The Real Madrid team is close to reaching the Semifinals in the Champions League

MADRID – The noise went up and exploded with every second that shook, changing timbre and the tone it does. It started with a whistle, desperate and quick, and just turned into something close to roaring, formless and original, full of anger and hope, as if the noise could have prevented any further suffering.

When the last whistle blew, it was so loud that it seemed as if it were tossing or turning from the sky. In a way, however, this was the beginning: The release was coming, when the Real Madrid and Chelsea players fell to the ground, the winners of the day lost and the winner of both legs, and the Bernabeu were shaken and shaken.

This is not the first time the Champions League has ended like this: The impressive return and spectacular twist is now like a calling card in the tournament, a steady look so amazing, in any way. it happens in a way it still retains its amazing power.

It’s not like it’s a necessity here. In the eyes of the Real Madrid players, the spread-eagle on the pitch is tired, happy, having turned another defeat into a victory that happens frequently. It happened a month or so ago, against Paris St.-Germain, in the beginning.

Here’s what the Champions League does: creating an evening in which Villarreal, a team that travels to the top of the table in Spain, can knock down Bayern Munich and find themselves covered. This is what Real Madrid does: flirting and frustration, dangerous play, then switch switching and emerging victorious.

Even in terms of these standards, Real Madrid’s defeat, a thrilling, exciting Chelsea – twice (5-4), if not that same evening (a 3-2 loss) – would have been a difficult, encouraging, beyond. more fun than most.

Not just once, but two, which were tied together in the same marathon: Chelsea won the two goals that Real Madrid set in London last week, seemingly securing their place in the semifinals this time around, then. Real Madrid, beaten by a bull, woke up to the ashes to claim it.

Each opened one ticket. For 80 minutes, Real fans did nothing but suffer. He arrived at the Bernabeu very excited, raising the Paseo de la Castellana full of confidence that Carlo Ancelotti’s team could do the job. With Real Madrid in the Champions League, after all. That’s the way these things work.

It took a total of 15 minutes, gradually penetrating Mason Mount’s opening goal. The Bernabeu became unstable, unstable. Real Madrid seemed to be cool, as if the best-known club in Europe were not sure what the deal was. Chelsea smelled blood.

Shortly after half, Chelsea’s Antonio Rüdiger scored – a simple goal, a header from a corner, as if it were all simple – and the tie was the same. The oppressive, alarming noise subsided, the noise of 61,000 people waking up and remembering that, oh yes, this Real Madrid team is very old, isn’t it, and is very old, and needs to be revived.

There was little hope that Marcos Alonso’s goal was not found on the ball, but it turned out to be false. A few minutes later, Timo Werner ran and jumped over the edge of the six-yard box and tied the ball in a line. The insults fell, for just a moment. A few people went to the exit. Few people always go to the exit. At this point, everyone should know better.

That’s how it was, then, after Luka Modric took the ball, within Chelsea’s half, with 10 minutes to play. There was, for the naked and untrained eye, there was no choice before it; Rodrygo, a young Brazilian winger, running to the other side of the court, is being closely followed by the defender. Modric had nothing to do but step back, change the side of the attack, rebuild.

Or, it turned out that he could sweep the ball out of his right foot past Chelsea’s defense and head straight for Rodrygo’s boot, inside the area, it was a good time for him to be able to hit Edouard Mendy without a hitch. The ticket was missing. Modric found it, and in doing so, Real Madrid gained his trust.

That goal allowed the game to last longer, which gave the home team, the incoming Spanish expert, a comeback. Real Madrid is not losing this.

Karim Benzema, who scored all three of his team’s goals in the first leg, led Real Madrid to a total of 96 minutes later.

Chelsea threw all their players forward. Real Madrid left-back Marcelo ended up playing as a player for reasons he did not even understand. There were dangers: a shot from Jorginho, the head of Kai Havertz. All evening, the whole campaign seemed to hang on to a thread.

During all this time, the noise was intensifying, craving at first and then impatience and finally just and hard. They became a place with multitudes weeping for their deliverance from their misery. No one heard a whistle. No one heard a whistle.

They know that it is only when they see the players on the field, all the air coming out of their bodies, their legs suddenly shaking, proving at the same time impossible and inevitable. He has to get used to this, really. This is how it always ends, at Real Madrid, after all. It does not always end this way.

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