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Her menstrual cycle continues, Star + Gradually, it gained more and more news. And among them, as expected, the most recent is its list of releases for April 2022, which will be among the highlights of its launch. Bell Air Season 1, At the end This is usIts season finale How I met your father and outlanderWith a large list of movie and series additions.

The premiere of the Star + Exclusive series

Trial by owner Osekin – 11 May;

On the night of December 5, 1986, 22-year-old Malik Osekain was beaten to death by police. “Justice for Malik Osekin” is a four-episode miniseries that chronicles the Osekin family’s struggle for justice, describes events, shows their hope and despair, and depicts a country in conflict.

Bell-Air Season 1 – May 18;

Bel-Air is one of the premieres of the Star + series in April

With executive production by Will Smith, “Bell-Air” Iconic re-imagines 90s comedy for a new era Set in modern America, the series offers a dramatic new look at Will’s life-changing journey from West Philadelphia Road to Bell-Air’s Gated Mansion. Leaving behind the only house known for a second chance in an unfamiliar place, Will sees his life turned upside down as he faces new challenges and prejudices in the world of wealth and aspirations.

The Thing About Palm – May 25;

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Starred and produced by Renee Zellweger, The six-episode miniseries is based on the 2011 murder of Betsy Farrier that led to the conviction of her husband Ras, although she insisted that it did not. He was later released. This heinous crime leads to a chain of events that unravels a vicious plot involving Betsy’s best friend, Pam Hoop.

Exclusive movie premiere on Star +

Knight Valley – 20 May;

Val Night movie from the movie that will premiere on Star +

Tired of taking care of her first child, Diana decides to take a “good night” to spend the night with her friends, but for that she has to leave the child’s father. Vinnie, annoyed, decides to take the baby to a funk party, where everything is fine until she loses the boy and goes in search of the baby in the whole community, leaving herself in an unusual and funny situation so that Diana doesn’t notice anything. .

Castle de Fachada – 20 May;

Inside “Orientation Couple”World famous movie star Olivia (Samara Bin(A PR disaster occurs when a paparazzi poses for pictures with her married boyfriend Vincent)Max Greenfield(Dedicated Valet Antonio)Eugenio Derbage) Accidentally appears in the same photo and is hired to pose Olivia’s new boyfriend as Alibi.

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This trap with Olivia puts Antonio in the spotlight and leads to unexpected chaos. In this misunderstood romantic comedy, Olivia and Antonio get to know each other more deeply as the two worlds and their cultures clash. “Couple up front“, Powered by Richard Wong And written by Rob Greenberg and Bob FisherEnglish remake of the successful French film of the same name.

The new series premieres in Star + season

Law and Order: Organized Crime Season 2 – May 4;

Law enforcement is an organized crime

Legendary Christopher Maloney returns to the deep new season in New York’s crime underbelly as detective Elliott Stabler. With his elite taskforce, Stable is putting everything in line to try to bring down the city’s most notorious and dangerous crime syndicates.

Philadelphia is always sunny – May 11;

The egocentric Mac, Charlie, Dennis, Frank, and D, a group of degenerates who like a failed pub, own paddies, and like nothing more than to conspire, to conspire, and most importantly, to rejoice at the suffering of the people.

Dolphin Season 2 – May 11;

The second season follows Jules (Cat Dennings) And his friends: post-epidemic, post-disillusionment, on the way to 30 years. Reuniting with his friends, Jules must keep the group together as they each go their separate ways and build a deeper relationship with themselves.

Bless the Hearts Season 2 – May 18;

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Created and produced by Emmy® Conqueror, Emily Spivey, And featuring Kristen Wigg, Maya Rudolph, Jillian Bell, and Ike Barinholtz. “Bless the Hearts”Is an animated comedy that follows Harts, a Southern family who always breaks up and struggles to make ends meet. One day they hope to fulfill the American dream, but they are already rich – with many friends, family and laughter. Jenny Hart is a single mother who supports her family and works as a maid.

Although Jenny is the head of the family, her mother, who is engrossed in lottery games, and her intelligent and creative daughter, Violet, are often in conflict or intrigue. Jenny’s 10-year-old boyfriend, Wayne Edwards, is the love of her life and the honest father of Violet. In the end, Hart may not have much, but he does have what he needs.

SWAT Season 5 – May 18;

SWAT Season 5

“SWAT” is a series of realistic and sensitive adoption of the Elite Special and Strategic Weapons Unit of the Los Angeles Police Department. While dedicated to saving lives, the brave men and women who make up this team need to know the policing principles of a community that they do not always believe in.

What You Don’t Know About Brazilian Humor – May 25;

Presented by this documentary series Fabio Porchat The six episodes aim to answer what we laugh at and other questions related to humor through the testimonials, expert voices and archival humorous elements of the most famous Brazilian comedians.

Rafael Cortez, Carol Jokoli, Yuri Marcel, Carlos Alberto de Nobrega, Dani Calabresa, Marcelo Adnet, Tom Cavalcante, Paolo Vieira, Helio de la Pena, Paolo Bonfa, Daniel Furlane, Raul Auler, And Gregory Duvivier The reflection, along with the humorous elements of all ages, summarizes the humor, its limits, its relationship with politics and social networks, reveals new stories and curiosities about their work as comedians.

New weekly episode of the series on Star +

Pictures from the How I Met Your Father series
  • How I met your father – a new episode every Wednesday;
  • Simpson Season 33 – New Episode Every Wednesday;
  • Outlander Season 6 – new episodes every Wednesday;
  • This is our season 6 – new episode every Thursday;
  • Kardashians – new episode every Thursday;
  • Life and Beth – new episodes every Friday;

Other movie premieres on Star + in May

  • Mission Impossible – 6 May;
  • Mission Impossible 2 – 6 May;
  • Mission Impossible 3 – 6 May;
  • Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol – 6 May;
  • Mission Impossible – Secret Nation – 7 May;
  • Mission Impossible – Fallout Effect – 6 May;
  • Top gun – 6 May;
  • My super ex girlfriend – May 6;
  • Rules do not apply – 6 May;
  • The Devil’s Caldera – May 6;
  • Ronaldo – May 6;
  • King of Pigs – 6 May;
  • First year – 6 May;
  • King of Comedy – May 6;
  • Intruder – May 6;
  • Mike and the Mad Dog (TV show) – May 6;
  • Los Angeles – Forbidden City – May 13;
  • Negotiator – 13 May;
  • Once Upon a Time in America – May 13;
  • High Sea Pursuit – Species at Risk – – 13 May;
  • La La Land – May 13;
  • Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1 – May 20;
  • Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 – May 20;
  • Twilight: Eclipse – May 20;
  • Twilight: New Moon – May 20;
  • Twilight – May 20;
  • Granny Zone – May 20;
  • Grandma … Zone 3: Like a father, like a son – May 20;
  • Watchtower – May 20;
  • Devil (2000) – May 20;
  • Client – May 20;
  • Natural Born Killer – May 20;
  • Steel Flowers (2012) – 20 May;
  • Crô em Família – May 20;
  • Villain (AKA Acnio) – May 20;
  • JFK – 20 May;
  • The fate of a nation – 27 May;

Other series premiere on Star + in April

  • Archive Burning Season 1 to 7 – May 4th;
  • Slavery – The Story of Injustice Season 1 – May 11;
  • Criminal Minds: Beyond Border Season 2 – May 11;
  • Cobra Season 2 – May 11;
  • Britannia Season 3 – May 11;
  • Prison Holiday Season 1 – May 18;
  • New Jersey Original Housewife Season 11 – May 18;
  • Orange County Season 15 – May 18’s Real Housewife;
  • Loyalty Season 1 – May 18;
  • Atlanta Real Housewife Season 12 – May 18;
  • Beverly Hills Season 9 – The Real Housewife of May 18;
  • New York Season 12 – The Real Housewife of May 18;
  • Million Dollar List: New York Season 9 – May 25;
  • Nasdrovia Season 2 – May 25;
  • The Masked Singer Season 5 – May 25;
  • The Next Thing You Eat Season 1 – May 25;
  • The Next Thing You Eat Season 1 – May 25;

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