The Sun faces new challenges ahead of Game 7 against Mavs

The sun is at a new intersection. They are at a crossroads of survival and humiliation.

For almost two full seasons, they have become objects of our worship. They are a strong, proud, proud, and fun-loving group that roams the streets and dances through preaching to me warmups. A group full of lifelong friends and well-known moments.

Lose Game 7 for the Mavericks and what do they become?

More will be heard Sunday night: The legacy of Chris Paul; confirmation of Devin Booker’s MVP vote; best of Monty Williams’ Coach of the Year trophy; and the inevitable embarrassment that comes with Luke Doncic’s loss in this season’s biggest basketball game.

Anxiety grips Valley. We all know the hardships.

For the rest of the NBA audience, the Suns have become a team of black hats. They’re rolling. They play dirty. He kicks you in the waist and pushes you down from behind as if the supervisor is not looking. They currently have a reputation as a “try” team who made history by dedicating themselves immensely to a sustainable era. In a game that is similar to the postseason basketball.

But for Arizona people, this basketball team is special. It’s royal. It is a wild mix of great personalities and characters. They arrive on the field as a team of winners in the MCU, showcasing their styles and techniques. They have a service leader on the lead, very loyal to the offense.

Modern sunlight also has its limits. It is not always beautiful. Critics of books often. And it was clear that it was not a good idea to play Doncic and Mavericks during the Game 5 turmoil.

But for generations of Valley fans who are always frustrated by the soft and fun Suns teams that were fun but never played safe, 2021-22 Suns is exactly what we want.

Fight Game 7, earns great interest as well as great guidance as well as the opportunity to play for the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals.

Losing it and it becomes very difficult.

In their first season with Paul, the Suns won nine consecutive games. They led 2-0 in the NBA Finals. The group swelled, meeting for a moment, shining brightly.

This year has been a difficult one. The sun has been blasting and moving. They lost 9-0 in the first two home games. They scored 40 points in the fourth quarter of Game 2. They conceded only 34 points in the second half of Game 5.

At times, they have been two-way stronger than any other NBA player in the regular season. When basketball is only one night, not a list full of updates.

This is also true:

Since the start of the War on March 30, to the full 62-14, the Sun has been treacherous. They are 9-9 since the victory of the well-known victory. They have made 56 turns in three game games in a row alone, allowing 16 steals in 6 games.

After the first eight games, Paul became the NBA MVP for the postseason. Now it looks like another part of the ongoing curse of the postseason. For him to lose his energy on his 37th birthday feels awkward. In any case, Paul has not been the same since. And you expect something wrong, something that can heal quickly. You believe this is not the age to come with a 37-year-old man trying to play in the NBA on a vegetarian diet.

One of the most dangerous things Thursday night happened after the game, when Paul looked very grateful for the extra day. To rest for two days before Sunday night typoff. Something is wrong. Something is weighing on him.

We are all comforted in the game that we think we will see: a very powerful explosion, the second half from the Suns team because they will be watching closely and encouraged by one of the best home court in the NBA. Because players always play well at home. Because the 64-strong team that beat the most in all time will not be able to lose 7 games to the Mavericks.

Otherwise, that love will be sorely missed.

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