The stepmother, who was arrested on charges of poisoning, used to look after children in social projects Brazil


The stepmother, who was arrested on poisoning charges, has taken care of the children on a social project

On the 15th he was temporarily arrested for trying to kill his step-son, student Bruno Carvalho Cabral, for allegedly serving him beans with Chumbinho. In 2018 her ex-boyfriend, dentist Pedro Jose Bello Gomez; And a neighbor, the pharmaceutical representative Francisco Das Chagas Fontanelle, in 2020. For eight years, however, she has cared for 14 children in the Familia Acolhedora program, accepting minors whose rights have been violated for eight years.

According to the Municipal Social Assistance Department, which is responsible for implementing national services in the city, Cynthia made her first contact with foster care children in 2013, lasting until 2021. At first, he received a monthly stipend of R $ 450. The first two years of assistance. As of 2015, the amount has been adjusted to R $ 688, giving him a total of R $ 48,082 thousand. This facility is provided to help the sheltered children or adolescents financially. At the same time, Familia Acolhedora helped about 1,300 young people in Rio, distributing about R $ 810,000.

Also, according to the Municipal Department of Social Assistance, Cynthia qualified for the Acolimento m Familia Acoleheadora on September 9, 2011 in Polo 8-Bangu, “after going through a careful qualification process involving selection, preparation, registration and stages, Through home visits and training, follow-up, in accordance with the principles, guidelines and guidelines of the Children and Adolescents Act, and the key documents that determine the technical guidelines: shelter services for children and adolescents. “

The ministry told GLOBO that the first training course for becoming a foster family lasted four months: , In the city of Rio “.

“Since 1997, when the Familia Acolhedora program was implemented in Rio, it has been welcomed by the families of 6,000 children and adolescents. The Family Reception system is provided for the Unified Social Assistance System (SUAS) and aims to guarantee protection and care for children or adolescents through family and community coexistence until it is possible to return to the original or extended family. And, in the unlikely case of relocating them to a surrogate family, “the municipal secretary of social assistance said in a note.

Last week, a report analyzing Bruno’s gastric contents from the Instituto Medico-Legal (IML) found that “four small round granules, of various sizes, from dark blue to black in color,” which could “advise” the use of products sold secretly as rats. Which is known as Chumbinho. “

According to the document, however, using the technology available at the IML’s Toxicology Service, it was not possible to detect the presence of pesticides or other toxins in the analyzed material.

The boy began to feel sick a few minutes after Cynthia left the house where beans, rice, steak and french fries were served at lunch, where her father lived with Adelson Cabral. At this point, he complained that the beans had a bitter taste and put it in the corner of his plate. The honest mother then took the plate to the kitchen and added more food.

After the meal, the student was dropped off at her mother’s home, Jane Carvalho Cabral, who then called her ex-husband her son’s symptoms. The young man was taken to Albert Schweitzer Municipal Hospital, underwent gastric lavage and was diagnosed with an external intoxication by a medical team.

To the mother, the student reported feeling sick after eating “a few blue stones in the beans” and said that while serving his dish, the honest mother would turn off the kitchen light “as if she were hiding something”. To police, Cynthia said the “pebbles” were a bacon spice that did not dissolve in food.

According to the 33rd DP (Realengo) investigation, Fernanda Adilson was admitted to Albert Schweitzer after falling ill at home and died 12 days later. The young woman fell on the bathroom floor, and was drenched in sweat, had difficulty breathing, her tongue twitched, and foamed at the mouth.

Without diagnosis, the student died in the health unit without responding to treatment. His death certificate states that he suffered multiple organ failures due to natural causes. As there was no evidence of crime, his body was not autopsied. On the 26th, the body was exhumed and the toxicity detection report has not yet been completed.

Through his lawyers, Cíntia that he tried to kill Fernandar and kill Fernandar. According to the investigation, the poison was applied because the honest mother was jealous of her partner’s relationship with her biological children. He still appears as the alleged author of crimes such as burglary, intimidation, assault, abandonment of a disabled person and damages between 2009 and 2013, although no one has been convicted or convicted in any trial.

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