The SP Justice determined that children and adolescents at the boarding school of the Heralds of the Gospel returned home after the complaint. Sao Paulo

The judge in So Paulo determined that Boarding school children and adolescents Conservative Catholic groups in the schools of the Heralds of the Gospels Come home Until 1st July.

This decision has been taken after the report TV Globo To expose Allegations of insult, torture, harassment and rape Which members of the Conservative Catholic group will practice inside the headquarters, which is located in the middle of the best da cantera in Cairos in greater S সাo Paulo.

Judge Christina Ribeiro Late Balbon Costa – Child and Youth Court Holder – New reception, or enrollment restrictions for children and adolescents, In any unit of the group, across the national territory.

Is it over there? Boarding school maintenance is also prohibitedThe Heralds of the Gospel forces schools to make arrangements for children and adolescents to return to their families in other locations by July 1.

The Sao Paulo State Public Defender’s Office is not sure how many children and schools are run by religious groups across the country. According to estimates, there were about 200 children in the capital alone before the epidemic. The judge therefore demanded that the institutions present a list of all students admitted to their unit’s boarding school.

Catholic group investigated for psychological abuse and humiliation at a boarding school in Sao Paulo

Advocacy work began after two reports TV Globo In October 2019. Since then, 70 people have sought defense and 40 of them have recorded their testimony. The defense also used a report from the psychology nucleus of the Sao Paulo Public Ministry.

In the ruling, the judge cited a Vatican ruling for the Heralds of the Gospel to close boarding schools last year.

In another passage, the The judge said that in the ideology of this organization, parents represent a danger and are even considered enemies.For misrepresenting the children of the religious path.

According to the student’s mother, Claudette Das Grassus Pedroso, this is what happens to students. He lives in Paran and removed the teenager from a school in Sao Paulo late last year.

“When we get in the car, the carnage starts. They send him a message. He starts to cry. He gets aggressive, gets stupid. There I can say that it was my hell. Because I didn’t recognize my son,” he said.

“The guy I sent there 10 months ago wasn’t the one who came back. Stupid, rude, he annoyed me in every way. Only the Heralds were perfect. He didn’t want to eat. He went into the house wearing those clothes.” Added ..

Also the mother of an alumnus, Patricia Sampaio lives in Brasilia and took her son from an institution three years ago.

“If people are fully aware and want to participate in the service, they have to be free. But there is no wisdom for children,” he said.

Alex Ribeiro de Lima lives in Sao Paulo in Sওo Paulo and worked for the Heralds of the Gospel until he was 33 years old. According to him, the group’s purpose in recruiting these children is “cheap labor, slave labor, as they use”.

Conservative Catholicism has emerged from a break with another conservative society, tradition, family and property (TFP). In 1999, Monsignor João Clá Dias, who was part of the TFP, founded the Heralds of the Gospel.

According to the rules, “according to its own charisma, to bring Christian animation of temporary reality”. Today, the association has 15 schools in Brazil, with about 700 students. In 2001, the Heralds were recognized by the Vatican as a religious association.

Joao Claw, Founder of the Heralds of the Gospel – Photo: TV Globo / Reproduction

‘My daughter has become a robot’

“My daughter has become a robot. My daughter does not exist, she has no love for us, no affection, she has nothing, ”said the mother of an intern, who did not want to be identified.

Alex Ribeiro de Lima, a former prisoner, said that for the Heralds, the family had to “disappear from the map.” “According to them, the family gets in the way of the youth. They have taught us not to love our parents, because what they have taught us on earth is the beginning of sin, ”he said.

“Fantastico” has heard of 23 people in different states of Brazil and abroad. Twelve of them have been mentioned in the investigation of the government ministry. All report the same situation.

The mother of a former detainee said her son was afraid to go home. “My son really thought the world was going to end and his only salvation was in the Heralds of the Gospels,” said Patricia Sampaio.

According to the report, young people are ready for “bagare”, a kind of universal punishment. The girl, who had been held captive by the Herald for five years, explained how the sentence would be carried out.

Ex-prisoner’s mother reports abuse – Photo: TV Globo / Reproduction

One account reads: “God is going to punish the land for all the sins that are here. Then, nature will rebel against man, and Satan will appear and a clash will take place between the children of light and the children of darkness. The children of light are the Herald and the children of darkness are all of us. The rest “.

A former detainee said he even took a shooting course. One of them, stopped shooting. Other, shooting at speed, as show some certificates.

“The reason I did this shooting training was for Bager’s final preparations because they said internally that they hated religion, they were on the verge of attack by those who hate the Catholic Church.”

Alex has spent 18 years inside and says he is still recovering from trauma. He recalls, for example, a ritual that could last a few hours and which he classified as brainwashing: “They also have chapters there. You are lying on the floor and a high-ranking person comes and starts complaining one by one. There is only one strategy – right? – In this chapter they do. Control the person lying there, so that the person seems to be a great sinner, a worthless person. And they start brainwashing people. ”

Ex-prisoners also allege sexual abuse and rape. In a report in May of this year, a girl said that at the age of 13, the man in charge of the accommodation woke her up to take a bath. He noticed that she was bleeding and the intimate area was irritated and swollen. She believes she was addicted to drugs.

The Heralds of the Gospel is headquartered in Cairo, in the middle of the Best of Canterbury – Photo: TV Globo / Reproduction

Another ex-prisoner, who now lives in Canada, told the Ministry of Public Health that between the ages of 12 and 16, Joao Klau was suffering from all the care he had to make her breasts and buttocks. Colombian Maria Paola came to Brazil when she was 11 years old. He spent about two years in the castle. He told the public ministry that he was a victim of Joao Clare.

“He called me after the mass, we entered Sacristi and there, while I was at Sacristi, I saw that he had kissed a girl. I thought: this kiss on the face or cheek? So when he kissed me on the face, I said to myself, ‘God what is this?’ A girl living with me in Colombia also told me that she kissed him on the face. So I asked and she said goodbye, so she got grace, “he said.

More than ten years ago, Joao Clare had a stroke. In 2017, he resigned as chairman of the group.

Representatives of the Heralds of the Gospel deny the allegations – Photo: TV Globo / Reproduction

Three representatives of the Herald of the Gospel have denied the allegations.

“This kiss-on-the-mouth statement is a slander. Sister, have you ever seen it? Say the police report could be proof of evidence. Reporting incidents is a first step. If someone goes to the police station and complains, it is a one-sided act. The delegate has already heard. He even heard of the sister who could now testify, for she too had been involved. This investigation will continue its course, and once the investigation is over, everyone will know what to do. It even has the right to go to court as a defamation suit, “said Father Alex Barbosa de Brito, a Herald priest.

“I went to the police station because of the allegations, which I can say are completely false, even slanderous,” added Mariana, the Herald’s superior mother.

To “Fantástico”, the religion has denied all allegations, saying that the education system they use in schools is determined by the Ministry of Education. The Heralds say they are victims of persecution: “We are facing a situation where a smear campaign has been launched, dissatisfied with the organization, dissatisfied with the church in general. A campaign of religious persecution that focuses on the Catholic Church and especially the organization. ”

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