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The project to establish a fund for the support of orphans and a program for the support of orphans (Procor) will be followed by the Economic Affairs Commission (CAE) for consideration. Approved by the Commission on Human Rights and Participatory Law (CDH), this Monday (2), the project aims to promote initiatives that expand access to the fundamental rights of orphans and young people by assisting organizations and families. (PL 2,329 / 2021).

Reported by Senator Nilda Gondim (MDB-PB) and Senator Fabiano Contarato (PT-ES), the proposal amends Act 13,756 of 2018 to include Facors among earners from lottery collections of numerical predictions. The goal of the project is to provide financial assistance to the families of children under the age of 18 who have lost a parent or legal guardian and who have no means of subsistence, and to families who provide assistance to them.


To put it bluntly, the authors of the project report that orphanage has long been a serious problem in Brazil, with the Covid-19 epidemic increasing dramatically, putting the state in a precarious position. The text defines a family as a family consisting of juveniles, fathers and mothers, grandparents, stepfathers and stepmothers, uncles and aunts, spouses, partners, brothers and sisters, or legal children of legal age. Will be considered. , Who live under the same roof as orphans.

As an organization, it should be understood that those who are benefiting from the form of law, social assistance, or social organizations or even civil society organizations of public interest.


The resources created by FACO will come from: the allocations set out in the annual budget law and its additional credit; Grants from natural or legal persons, public or private, national or foreign; Income of any nature arising from the remuneration of his equity investment; And those related to participation in lottery collection income.

Of the facor assets, 70% will be allocated to provide a monthly financial benefit of a support nature to family members who are in the custody of orphans and whose per capita monthly family income is less than 25% of the minimum wage. The value of the assistance benefit will match 25% of the minimum wage for the first orphaned child or adolescent and 15% of the minimum wage for others, if any.

Beneficiaries must be part of a single registry for the Federal Government’s (CadÚnico) social program. Access to social security benefits from the General Social Security System (INSS) or Public Servant Social Security System may increase.

The remaining 30% will go towards providing financial support to organizations, specifically for managing the activities provided by Procure. Organizations that receive resources from Facor must publish half-yearly balance sheets on the Internet to serve the public and have detailed management and financial information about the activities performed within Procor’s scope, guaranteeing the privacy of minors and freeing others from prejudice. Legal and regulatory requirements.


Unused assets will be transferred from Facor in a certain year as credit in the next financial year. The numerical forecast made from the collection of these same activities reduces the project’s allocation for the cost and maintenance of the lottery operator by one percentage point, and also allocates 1% of this collection to the Facor.

This further indicates that the funds raised by Caixa Econômica Federal for the Facor will be transferred directly to the appropriate State or District Secretariat in proportion to the amount of bets made on each federation unit, which will be responsible for meeting the expenses.


Procor aims to promote access to basic rights for orphans and adolescents through social activities conducted by organizations. Procor’s opportunities include educational, recreational, psychotherapeutic, professional and welcoming activities. The activities and services developed within the scope of the program must be complementary and integrated with those proposed by other government agencies and education and social assistance programs. The bill provides for a period of 120 days, calculated from its publication, to enact the law as a result.


Contarato argues that with the advent of the Kovid-19 epidemic, millions of children and their families, or those who have survived, are in a position of extreme social and economic vulnerability. In the case of minors whose parents or guardians have died as a result of this disease, there are different types of secula and it will probably affect the survivors for the rest of their lives.

According to Radaportur, such sequels have direct psychosocial effects, resulting from trauma of caregivers and the impact of socio-impact relationships and the collapse of institutional support networks. Firmly, this could mean sudden immersion in poverty, as well as situations of neglect, abuse and violence.

The senator said orphans need support to transform into adolescents and younger children need more immediate and full-time care. Girls, in particular, may have to take on domestic responsibilities that will compromise their future academic performance. In addition, they face a greater risk of experiencing violence and sexual abuse.


Despite this tragic and urgent situation, Contrato regrets that “there is no concerted and comprehensive action by government authorities to reduce these specific losses related to Covid-19. There are some exceptions that states and municipalities have launched programs to address this issue, but Initiatives that are still below the level of the problem. “

Therefore, the reporter considers that the project is moving in the right direction by introducing a support facility for orphans and their families, as well as the possibility of supporting non-profit organizations that can complement social assistance services to the public. Promoting educational, recreational, psychotherapeutic, professionalism and welcome action.

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