The technical committee note recommended that masked children be kept in a closed place at Campinas School Campinas and regions

The Municipal Committee (SP) on Campinas Coronavirus has released a technical note this Thursday (12). The durability of compulsory use of masks by children in the closed environment of metropolitan schools. The recommendation comes after councilors approved a bill to discontinue use in all school environments (open and closed) and in anticipation of project approval or veto by Mayor Dario Saadi (Republican).

In the document, the committee considers the following issues for maintaining maintenance in closed areas of schools:

  • Seasonal respiratory disease;
  • Coverage of immunizations against Kovid-19 and flu is low;
  • High occupancy rates for newborns and infant beds;
  • Difficulty extending the pediatric and neonatal beds;
  • Less exposure of children to respiratory viruses during an epidemic that stores sensitivities;
  • Taking non-pharmacological measures is complementary and applicable to all respiratory viruses as well as helping to protect the most vulnerable;
  • Attendance at school is compulsory, as opposed to other places like parties, shopping malls, etc., where the choice is optional and is decided by the children’s family.

“These measures are re-evaluated on a daily basis and may change at appropriate times, depending on the control of the epidemic situation,” said another part of the note.

Per g1 Following the release of the technical note, the Municipal Justice Department said it was still waiting for the municipality to approve the project to analyze whether it would be sent to the City Hall. The rules will come into force only after approval.

According to the folder, the chamber has 10 days to send the project. There are 15 working days for mayor approval. In the case of an executive branch veto, the decision goes back to the chamber, which re-evaluates whether the veto should be retained or revoked.

This Thursday, Campinas Municipal SUS recorded 100% occupancy for the fourth day in a row in the pediatric ICU.

The struggle further demanded that City Hall, along with city hospitals (HC the Unicamp, Cassom, Maternidad and PUC-Campinas) make a request to the state government to reopen the children’s ward at Sumer State Hospital, which was closed from January 2021. .

Upon request, Mayor Dario Saadi (Republican) said that about 30% of the consultations made on campus are from patients in the region’s cities.

In light of the situation, the Municipal Health Department has maintained the consistency of the rules at this time, arguing that the epidemic situation indicates an increase “beyond the historical average” in the number of respiratory diseases in children.

“The current epidemic situation in the state of So Paulo, along with Campinas, points to an increase beyond the historical average of childhood respiratory diseases. This is reflected in the high occupancy rate of ICUs and pediatric wards in public and private networks.” In 2022, in addition to seasonal diseases, Kovid-19 is in vogue“, Said the folder.

In a note sent after the project was approved, the Department of Health stated that the maintenance of masks in closed school environments is an additional protection against respiratory diseases that affect children during autumn / winter.

“As well as masks, high vaccine coverage, gel alcohol and hand washing are recommended to prevent the spread of these diseases.”

City Council approval

The requirement is currently imposed by City Hall through a March 19 decree, although the S সাo Paulo government has not created the requirement either. The health department said “this is not the right time to skip measurements.”

In addition to the bill, an amendment by another Member of Parliament was also approved, This indicates that the use of masks may be optional for children who have a full immunization schedule.

That is, for children who have not yet received two doses or a single dose of immunizer against Covid-19, mandatory protective equipment will remain mandatory, even if the project is approved by the CEO and becomes law.

The proposal was approved by 10 votes to 18 in the first session held by councilors at the Bento Quirino Theater in the central region of Campinas.

The property will be used by the legislature during the renovation of the House. Discussions by members of parliament have returned, this Monday, to be in private, but still without public presence, until coordination in the building takes place.

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