The mothers of the children killed by PS will protest again and demand removal of their bodies

Regarding his latest frank dialog with Senator Mileza Gomez (PP), Mayor TO Bokalom instructed the weblog yesterday that so as to not be a political impediment to holding him in the PP presidency, he has left the put up of vp to the damaged president. Bokalom, nonetheless, insisted that he had little question that Senator Ciro Noguira, the PP’s nationwide president, would step down as senator, and that Governor Gladson Camille wouldn’t have the ability to block his candidacy. . “Mileza will be operating for president and operating for an additional time period in the Senate,” stated Tio Bokalom, an optimist. The solely suspicion he had was Governor Gladson’s relationship: “I do not even know if he will be a candidate for re-election.”

One correction

Colonel Ulysses Araujo Unio will be the federal deputy candidate for Brazil and not for the Republicans, as revealed in the weblog yesterday. Is corrected.

All off

Despite the unresolved situation of who will lead the PP, there is no such thing as a approach the governor’s title could be changed by the title of Gladstone. Until then, all the pieces stops for compositions.

The similar equation

The similar equation could be utilized to the case of Senio Marcio Vittar of Unio Brazil, about the candidacy that the social gathering will assist for the Senate, equal to PP, all the pieces is difficult.

Lira Japuri or Mutuka

Controversial Lira Japuri Horsefly. I’ve stated earlier than that I’m keen to run for vice-governor on the Mara Rocha’s (MDB) ticket to the authorities. If MDB cannot discover one other title for the mission, name Lira, and that is it.

Another equipment angle

Will União Brasil’s candidate for the Senate be Federal Deputy Alan Rick (União Brasil), or Marcia Bittar (PL), as social gathering president Senator Marcio Bittar (União Brasil) needs? Anyone capable of decipher the puzzle? The two bodies don’t occupy the similar place, says the conventional legislation of physics.

Solid utility

Livestock farmer Fernando Zamora (PRTB) instructed BLOG yesterday that his candidacy for the Senate is up and operating. And that his political group is debating a reputation option to run for presidency, after Jorge Moura withdrew from his candidacy for governor.

Lucio Brazil

Dentist Lucio Brazil has determined to enter politics and Unio will be the state deputy candidate for Brazil. The excellent news is Lucio is a prepared cadre.

Does anybody perceive JV?

I have no idea of another related case in state politics. Former Senator George Vienna (PT) stays unclear. He says he tends to run for the Senate, however relying on the scenario, he can run for presidency. Understand? I can not! JV wants to grasp that PT is now not in energy, it’s to exclude selection.

The drunk will not be pushed down the slope

Regarding the election of the Senate, I agree with Federal Deputy Flaviano Mello (MDB) that it might be tough, very controversial and not fascinating. The JV has led in all elections thus far, however has but to win something.

Uncomfortable scenario

The authorities’s candidate, Deputy Genelson Leit (PSB), is in a clumsy and humiliating scenario: PT’s assist for his candidacy can solely be maintained if Jorge doesn’t decide at the Vienna Convention in July.

Take a cease

AMIGO do PT has revealed to me that Deputy Jonas Lima (PT), if he’s formally invited, agrees to be the Vice Candidate on the ticket of Deputy Jenilson (PSB).

The instance is damaged

Balsonaro is a disaster that everybody sees. Lula was the similar disaster that everybody noticed. Among the presidential candidates, Ciro Gomez will put an finish to this unhealthy dualism.

So it’s below the rule of legislation

Protecting the nation and its borders depends upon the armed forces. Electoral justice conducts elections. Each in its sq.. So it’s below the rule of legislation.

No forgery

President Bolsonaro has been elected by digital voting. And now, with all the unfavorable votes, it raises doubts about the significance of digital calculations. It is like admitting prematurely that you simply will be defeated. Use the notorious conspiracy concept. Never cheated.

Research doesn’t choose

The historical past of state elections exhibits the file of a big quantity of candidates who led and misplaced the election. The most up-to-date instance was the PMRB controversy, when Bokalam, who was at the backside of the vote, gained. Do not choose search.

Record damaged

The quantity of Senate candidates in the state has damaged information on this election. Sanderson Moura (PSOL), Dimas Sandus (AGIR), Jessica Sales (MDB), Vanda Milani (PRS), George Vienna (PT), Mileza Gomez (PP), Alan Rick (Unio Brasil), Marcia Bitter (PL) and Farr Zamora (PRTB). Nine candidates from the most various ideologies.

15 Lost glamor?

For a very long time MDB couldn’t win the majority in the metropolis corridor of the capital and the authorities. It misplaced to the PMRB, most just lately, with Roberto Duarte’s candidacy for mayor; And for the authorities, it tries to get again to the important character with the candidature of Mara Rocha (MDB) to the authorities. 15 Lost her glamor?

Two massive handles

MARCUS ALEXANDRE (PT) and Edvaldo Magalhães (PCdoB) will be the important drivers of the state deputies’ vote in the federation fashioned by PT-PCdoB-PV.

Diversified alliances

Within the PP, who diversified the alliances, not solely situated in the Juru area, however discovered essential allies in the capitals and municipalities of Alto Acre, was Deputy Nikolau Jr. (PP), who strengthened himself for re-election.

There isn’t any political purpose

I can not think about any political acquire for the PSDB because it tries to cease the social gathering from re-electing Deputy Luiz Gonzaga (PSDB). Gonzaga has an expressive voting development, which helps elevate the bench for ALEAC. Isn’t profitable a mandate a objective for all groups?

Come again nicely

Should their mandate return to the WHO lipstick bench, in ALEAC, will be Deputy Maria Antonia (PP) and Antônia Sales (MDB). Seraphim (União Brasil) will additionally return as deputy mayor, however he’s a federal candidate.


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