The project “Bau de Historias” brings children’s storytelling for children from Guayaquil

Project “Bau de Historios” invites Guiber children to move closer to the book universe

On the 3rd and 4th of May, 2022 (Tuesday and Wednesday), the “Bau de Historias” project promotes a number of special activities to encourage readers to like Guyiba’s (RS) books and their stories.

Recently, the project has provided two (2) physical units of “Bau de Historias” in schools in the city of Guayaquil. Mounted in MDF, the books contain drawers, benches, shelves and integrated tables, including books, dolls, games, playful toys and educational materials, which can be used to aid in the promotion of literature.

Project in the chest of the story – Photo: Promotion

Distributed free of charge and used permanently by covered organizations, the purpose is to use storybooks to engage and inspire children’s reading and imagination in a variety of ways.

And to encourage the use of these structures, there will be a storytelling workshop at the Três Patinhos Municipal School of Early Childhood Education, located in Villa Sao George, on May 3 (Tuesday) at 9am and 2pm. And on May 4th (Wednesday), also at 9am and 2am, the workshop will be held at the Menino Jesus Municipal School of Early Childhood Education in Guayaquil (RS), Columbia City.

Made possible by the Federal Law of Incentives to Culture, the “Bau de Historios” project aims to disseminate literature from the mini-libraries provided by the project to the general public, aged 4 to 12. Literature is considered an important tool for individual formation, providing benefits that contribute to greater mental, social and cognitive development.

In this city, the project is supported by RIP Serviços Industriais, a sponsoring organization that seeks continuous growth in harmony with the community. This is why it supports such activities, which aim to improve local transformation, to improve life.

“Improving the reality of the communities we operate is more than RIP’s desire, it is a satisfaction. Trying to make a significant impact, each year we allocate resources for projects that bring development and citizenship to families in these locations, to social initiatives that, little by little, contribute to building a better and more just society, “the company commented.

The “Bau de Historias” project is managed by the Ministry of Tourism through the Special Secretariat for Culture and produced by Incentive.


“In the heart of the story” in Guayaquil
Free Rating – Free
Story telling

Beneficiary organizations: Três Patinhos Municipal School of Early Childhood Education
Address: Rua Mariana Pimental, 100 – Vila São Jorge – Guaíba – RS
Reading Workshop: May 3, 2022 (Tuesday) – Hours: 9:00 am and 2:00 pm

Beneficiary organizations: Menino Jesus Municipal School of Early Childhood Education
Address: R. Caçapava do Sul, 535 – Columbia City – Guaíba – RS
Reading Workshop: May 4, 2022 (Wednesday) – Time: 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM

About RIP Industrial Services

Founded in 1986, RIP provides specialized integrated services for a variety of industry departments, including refractory coatings, thermal insulation, corrosion protection, passive protection, access, electromechanical maintenance, civil maintenance, facilities, operation and additional maintenance of Enshore. Services, such as maintenance, internal finishing, crane operation and cargo handling.

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The company assumes its corporate responsibility by voluntarily contributing to the sustainable development of society, which goes beyond legal requirements and is committed to the most economical, environmental and profitable use of resources for the benefit of customers and the environment. .

About the Ministry

Brazil’s main cultural propaganda tool, the Culture Promotion Act, contributes to thousands of cultural projects each year in all regions of the country. Through it, companies and individuals can deduct total or part of the amount of income tax assistance – from exhibitions, shows, books, museums, galleries and various other cultural expressions.

The law also contributes to expanding citizens’ access to culture, as sponsored projects are required to make a socially unfavorable offer, i.e., distribute some of their tickets free of charge and promote training and qualification activities with the community. Created by Act 8,313 in 1991, the Culture Promotion Process is one of the pillars of the National Culture Assistance Program (PRONAC), which includes the National Culture Fund (FNC) and the Cultural and Artistic Investment Fund (Ficarts). These activities are sponsored by the company RIP Serviços Industriais.

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