The ‘Resilient’ Boston Celtics made the first 3 points in the fourth quarter to impress and surprise the Golden State Warriors in Game 1 of the NBA Finals.

SAN FRANCISCO – After another third bad quarter in the Boston Celtics full game, it became apparent around the world as the Golden State Warriors went on to take Game 1 of the NBA Finals at the Chase Center Thursday night. .

But then the fourth phase began. And, after a flood of 3 Celtics points, the game – and the series – was turned over.

Boston hit its first seven points to open the fourth and win Golden State 40-16 to beat the Warriors 120-108. In doing so, Boston became the first team in NBA Finals history to win two numbers after entering the fourth round following two numbers, according to a survey by ESPN Stats & Information.

“Courage has been the word of this year,” said Payton Pritchard. “I think it has appeared tonight.”

It certainly did in the second half. Boston battled it out in the playoffs in the third quarter, and did so again in Game 1, where they met the Warriors team that has been dominating the break.

The Celtics won 38-24 in the third. They did it five times. Allows Golden State to leave three states. And Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown combined for a 2-for-10 shot from the field.

At the time, the Chase Center – hosting its first NBA Finals game – was in turmoil. It seems that the festival is taking place. But, inside Boston, the feeling was different.

“The message at the beginning of the fourth was, ‘We already are,’ Tatum said.” We know what it takes to deal with such a problem.

“Obviously it’s a big team. It’s not going to be easy. But just knowing that we already exist and get rid of it. We had a lot of time left, wasn’t it? The time to hang your head or to do it, was the time to think.”

The Celtics did this. It helps, of course, when the team comes out and lays out its first 3 funerals, as Boston did. But it went further. The Celtics finished fourth 9-for-12 from three points.

Golden State, however, only fired 7-for-17 from the field. The Celtics stopped turning the ball over, placing a 12-to-1-to-turnover threat in the fourth. The Boston plus-24 scoring fourth round was the best in the NBA Finals.

And the Celtics contributed from the top and bottom of the list, including Celtics coach Ime Udoka leaving the defending Player of the Year Marcus Smart on the bench for the fourth long season, and opted to climb Pritchard for the longest time in the Boston season. to do

“We are proud to be able to contribute to both sides,” Udoka said. “It’s rewarding, especially on the night when your good boy has a night out, some get up.”

Derrick White continued his successful play since the birth of his son for the first time in the Eastern Conference, scoring 21 points off the bench and hitting five 3-pointers.

Al Horford, playing in his first NBA Finals game after a long history of playoff games played without a Finals form, had 26 points, 6 rebounds and three assists, plus four fourth-round shots – and placed . his climb work is 3-6 points.

Although Tatum struggled, going 3-for-17 off the field, he still finished with 13 assists to just two innings, and was 27-27 in the fourth round with no one point. He finished with four assistants and did not change when he missed a three shot that took a quarter.

“Fun,” Tatum said with a smile, when asked how he felt about the game. “40 points in the fourth quarter … the boys fired hard, shooting at the right time. And we won.

“I had a bad shooting night. I just tried to touch the game in other ways. We’re in competition. We’re in the Finals. All I was worried about was trying to win, and we did. All that matters right now.

“So I don’t expect to shoot that evil again. But if it means we still win, I’ll take it.”

This was the message of the whole Celtics team: That they managed to steal Game 1 when they were not playing well. Yes, he shoots, going 21-for-41 from three teams. But he did recklessly in the third quarter and slowly started to start the game again, while the list without a single player with the NBA Finals looks like sometimes in the first quarter.

“Just keep playing. That was our message for every game,” Horford said. “It’s a very good team. And for us, it’s just, you know, keep playing no matter what.

“And our boys, that’s what we did. It wasn’t our best game, but we kept fighting and finding different ways to achieve that victory.”

In many ways, the game was a microcosm of Boston’s roller-coaster season. The Celtics were below .500 at the end of January, before knocking down the NBA in the last 35 games of the regular season, and set the best defensive and defensive points in the league at the moment.

Boston then rallied two tough seven-game series against the Milwaukee Bucks and Miami Heat to get here, plus winning off-road games against both teams. It has now become the first team to beat the Warriors at the Chase Center in the final.

Now, having entered the NBA Finals after playing 12 games in 23 days through the Eastern Conference semifinals and final, Boston now have another three days off and plans to play here in Game 2 on Sunday night, when the Celtics will have a chance to claim victory in the series with another victory.

“It just says what we’ve been doing all year,” Smart said. “We’ve been counted all year. Right. We’ve had moments. But we keep fighting. That’s what we are.

“I think in the last few months, that’s what we’ve been known for. I think it has remained with us for some reason.”

And, as a result, the Celtics have won three times off the NBA title.


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