The picture shows a child being taken to UBS in Alvorada; Mother and stepfather arrested Do Sul in Rio Grande

Security police on Monday (13) released security camera images from the Jordim Aparesida Basic Health Unit (UBS) in the Alvarada metropolitan area of ​​Porto Alegre. Show three-year-old Mirela being carried on her lap. It is suspected that the baby arrived dead at UBS on May 31.

The girl’s mother and stepfather were taken into custody on Saturday (11) morning and died as a result of torture. The 24-year-old mother was arrested in Canvas, also in the metropolitan area, while the stepfather was in Palhosa (SC).

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Two videos show the arrival of the healthcare group. In the first, the car enters the UBS yard and four adults and two children get out of the car. The girl in the lap of a woman, unconscious.

In the second video, the group enters the UBS building. An employee of the unit picked up the baby in his lap and took him for care.

The girl was taken care of by an employee – Photo: Reproduction / PC

According to the police Doctors who treated the girl have confirmed that she has already reached UBS dead, Including several wounds. At that time, the mother and the honest father claimed that the child fell while playing and got injured.

According to Representative Jaiselaur de Souza, tests on the girl showed multiple injuries and broken bones, old and present, burn marks and severe bleeding in the abdomen.

“Unfortunately, we have configured a barbarism. To endure torture at the hands of a child that should love and protect him,” he said.

The mother and stepfather of the child detained on the charge of torture

According to Porto Alegre Child and Youth Prosecutor Cinara Vienna Dutra Brager, Anyone can file a complaint Near Guardian Council, Public Ministry, Military Brigade or Dial 100.

“Didn’t any caregiver, education or health service notice? Didn’t she cry out loud ?,” she asks.

Sinara points it out In the case of health and education professionals, it is mandatory to report suspected cases of abuse. He cites the Children and Adolescents Act (ECA) which states in Chapter II on Administrative Violations:

Art. 245. Failure of the person responsible for the doctor, teacher or healthcare and primary education institution, preschool or day care center, failure to contact appropriate authorities, including suspicion or confirmation of child or adolescent abuse involved: fine – three to twenty reference salaries Penalties apply twice as much to reconsideration.

Article 227 of the federal constitution states that “the responsibility of the family, society and the state is to guarantee the right to life, health, food, education and leisure to children, adolescents and young people with the highest priority. Professionalism, culture, dignity, respect, freedom And to protect the lives of families and communities from all forms of neglect, discrimination, exploitation, violence, cruelty and oppression.

“We can’t be left out,” said the promoter

The mother of the dead girl has been arrested in UBS – Photo: Prakash / Civil Police

In this case, he explained, it depends on the Guardian Council and the Public Ministry investigation. In the event of a complaint, the Guardian Council meets with the family and, if there is a suspicion of abuse, the case must be referred to the Ministry of Public Works. In such cases, the child may be sent to the care of another family member or to a foster family.

The Alvarada Board of Governors stated that it was governed by the Municipal Council for the Rights of the Child and Adolescents (COMDICA). Do not speak while the case is under investigation. However, he said the information requested by the civil police and the public ministry had already been sent on Friday (10).

The agency did not confirm if there was any previous record of mentioning the girl.

The picture shows a child being taken to UBS in Alvorada;  Mother and stepfather are in jail

The picture shows a child being taken to UBS in Alvorada; Mother and stepfather are in jail

According to Alvorada City Hall, the girl received four medical treatments at UBS Jardim Aparesida. The reasons were skin lesions / scabies, blood test request and presentation, prescription of ferrous sulphate and cough complaint.

Also according to the municipality, “according to the development, no sign of aggression was found in any of the suggestions” and confirmed that “No contact with parent council”.

For now, the civil police say, it is not possible to say whether there was a failure in the service network. According to the representative, the focus investigation will be completed and, if a failure is identified, it will be investigated.

“We do not now have the material to say whether he knows. We have requested documentation from the parent council to find out if there is a report of aggression,” said Jaiseloure de Souza.

According to the representative, The child was not admitted to any school, But reports that a woman taking care of the baby from time to time has already noticed the wound. When the woman asked her parents, they said they had fallen and been injured.

Honest father took the child to critical condition for care – Photo: Prakash / Civil Police

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