The Phillies add a 9-game winning streak behind Zack Wheeler

The Phillies had two strong types on their side Saturday.

This number, apparently, was an eight-match winning streak in a three-game midfielder against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Their number was a man on a jug.

Zack Wheeler continued his recent lead by leading the Habanero-hot Phillies to a 4-0 victory over the Diamondbacks.

The win was the ninth in a row, compared to the longest since the 2011 team’s nine consecutive wins in the 102nd wins.

Saturday’s win saw manager Rob Thomson 8-0 since taking over from Joe Girardi when the team was 22-29. At 30-29, Phils exceeded .500 for the first time as the season was five days long and was 3-2.

This has gone up dramatically with a lot of success, a lot of power – the Phils have hit 22 homers in nine winning games – as well as a good start to the season.

“Everything is going well,” Thomson said. “We just have to move on.

“We’ve reached .500. Now shoot five times. When we get there, shoot 10.”

Wheeler ran for the first time with Rhys Hoskins as well as RBI song by Nick Castellanos.

Inning later, rookie Bryson Stott hit his fourth homer in the last eight games, shooting twice to the right, to give Phils a 3-0 lead.

Wheeler and bullpen stopped.

“He made progress, his stuff was good, it was Zack,” said Thomson of Wheeler, who participated in the game with a 1.61 ERA in his previous seven innings.

The right-hand man continued his dominance with six innings closed. He stopped beating twice, never walked, hit eight and broke many bats. All in all, another good day for Wheeler, who did not go to Milwaukee within a week when he and his wife, Dominique, welcomed his daughter, Bambi.

Back in Philadelphia with his family, Wheeler said he was impressed to follow his teammates and their success.

He said: “I was hoping that it would come back to me and that I could continue. “We were able to do that.”

Over the past eight years, Wheeler has dropped just eight of the 51 inn innings in ERA of 1.39. He enrolled 64 fighters and only went 11 at the time.

In the first seven innings at Citizens Bank Park this season, Wheeler has dropped seven wins in 42⅓ innings of 1.49 ERA.

He rode 34-innings without a scoreless streak at home.

The Wheeler came out on 98 yards after six innings and the bullpen defended the front. On the right Andrew Bellatti got the biggest impact on the game after the Diamondbacks filled the base with three-piece songs against the Jeurys Familia.

As the controversy escalated and a great victory on the line, Bellatti came and blew fighter Ketel Marte on a flying ball to the center to end the threat.

“It was really hard and I really enjoyed it,” Bellatti said.

Seranthony Dominguez was not found after two days in a row so Thomson went to Bellatti.

“That’s what you have to do,” Thomson said. “He’s the next person when someone is down and he did it, he’s got a big problem.”

Brad Hand made the eighth innings inning and Cristopher Sanchez pulled the final three after Phils pushed forward 4-0 and Corey Knebel came down with a solid shoulder as he warmed up in the bullpen.

Thomson is the second Phillies manager to start his career 8-0, joining Pat Moran of the 1915 NL champion Phils. He then became the first major league manager to start work with eight winners since Joe Morgan of the 1988 Red Sox. Morgan replaced John McNamara in the middle of the season and won his first 12 games.

In Boston, he called it Morgan Magic.

Torrid Thomson is making all the necessary calls. Bellatti made him look good in the seventh. And Matt Vierling made six appearances (and grabbed a pop-up) in his first game (and we mean at all) game in the second half.

“The ball is getting,” Vierling laughed after the game. “I think it would really affect me.”


“Yes, but it went away after the first one – then they just come,” he said.

The Phils go on to sweep for three consecutive wins and win 10 in a row on Sunday with Ranger Suarez on the ridge.

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