The Sports Initiative program will serve about 500 children and adolescents at UNSC

The dreams of many young people to become great athletes may be closer than they realize. More precisely, on the UNESCO campus. In addition to all the support provided by the schools, the goal of the physical education course is to serve more than 500 children and adolescents between the ages of 10 and 16 from the second half of May.

This will be possible through the Sports Initiative Program (PID) of the Santa Catarina Sports Foundation (Faceport). “We created a project 30 days ago from Fesporte for a public notice, aimed at launching the sport. All the universities in the state were invited and UNESC was in the top ten, with 20 scholarships as a bonus for working in the sports initiation program for physical education students, ”explained the coordinator of the physical education course. Johnny Marcio.

For this election, Activity Monitoring Supervisor, Tiago Lock Silvera, 47 registered academics were interviewed. “We have analyzed the profile, the way they have more communication and experience. There were still some excuses, so we selected 20 and we are in the training phase. We had two meetings about PID, who created it and what is the purpose of reaching out to this project, ”he said.

President of Faceport, Kelvin Suarez Nunes“This is an opportunity offered by the state government to all young people who want to enter sports in a worthy way,” he said. “It really provides the tools, a tool for social transformation through sports, state institutions of higher learning, and UNESC is a great partner in this program. It takes this opportunity for the education, health and safety of our children.” “Because sport represents all of this in our society,” he said.

Academic Command

Scholarships will depend on the academics selected to guide those who will attend the school. For this, they are training and next week they will go to Christmas School to present the project and recruit potential student athletes. “The basic idea of ​​this introductory program is that we can later promote the Municipal Sports Foundation (FME) with athletes. Our activities like karate, judo, women’s football and volleyball have already started. We will implement the rest. We want to serve about 500 students from across the city, ”added Johnny.

In addition to the methods already started, students who visit the UNSC Sports Complex can practice futsal, field football, volleyball, basketball, handball, swimming, athletics, table tennis, beach tennis, etc. “This is a variation of the approach that will be offered to college and Christmas public school students at the UNSC Sports Complex,” he stressed.

To participate, children or adolescents must be enrolled in only one school in the city, whether public or private, and must be available for training at UNSC twice a week in the afternoon.

Tools obtained from Faceport

Last week, UNESC received all the ingredients needed to start a sports startup program. These include mats, nets, soccer balls, basketball and volleyball. “All of these elements will be used to develop activities. It’s enough for us to build activities with these young people, “said Johnny.

According to the supervisor of Activity Monitors, the main objective is to reach as many children and adolescents as possible, bringing them closer to both personal and collective sports. “It’s a great opportunity for our educators to keep close to what they will find in the job market after graduation. They will be one step ahead of those who have not been involved in such activities since the beginning of college, “he said.

In total, there will be 17 higher education institutions eligible for the Santa Catarina project, seven of which are in this first phase.


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