The principal and two teachers have been fired for allegedly assaulting a 3-year-old child at a school Seal mine

According to the municipal department of education, three professionals from EMEI Parque da Cachoeira He had the responsibility to take care of the students during the aggressionTuesday (3).

The decision was taken after a lengthy meeting with a multilateral group on Wednesday afternoon (05/04), which included the participation of those responsible for the students, the ministry said in a statement.

  • Following allegations of aggression against a 3-year-old boy at a school in Brumadinho, the city government has said it will conduct a “strict” investigation.
  • Brumadinho, a three-year-old boy at Grande BH, returns from school with wounds and cuts in the face.

In addition, on Thursday (November 5) morning in the city. CCTV footage of the school has been handed over to the civil police And it is “working to resolve the whole matter as quickly as possible.”

The secretariat further said that it would provide emotional support to the child.

The boy’s mother was giving a statement at the Civil Police Station around 2.30 pm.

In addition to wounds on the face, the child has bite and scratch marks all over his body. – Photo: Personal Archive

City Education Department He said he would still open an investigation on Wednesday and conduct a “rigorous” investigation to ascertain the truth

The Secretariat deeply regrets the incident at the Das Cachoviras Municipal School of Early Childhood Education (EMEI) in Park, which Children up to 6 years.

The baby’s head was deeply cut and needed to be sewn – Photo: Private archive

This is stated in the first note sent by City Hall The attack was carried out by another childTeacher’s absence time:

“(…) A child is injured after being assaulted by another in his sleep. According to the school management, this episode happened when the teacher left the room to go to the bathroom with another child. There was aggression by the professional.”

In a second statement, the city government said that since there were no reports yet, “there is no way to say for sure who the perpetrators of the attack are, and statements circulating on social media that the attacks were carried out by one. Adults are untrue.”

The mother of the child said that the doctor who treated her at Betim’s IML, Dr. Fascinated by the amount of baby injuries.

“The doctor there was terrified. He said my son was tortured because he said that during his duty, he had never seen a child get so injured … to physically harm another three-year-old child,” the mother said.

The military police said in a statement that the victim had “severe cuts on his head and bruises all over his body.” In police records, the school principal said he could not explain what happened to the child.

Due to the extent and severity of the injuries, the boy’s mother was instructed to perform a forensic examination on him. The report must be ready within 30 days. And will be sent to the police.

The three-year-old boy has scars on his face. – Photo: Personal Archive

The boy has been studying at EMEI for three months. The child’s mother said this was the first time the boy had been beaten at school.

According to her, her son could not say who hit her and could only say that he had “hit her in the face”.

The family wants an answer and Punishment for the guilty.

“I want an answer to what happened, because my sister took my nephew to school well, she took him without any injuries, I want to see who is to blame,” said Victim’s aunt.

A meeting was held on Wednesday morning (4) between the child’s family and school representatives and the Municipal Education Department to discuss the case.

Minas Gerais Civil Police said the investigation was “still ongoing, investigating the circumstances of the incident and that the information will be released as soon as expert reports are completed”.

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