The PGA Tour rejects the invitation of golfers to participate in the Saudi-sponsored LIV Golf League in London.

In a surprise ruling at the PGA Tour this week, golfers who applied for permission to play in the first round of the LIV Golf Invitational Series were denied their request to leave. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the PGA Tour.

“We have notified the applicants that their application has been rejected in accordance with the PGA TOUR Tournament Regulations. Similarly, TOUR members are not allowed to participate in the London Golf League in London under our Rules,” the PGA Tour said. President Tyler Dennis in a memo for players. “As a membership organization, we believe this idea is very helpful to PGA TOUR and its players.”

The belief was that the PGA Tour, which is supposed to give its members permission to play in events outside of the PGA Tour alone, would agree to cancel the first eight games of LIV Golf this year before being rejected after the league moved. on the North American turf. Instead, PGA Tour CEO Jay Monahan laid down the rule earlier, denying his membership in order to take part in major financial events.

“Unfortunately, the PGA Tour seems to be trying to restrict golfers from their right to play golf, unless it is a PGA Tour competition,” LIV Golf CEO Greg Norman said in a statement. “This is particularly frustrating because of the unprofitableness of the Tour, which aims to ‘advance the interests of professional golfers.’ Instead, the Tour aims to promote their unrestricted control of what should be a free and open market.Tour activities are anti-golfer, anti-competitive, and anti-competitive., We do not stop. We will continue to provide players who promote high golf. all around the world.”

The concept of PGA Tour is a bit strange. Many golfers – including Phil Mickelson, Bubba Watson, Bryson DeChambeau and Dustin Johnson – cancellations were released earlier this year playing in Saudi International, an event on the Asia Tour. However, the PGA Tour sees LIV Golf differently, apparently because it is not just an event but the beginning of a competitive race. The PGA Tour only allows players to pray three times a year.

If players choose to reject what is banned and continue playing, Monahan keeps the secret that players can be suspended and banned from the PGA Tour.

“Our rules and regulations for the PGA Tour were written by the players, for the players,” Monahan said at the Players Championship earlier this year, meaning the suspension and ban will take place in court. He has been around for over 50 years. I believe in our rules and regulations, my guiding skills, and that is my opinion in this matter …. “

PGA Tour players who asked to be sacked or linked to the league are Lee Westwood, Sergio Garcia, Jason Kokrak, Kevin Na and Robert Garrigus. Then there’s Mickelson, of course, who has the biggest name in question, who seems to be the greatest of the whole thing and will no doubt be the young artist in the courtroom where all this shakes up.

LIV Golf is a sponsored league in Saudi Arabia that strives to make another golf course while attracting some of the best players in the world to its events. It has been reported that Phil Mickelson helped to sign a league contract before appearing in public following the controversial comments of players in the league that he allegedly helped to establish. The 48 golfers, 12 LIV Golf teams – five of whom are due to play in the United States by the end of this year – will have $ 20 million wallets, plus $ 5 million for the top team at each event.

Norman has been adamant that legitimate golfers, who are regarded as independent contractors, will not be banned on the PGA Tour. The Tour obviously sees it differently. While the refusal to withdraw is surprising on the first occasion – the PGA Tour offers regular access to events that have not been held in North America – this comes to a head sometime later when the players have an argument. conflicting events on the same days in the United States.

The whole saga has been a must-go to court from the day it started. Now, it seems to be happening sooner than they originally thought.

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