The Phillies have won nine games in a row

PHILADELPHIA – What a Sabbath.

Phillies ace Zack Wheeler and his wife Dominique received their daughter Bambi on Earth Tuesday morning. In the center of the country, Matt Vierling, commemorated from Triple-A Lehigh Valley, flew from Omaha, Neb., To Chicago, then drove 90 minutes north to Milwaukee. Later that night, he won a game that defeated the Brewers alongside Josh Hader, who had not survived in 11 months.

It would have been nice if their weeks ended there, but Wheeler and Vierling helped the Phillies beat Arizona on Saturday at Citizens Bank Park, 4-0. The Phils have won nine consecutive games for the first time since July 29-Aug. 6, 2011.

The Phils (30-29) have a record for the first time since they were 3-2 on April 12.

“I was just hoping it would come back to me, and I could go on and on,” Wheeler said of his success.

If it gets to Wheeler again, it means the Phillies have tried to establish a patent record with 14 consecutive wins. He won 13 consecutive franchise games in 1991, ’77 and 1895.

Wheeler threw six innings without D-backs, hitting eight and allowing two hits. He has a 5-0 and 1.42 ERA in his previous eight innings, hitting 64 and running 11 in 50 2/3 innings. It could have started seventh, but Phillies regular manager Rob Thomson took care to follow the busy Wheeler week.

“To get here and do well today, I’m stopping the cake,” Wheeler said. “I was so excited. A little rusty, but it was fine. Good enough. ”

Vierling played for the second time for the first time in his life because the Phillies want Didi Gregorius to rest when he returns last Sunday from an injury list. The Phils thought Vierling had enough games to play a job he had never played, even in the Little League.

But when things go well, such a move just seems to work.

It worked. Vierling was flawless. He threw six balls, including one to end the game. He turned the power second to the first nine. He grabbed the shoot, too. Remember, Vierling started taking second-place balls recently in Triple-A. He also picked up a few this week at Milwaukee with the idea that he could play there on Saturday.

Vierling did not use his gloves. His entry mitt has not yet been broken, so he used one of Bryson Stott’s.

“It will find you,” Vierling said of the incident. “I look forward to it. I thought that if I was outside, the ball would hit me hard. Yeah, I’m glad it went well. I felt so good out there. Each time you contribute, you feel better, you play better. It builds confidence. ”

But it wasn’t just Wheeler and Vierling, of course. Teams do not win nine consecutive games without a team of people supporting them. On Saturday, it was Nick Castellanos with two wins in the first half to beat Rhys Hoskins and Stott’s two-run homer to second. It was Andrew Bellatti who replaced the Jeurys Familia with a full start with two exits in the seventh. Bellatti beat Ketel Marte to reveal the slider between 1-2.

Bellatti has been getting under the radar for the Phillies. He has a 3.57 ERA in 20 models.

“That was very difficult,” Bellatti said. “I enjoyed it. I look forward to that. ”

Castellanos found the insurance cover for the eighth and a double turn on the right lane. He got Bryce Harper from the first.

A few weeks ago, these things were not happening to the Phillies. Running the check would be bad. Maybe Vierling would have a problem again.

“That’s the way it is, isn’t it?” Thomson said. “When you walk well, you have time to relax. You find their protection from mistakes sometimes, and you benefit from it. When you do bad things, it ‘s different. Everything is going well right now. We just have to keep going. ”


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