The mixed performance of USMNT was not well established at the gymnasium in Uruguay

KANSAS CITY, Kan. – A youth soccer team in the United States is looking for a tough test as it prepares two World Cup players for the World Cup. On Sunday, the US drew 0-0 with Uruguay.

It was as a result that in some ways the US had the opportunity to leave. Goalkeeper Sean Johnson unleashed a superb rush to save Mathias Olivera close to 63 minutes, then the more aggressive Edinson Cavani missed a chance in the second period.

The US had a chance, when Jesus Ferreira failed to turn many chances in the first half. But everywhere, even if the recording was appropriate due to the size of the game, it could have failed, which would have produced what is now 25 non-losing games.

Ferreira’s failure to find the future does not preclude the question of who started the team. But these were matches that Uruguay seemed to be crying out behind, and the US invasion was disrupted as the game progressed.

Some of the casualties of the US team in the attack went down to the Uruguayan nation. Later this year, La Celeste will take part in the sixth consecutive World Cup, and today, Uruguay fulfilled its record as a strong defensive side.

The amount of change in the second half did not do much to support fluidity. The fact that Ferreira’s successor, Haji Wright, hit the ball four times in 29 minutes of work speaks volumes about how the US attack suffered in the third quarter.

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As a result, when U.S. manager Gregg Berhalter called the game “A-plus effort from the team during a difficult, warm season,” the American finalists were missing, as was the type of team.

“We made the ball in the right place and we didn’t take any chances,” Berhalter said. “They closed some crosses. We have some corners. The last trip was short.”

It was not a good day for the other players who are hoping to make their case for the first few minutes of the first team, either. Joe Scally fought hard for his defense in the first half and looked exhausted. He looked very relaxed as he moved to his right where he sits in the middle of the second half, and although he deserves to be honored for staying there, looking for the backup backup he thinks from left Antonee Robinson on.

Erik Palmer-Brown and some of his favorite players are screaming for more playing time. But he was second only to the second best, including a late one when Diego Rossi passed him by and it was only a matter of time before he stopped Walker Zimmerman from blocking the attack with a hard-hitting shot by a former LAFC player.

Berhalter seems to be talking about his recent teammates when he said about his teammates, “There was a time and we came a little bit, but we’re still working with these guys.” He added, “It’s just a construction.

Some of the good news was that Weston McKennie passed 45 minutes uninjured as he worked his way back from a broken leg he suffered in February.

Another addition was the play Yunus Musah. The Valencia midfielder for a long time has brought something special to the US players because of his ability to throw the ball on the field. But on this day, he used his most successful tactics, especially in connecting with Timothy Weah and DeAndre Yedlin on the right side.

“Yunus is a man who just pushes me at his age what he can do, crazy talent,” Berhalter said. “We have to work with Yunus last, last, last, last, because he has a big roof.”

In self-defense, the US was bent over but not broken, and it seems that when anything goes wrong, a teammate is there to provide cover.

“I think we are doing well,” Zimmerman said. “He’s got a smart move in the box. We had a few games where we had to slide and get to the right spot to avoid a goal-scoring chance.

And times when the back line didn’t come, Johnson was there to help. It is very strange to think that Johnson has been involved in the national team program for 11 years. The fact that he now has only 10 caps reflects the difficulties he faced in trying to disrupt the US line.

Frankly, Johnson is still battling to become the team’s third goalkeeper at the World Cup later this year, but his hopes were not dashed; and with the passing of the year, he could become the only US guard to spend a lot of time playing. Time will tell how important the item is.

“As a professional footballer who has been with the national team for some time, who has been with this team for a while, this opportunity means everything,” Johnson said. He later added, “Keeping a good level, good shape, good music coming to these camps really contributes to the game changer today.”

The current international window is now entering a new phase, with two CONCACAF Nations League matches against Grenada and El Salvador coming. The tournament will not be much bigger, but El Salvador has been a fierce opponent in qualifying for the World Cup, and should provide enough tests for players who are still struggling to make it to the finals.


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