The married man said he killed the pregnant woman by stripping her naked for not having children

A 28-year-old computer technician has been arrested since Friday (4) on suspicion of stabbing Antonili Nunes Martins, 32, with a knife. The crime took place in Pimenta Bueno, 520 kilometers from Porto Velho, and the investigation noted that it was inspired by the victim that she was pregnant with a suspect who was married and did not want to adopt a father, he said. UOL Rondonia Civil Police.

The suspect has been identified by MP (Public Ministry) Gabriel Henrique Massioli. In testimony, he said the couple suffocated naked in the back while resting, lying down with a “shell”, according to civil police. Per UOLLawyer Silvio Cerqueira, who works in Gabriel’s defense, said he would only reveal himself in the case file.

The suspect, Pimenta Bueno, is being held in preventive detention by a criminal court and is being held in the neighboring town of Rolim de Moura Penitentiary.

Naked choke in the back while they were ‘shelling’

According to Rondonia Civil Police, Gabriel and Antonili were co-workers and had been in a romantic relationship for ten months.

The crime happened on Wednesday (2), a day after Antonili revealed to the suspect that she was pregnant with him. In the testimony, according to civil police, “the suspect had no suspicion” that he was the child’s father. The victim was three months pregnant.

During questioning, Gabriel said there was no argument between the couple. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture.

At that point, the suspect – who is the son of a couple of evangelical priests – reported that Antonielli took advantage of the moment of confusion and applied a “rear naked choke” blow while they were lying with a “shell”. Realizing that he was still alive in bed, he went to the kitchen and stabbed her in the neck with a knife, killing her.

According to civil police, the body was found Friday after friends missed Antonili.

“He had a stab wound to the neck. Friends missed it and went to this house when they found the body,” he said. UOL A source in the Civil Police who is with the investigation.

Civil police treat the suspect as a felony after the first testimony of their colleagues, indicating a love affair between the victim and the suspect.

He was even heard at the police station on the day the body was found, but was eventually released because he was no longer acting. Civil police and the MP applied to the judge for a decriminal restraining order on the same day.

“The MP’s request was granted by the criminal court of Pimenta Bueno, and the suspect, once informed of the arrest warrant, presents himself to the police and is in jail,” the public ministry said in a note.

The suspect is being investigated for murder.

‘Don’t leave Antonioli in vain’

The report contacted Antonieli’s relatives via social media and by phone, but has not yet received a response.

On social media, family members published an open letter seeking justice for the case.

“We want to thank those who have joined us in expressing our condolences, that this crime is no longer a statistic, that his departure is not in vain. We want justice in hand, that we can never judge ourselves by the evil of others, but first wait for justice রের God’s justice, which never fails, and then men’s justice “, says part of the letter.

“We want a response from the judiciary, the perpetrators are punished according to the law and God can comfort our hearts,” the family added.

Per UOL, Deborah Mores, a lawyer who defended the victim’s family, said relatives were shaking. This will be the second child for Antonili, who is survived by a three-year-old son.

“She was a very helpful, cheerful and hardworking girl. The crime gathered the whole city, with 40,000 inhabitants, to try the case. She would be Antonielli’s second child. The lawyer announced.

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