The UDC Pediatric Dentistry School Clinic offers free access to a variety of treatments for children

University students in the 8th and 9th periods of dentistry at Centro Universitário UDC are constantly monitored by professors of pediatric dentistry, while Clinica Escola de Odontopedatria provides free treatment to patients aged 0 to 15 years at UDC.

Services are performed every Saturday. According to Professor. Professor in charge of the Department of Pediatric Dentistry UDC. Dr. Gilberto Tiano, a pediatric dentist, has about 40 appointments every Saturday. “Students who have completed the course in 8th and 9th period will be able to participate. Children are treated with all dental procedures including surgery, recovery and others. “Students are always with teachers and patients are constantly evaluated for their performance.”

Dentistry course coordinator Prof. Master Shigeru Kaminagakura explains that the UDC University Center’s Dentistry course has 3 professors in the pediatric dentistry area, the most complex cases are treated and the results are published in the scientific journal, according to him: .

Nadia Rahul is in the 9th period of dentistry and has confirmed this information from the professor through her testimony. The university student talks about how everyday practical classes make a difference for her: “It is a very important experience. Theory is very important, but it adds a lot to what we see in clinical daily life. The structure helps a lot, we have already dealt with cases here that are only seen in specialization. “

Arlette Cassen, after graduating, explained that she had learned various protocols on the subject, which need to be applied to children even before starting dental care: “We see all the children, if they are special, if they get hurt later, so we talk to the parents, to the child, so that they adapt to our care. This is important, for those of us who are graduating and for the patient. This is a completely different service, a protocol completely different from adults, they do not know what is going to happen, so we have to explain every step, many have never gone to the dentist, so even if we are going to put a mirror in their face, we have to explain “.

University students in the 8th and 9th periods of dentistry at the UDC University Center, along with medical professors of pediatric dentistry continuously, provide free care to patients, children aged 0 to 15 years.. Photo: Revealed.

Social responsibility

To visit Centro Universitário UDC’s Pediatric Dentistry Clinic completely free of charge, just call (45) 30283232 and make your appointment. The waiting period is usually fast, as 40 patients are seen every Saturday.

Anna Paula Vieira da Silva is the mother of 4-year-old Davy. He described the service at the clinic as follows: “It simply came to our notice then. My son had a trauma, because he went to a dentist before, he was not a pediatric dentist, the girls here have the most patience, the magic chair, the magic light, he loved it! It was too early to make an appointment, I called within a week and they called me the next day. She likes it, I mean, we go to the dentist and she’s all excited. “!

Miguel Vicente de Azevedo Sampaio is 8 years old, he is being treated at the clinic and when he arrived, last Saturday, he brought flowers for the students. “I come here and I’m not afraid, they calm me down, they do it well and it’s really great”!

“This is another option for the benefit of the population, we have public networks, we have private networks and we also have the Clinica Escola de Odontopediatria”, The last is Professor Dr. Gilberto Tiano.

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