The nucleus for vulnerable children and women adds about 50,000 support to the UEL

Since January 2020, the Center for Studies and Defense of the Rights of Children and Youth (NEDDIJ) and the Maria da Penha Center (Numape) have provided approximately 50,000 grants through the State University of Landriner (UEL) expansion project. The results were evaluated this Monday (06), from a technical point of view, with participation, in addition to members of the nucleus, representatives of the public ministry (MP) and the judiciary.

NEDDIJ and Numape work, respectively, on access to justice and monitoring children and adolescents in situations of social risk, and women victims of any form of domestic violence, whether masculine, verbal or physical.

Both are affiliated with Proex, funded by resources from the Paran Fund Management Unit (UGF) and are considered strategic projects in the state, as they provide essential services to the people for access to justice and human dignity in situations of social vulnerability.

The two are coordinated by Professor Claudette Carvalho Canezin, from the Center for Applied Social Studies (CISA), Department of Private Law, who is also the state coordinator for Numap. He said there were about 50,000 attendees at the two centers during this time of hard work.

According to NEDDIJ, there were 21,116 counselions on civil and violation cases and psychological support – 5,184 in 2020, 11,103 in 2021 and 4,829 in January to May 2022 alone.

Numape, on the other hand, accounted for 6,972 calls in 2020, 11,683 in 2021 and 9,200 calls in the first five months of this year, a total of 27,855 calls in legal (civil and criminal) and psychological cases.

“It’s been 16 years for NEDDIJ and nine years for Numape in Londrina. We understand that they are strategic projects for the community, for children, youth and women in vulnerable situations. I always tell the aspiring students that we deserve to be treated with humanity in addition to serving the people we serve. They are people abused by a series of incidents ”, said the coordinator.

The centers’ activities range from psychological support – according to Claudette, to “restoring humanity with the help of that child, youth or woman” – hearings, meetings, events and lectures to discuss cases. . “Those involved with the center also participate in academic events and are always up-to-date on legal claims, both academically and professionally,” he noted.

State relevance For UEL’s Dean of Extension, Mara Solange Gomes Dellaroza, in addition to the statistics and statistics presented, the role played by both centers in Londrina – and other state units – is crucial.

“We noticed that, in extensions, it is difficult to measure a project with numbers alone. What really matters is, in the end, how much that action has changed the lives of the people with whom students and extension professionals are interacting, “he assessed.

Judge Maria da Penha of Londrina recalls the beginning of the creation of the court in the town of Zilda Romero, which also had the support of society and the legal community of UEL. “Without the Justice Support Network, this entire group of children, youth and women cannot be managed,” he said.

He recalled tragic and common occurrences of domestic violence, in all cases – masculine, physical, verbal. “We help people in times of need. How can a wounded woman be rehabilitated without legal help who will support her legally and emotionally? We were only able to work on the scaffolding Maria da Penha for all this time because we had the unwavering support of the centers, “said the judge.

Amalia Donega, State Coordinator, NEDDIJ, highlights the work done through the coordination of city centers with the support of the state government through the Fundo Parana Management Unit. “These are strategic projects for Paran and much more than just extension projects. We train professionals in juvenile delinquency who do not pay well, for example, but it is a very strong social need, “he concluded.

Nucleus in Parnate – There are ten numape units across the state, spread across seven organizations: Unicentro, UEL, UEM, UEPG, UniWest, UENP and UNESPAR. NEDDIJ also has seven universities.

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