The school principal investigated for the child abuse video is considered a fugitive from justice Sao Paulo

The director of a private children’s school in the eastern part of So Paulo has been investigated for videos showing child abuse, and is now being considered as a fugitive from justice following a temporary arrest warrant issued last Tuesday (22).

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Roberta Regina Rossi Sarme, 40, one of the owners of Villa Formosa Colmia Magica Early Childhood School, has been investigated for suspected abuse, endangering the lives of children, putting her health at risk. , Humiliating or embarrassing them and torturing them.

The videos, which began circulating on social media this month, show children wrapped in sheets and crying in school bathrooms. Babies are seen with their arms paralyzed, stuck under a sink and in a baby seat next to a toilet. Colmeia Mágica was founded in 2000 and Serves children aged 0 to 5 yearsFrom nursery to kindergarten (See below).

Until the last update of this report, Roberta has not been arrested or handed over to the police. The investigation went to three addresses associated with the director and he was not found there.

  • ‘A mixture of anger, sadness, guilt,’ says mother of child trapped in school video
  • The accused school teacher said the instructions to release the crying children in the bathroom were from an owner

In the video, children are tied up in the bathroom of the Colmia Magica Children’s School in Villa Formosa, east of Sao Paulo – Photo: Reproduction

The g1 Robert could not be reached for comment Wednesday (23). In an audio recorded by a student’s mother during a March 11 meeting with the children’s parents at the school, the director defended himself, saying: The audio was released this Sunday (20) by Fantástico.

In her statement to police, Roberta denied that she had tied up the children shown in the video or that anyone had tied them up.

Defense says the scenes were faked

Roberta Serme Escola Infantile Colmia Magic Director – Photo: Reproduction / Personal Archive / Social Network

On other occasions, Andre Dias, the director’s lawyer, even denied to the press that his clients had tied up or tied up the children. He further claimed that someone inside the school, possibly some disgruntled staff, had faked the scene to damage the direction.

“Considering that the judge has determined the confidentiality of the investigation, some information is still not disclosed. For example, the person who recorded these videos, set the scene to record the videos, and we still cannot express the external support of this person. The videos were paid for, “Andre said last week National Journal.

“The school recognizes students, the environment, apparently, inside the school,” Andre said. “But in that situation The recorded videos do not match the reality of the school. This was done without the knowledge of the principal or the other teachers. “

In an interview with Dr. FantasticThe lawyer also criticized the way the police were giving statements to the school staff. The teacher said: ‘Friends, when I asked if I wanted to read that document, they told me, look, you sign it, keep quiet’ “, Andre said.

Published from the press office, via a note Secretary of Public Security (SSP), Civil Police reported that “it is governed by respect for the law.” And those “baseless statements” will not prevent the work from being completed and sent to the public ministry [MP] And justice. ”

Sao Paulo police are investigating the abuse of children in day care

The civil police called for Robert’s arrest. The Public Prosecutor’s Office agreed to the request and the judge issued a writ order. 30 days temporary detention. On Tuesday, police officers tried to arrest him at the director’s home and two other addresses associated with him, but the woman was not there.

Asked for comment this Wednesday, the MP said in a note that “investigations are ongoing” and could not provide further details because “the case is being kept secret by the judiciary.”

“Due to the seriousness of the crime and the response to the incidents, this development, the decree of arrest was expected. Without fear of potential threats and retaliation,” the lawyer said. Ariel de Castro AlvesMember of the National Institute for the Rights of Lawyers, Children and Adolescents and President of the Tortura Now Mice Group.

8th Section Precinct Specialized Center for Crime and Miscellaneous Suppression (Cerco) More people working in schools are investigating whether they have participated in the abuse From students.

Police want to know, for example, who tied up the children or who ordered them to be tied up. And it wants to identify who recorded the video. Nineteen of the school’s seven staff members, including parents of 12 students and teachers, staff and directors, have already been charged. There will be 21 more hearings this week.

Teachers’ allegations against the principal

Children’s cries are filmed at a children’s school and tied with a kind of ‘straightjacket’, according to police – Photo: Reproduction / Social Network

The video of the children being tied up and crying reached the investigation three weeks ago, when an investigation was opened into the allegations and attempts were made to identify those responsible for the crime.

The teachers listened g1 And those who made the statement at the police station investigating the case said they were instructed by Roberta to keep the children tied up in the bathroom so that passers-by would not hear their cries. Eyewitnesses reported that the director himself tied the children up.

In addition to filming and testimony from teachers and staff, the mothers told police that their children had come home with injuries on their bodies. One of them was hospitalized in 2021 for two days with shortness of breath. Pictures of the child’s injuries and hospitalization were sent to police for analysis. The g1 Some of these women also spoke to those who confirmed what they said in the investigation.

Police are expected to hear from another 20 people about suspected abuse at a day care center in Sao Paulo.

Police are expected to hear from another 20 people about suspected abuse at a day care center in Sao Paulo.

The blockade of the 8th Section Precinct has raised at least three reports of cases involving the school or the principal.

The investigation calls for a resumption of investigations into 2010, when a 3-month-old baby died of a heart attack at a day care nursery. He was still taken by the director to a hospital, where his death was confirmed. The case was investigated as a “suspicious death” and was filed in court after an autopsy report indicated he had died of “bronchospasm”.

In addition to that case, a 2014 police record was filed as “de facto”. At the time, the mother of a 2-year-old student accused Roberta of scratching her son’s face, and the fight between the two ended. The mother even recorded a video of her son saying that the director had insulted him. (See below).

In 2017, 14-year-old Roberta accused him of cursing her in the street.

The mother recorded a video of her son's alleged abuse at SP's school in 2014

The mother recorded a video of her son’s alleged abuse at SP’s school in 2014

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