning to the Penguin and returning to Madison Square Garden. There was an exciting part of the crossover, two “Law and Orders”, “SVU” and “Criminal Planning.” There was a good book to open, maybe a podcast that you lost.

There was nothing but the word Citizens Bank Park.

There, the Mets were murdered by the Phillies, and they were about to reflect on what had been lost repeatedly for the first time throughout the year. There is also heavy rainfall over Philadelphia, so it was possible for him to sleep for an additional two nights. Aaron Nola had rejected them. As a result of the added insult, former teammate Jeurys Famiia went through in the eighth inning.

“You go down too early with Nola out there,” said the manager of the Mets Buck Showalter, “you don’t like your chance.”

Yes. This one was gone. This one was gone a long time ago, and so were you. It was 7-1 in the ninth.

Except for the year 2022. And in any group of friends, there is almost always one true believer, someone who can encourage you to turn the channel back if things get interesting. And just before 9:45 pm, the news began to circulate around New York. Something was being made at Citizens Bank. The Mets were still breathing.

Pete Alonso (right) celebrates with Brandon Nimmo (left) on the Mets victory.
Pete Alonso (right) celebrates with Brandon Nimmo (left) on the Mets victory.

You probably got on the television too when Francisco Lindor, dipped in a fall fur blanket, broke a two-run hat off from James Norwood. You probably connected until Mark Canha hit the Phillies next to Corey Knebel, cut the score to 7-4 and brought the lead to the plate.

Of course, at a time when there were two trips and the Phillies were about to run away, your curiosity had turned you back to see JD Davis driving the seventh car, to see Brandon Nimmo build the game with two trips. single, to see Starling Mars explode a rocket into the deep left pocket.

“I just got into the boxers’ box and I wanted to move better on the ball,” Marte says. “He did well and I played well. And come on in.”

Anali Mets 8, Phillies 7.

Anali Mets 8, Phillies 7!

This is the karma around Mets now where Edwin Diaz did not even cook for anyone’s blood pressure, shutting out 1-2-3 in the ninth against Rhys Hoskins. From the court closed the Mets. You can watch baseball for 25 years without seeing the ninth conference like this. And all you can hear from Citizens Bank were Mets fans trying to keep it going.

Francisco Lindor took action after his homer run twice in the ninth ininging.
Francisco Lindor took action after his homer run twice in the ninth ininging.

“I did a lot of other things to start playing in the ninth,” Showalter said, before smiling. “But I felt like.”

After making such a drastic change, he said, “Days like these give you a sense of accomplishment.”

They do. And when you start to put it… well, you start to wonder. Exactly two weeks earlier the Mets followed the Cardinals in St. Louis. Louis, 2-0, with two exits in the ninth – then found five unbelievable, unanswered shots unanswered to surprise the Redbirds. That was something.

But this was something else.

“A team that wins like this,” said Lindor, whose first mistake helped dig into the Mets’ first hole, whose strike dropped by about 90 points a week. “The way everyone trusts each other, pushing each other, reading each other … is very difficult. Such success increases over the course of a year.”

It’s one game. It’s one win. Mets fans have been ready to gaze at the sky in the form of dark clouds no matter how well they play in April or May. It is a wise way to be. Hubris does not serve everyone well. Pa…

Mets 8, Phillies 7.

“I’m a believer,” Nimmo said. “But, you know …”

He laughed. What else can you do?

He said: “I just kept going until he whistled. Do not give up.

For one night, anyway, that was not platitude, cliché, bromide. For one night it was the true truth of God.

Mets 8, Phillies 7. Amazin ‘.


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