The NWSL Challenge Cup: North Carolina Courage defeated Washington Spirit, the final race to transport the injured

In a game that was overshadowed by injuries on both sides of the ball, North Carolina Courage and the 2022 NWSL Challenge Cup winners defeated Washington Spirit, 2-1 at the WakeMed Soccer Plex in Cary, North Carolina on Saturday. Kerolin scored Courage, who also benefited from his goal by Taylor Aylmer. Ashley Hatch scored the Spirit.

The permanent image in the game will not be any of the three selected goals, but Jordan Bagget is being removed from the field in injury time after colliding with Debinha.

The injury followed after Courage’s Kerolin and Spirit Keeper Aubrey Kingsbury were forced out of the courtroom in a row for about an hour. The fierce box fight from spirit defender Sam Staab on Kerolin kept people from mentioning the box. After Kerolin came out of the game, Courage found the winner in the corner which was followed by his goal from the Spirit. During the game Kingsbury fell to the ground and received a brief but well-kept game.

The difficult second half followed a 45-minute opener. Courage immediately led to the first goal as two Brazilians Debinha and Kerolin – who were shortlisted for the final Challenge Cup MVP – scored the opening goal in the 11th minute. Debinha held the ball up, hitting Kelley O ‘Hara, before he put the ball in Kerolin.

Courage was great for half an hour before the call for a handball that could take place in the box led to a comparison of the Spirit in the 35th minute when Trinity Rodman connected with Hatch. This means that the two sides entered in half the time, even though the courage surpassed the Spirit 15-5.

Then the injury started. The second half was exhausting, as the two teams fought the battle with a short break from the end of Wednesday. How the game ended, with Bagget’s injuries, and what he has done to speed up medical care, will be a memorable experience of the game, but a few minutes later the final whistle blew and Courage lifted the trophy, making them the 2022 Challenge Cup champions. for the first time in the history of the club.

Player changes

Spirit head coach Kris Ward and the team were on a 20-match unbeaten run to reach the final of the Challenge Cup. But by the end of the season, a few Spirit players will need to undergo medical re-examination after difficult times on the field in all sports, especially Bagget’s exit by ambulance. Ward said after the game that there were no other changes at the time.

“All I know is that he left. A few minutes ago, the game was about to end. We are going to the hospital and we will test him. But that is all I know now. Unfortunately,” he said.

The league has competitive protocols, including additional substitutes, although Ward has confirmed that his goal will be re-evaluated.

“We go through and conduct a riot investigation with the medical staff. I did not know at first, if he would do something different, in the end he did not. But our trainers are sure about it.

“But through, I listen to him, I look like he was fine and answer the initial tests. We’ll go and we’ll check now to see if there are any signs of delay or anything. But yeah, at first I wasn’t sure, but again, our coaches do a good job and I hope that he is well. “

For Couragem head coach Sean Nahas said he spoke to Kerolin after the injury and wants to stay in the game.

“I think there was a knock on the door and he fell on his side, but he wanted to go back. When we released him, D. [O’Sullivan]Mother [Mathias] and Deb [Debinha] They said they would not go, so we just changed, ”said Nahas. “She was not ready to go out, we were not ready to take her out with anyone. However, we were strong in a different way. Then it will be all right, I believe. “

Courage defender Carson Pickett earned his first NWSL title rematch in 2016. The defender took advantage of the game and scored two shots, thanking the team for closing the game due to multiple injuries.

“I think it’s a game of fitness. No matter what happens, we are trained to just watch the game and not worry about external factors unfortunately,” Pickett said.

“Obviously send good vibes to the Washington player and hope he recovers. Injuries do occur, which only happens in high-level sports, especially football. So, I think it was important with a little time left in the game to try and keep our game. the game. ”

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