The Mariners conquer the Astros, Minute Maid Park, ancient systems, magical thinking itself

We all have magical knowledge: the beliefs we practice (or think, or believe, or the traditions we practice, and so on) can affect events outside of ourselves. Many of these magical beliefs go away as we leave childhood and gather enough information to understand that trampling does not break anyone’s back, but other stubborn, deep-seated beliefs persist: maybe you make a wish. 11:11, or say “rabbit” first thing on the first day of each month, or believe in finances. There is no judgment here.

But there is a point at which magical ideas can be dangerous, especially when the mind becomes confused, as is the case with OCD and other disorders, or when beliefs that have been around for a long time prevent people from leaving conditions that may impede growth or clarity. harmful.

The career history of the Mariners and AL West Astros is not all magic – the Astros, over the years, have created a juggernaut that was designed to continue to thrive with intelligent writing and temporary competitiveness, until. including actual fraud. But there is also a mysterious fog around the god like the Astros, especially when visiting Minute Maid Park, a place where the Mariners have tragically 4-26 since 2019, which seems to hinder them. It is a problem that he seems to be aware of:

(For those of you who do not know, grapes are believed to remove harmful energy from the atmosphere.

Not all traditional ideas are necessarily bad. Traditions to help people cope with major changes in their lives: the journey to and from the world, the transition from childhood to adulthood; while cheesy grim picker posters and black balloons with a sign reading “lord lordy Cathy’s 40” can help you realize life change, that is, change when you realize that helping your partner move means recovery as you were outside. drinking on Bourbon Street last night. But sometimes rituals are forced or restrictive, especially when external expectations are brought about; a friend recently left the bridal shop disappointed when she was told she was bride last minute for she had not yet decided on her clothes six months before. Sometimes the ceremony can be bigger than it once was, and that is when you face problems.

Today, it has been heard for some time whether the Mariners can return to the belief that it claims we can’t beat the Astros in Minute Maid Park. The Mariners wanted to change the subject early, squaring Cristian Javier up from the jump: Jesse Winker did not get a hit but led the game with a 400-foot flyout (.660 xBA, in tax for 6/6 maybe?), And then with a double run, Julio took a chance. from Javier’s pointless command to advance 3-1 before moving 111 MPH one in the middle. JP Crawford followed with a left-handed move and as such, the Mariners scored (1) more runs than Javier did the last time they saw him, building the signings he had written for him. five career innings back in May (2), all in the first inning. The vibes were … good?

But Robbie Ray handed the player over in the third game to José Altuve – and it was not cheap, either: 107.1 EV, 409 feet. But Cal Raleigh said no, he is not involved in the burning business, but he knows the jars and can say that Javier does not have his best things today after the second run of Adam Frazier and beat Dylan Moore with pitch, setting up this BEEF BOY BOMB:

Obviously, four times against the real Houston Astros in Minute Maid Park may not be enough, but after the team’s disappointing somnambulism in May, four times sounded like a good start. Koma ah. The feeling of Lucy-shattering-ball came back under the second inning, with Robbie Ray leading the way in his well-known Big Inning: Kyle Tucker broke a very bad midfielder. a night in Texas, and another fighter after it, Chas McCormick (!) fired another solo, this is another wall cleaner but enough to paint the Astros inside one. An inconsistent throw in JP Crawford allowed the footballer Maldonado to reach, an unmarked pitch between Cal Raleigh and Ray put him second, then Altuve picked Maldonado who tied the tie 4-4.

Also, the moment of realizing that DMo, taking the right place, had two key allies to reduce José No-Longer-As-Fast-As-He-Thinks-He-Is Altuve, once and for all. drama on a plate that might be more important later.

Javier came back for the third time, seemingly finding his way down, to set the Mariners 1-2-3 where, Ray opened his midfield by walking Gurriel on four yards, but managed to get out (also. He was also able to work a fourth cleaner even though he stopped beating the back – one for Altuve and two for Brantley who had to move on except DMo, as mentioned above – and he also worked with Kyle Tucker. unmarried frost to post five innings and save a bullpen. Well, I promised in the past, let’s see if DMo supports AlTOOTBLANve:

Ray worked hard, but no one worked harder than Cal Raleigh, who appeared on the pitch talking to Scott Servais, probably about changing the game system, and then went out to make Pitcher Wellness. Visit coax Ray through five innings.

Interestingly, despite not performing well, Ray won thanks to Cal Raleigh. Frazier led fourth with a BABIP-double chance that just came out of the McCormick Spices glove, and then Raleigh opted to run in front of a running ball that drilled a 3-4 hole hole.

Cal Raleigh: multidimensional fighter! We love to see it. Jesse Winker followed with one that knocked Javier off the game, and then it was in a bullpens battle.

Penn Murfee, Ryan Borucki, and Sergio Romo, who are very sorry for the noise I made when I saw him come out to defend one lead against the Astros in the eighth, all worked clean, with Murfee 1.2 innings of unlimited work to make the bridge in the middle. on the starting and back of the bullpen and earning him my Unsung Hero nightly prize. The Astros similarly got a 1.1 scoreless from something called Seth Martinez, Parker Mushinski who I remember was an opponent against the Arkansas Travelers back in the Texas league, Ryne Stanek, and Phil Maton, rocking seven races and there is no running between them.

Then the ninth inning took place.

Hector Neris took the hill and all you need to know about Hector Neris is that he appeared in 26 games so far with a K% over 30% and a BB% of 4.6%. So we establish that this is a very good tool for having a strict law of the zone, right? All right. Not tonight. Neris hit Ty France, which was a success for me as I started hitting Zach Mason’s best piece “Please Stop Hit Ty France”, as well as making Scott Servais hit the roof of the MMP.

This immediately led to the removal of the benches, which led to some funny things that we could break down afterwards, but a few things that we need to highlight and include Jesse Winker running around with all the Servais. you have my sword boss because the Bills Mafia runs strong in the following:

In addition, Julio immediately removed the founding founder Hector Neris, a descendant of his 10 years older, away from the case. We love our peace-loving son who has just arrived to ensure that only caregivers are paid:

Here’s the whole thing, if you haven’t seen it, though I can’t promise it to make sense afterwards:

However, after Julio dismissed Neris from the case, his next reaction, as he had no respect for his superiors, was as follows:

Let’s see:

That’s right, after Neris came out of the argument “okay grandma let’s get home” she hit the tank to get her out. I’m not saying this lightly: we stand for myth.

After all the fun, Xanax’s rival, Diego Castillo, came out and circled the slope and found several squares and a line to end the game. I’m here because of Diego’s calm, cool and calm demeanor, though tell me why his face after hitting the most dangerous ball last week to end the game is the same as mine when I think about mine. Taco Bell Order:

Jokes aside, it makes sense to stop the Astros-uncompromising performances. Burnt sage is not my favorite scent but I will put a bundle in each nostril like walrus horns if the Mariners continue to play like this against the Astros in the MMP. Angie Mentink said in the play that Julio is the source of all power – good, bad, whatever – and then transfers that power to his will, proving my belief that it is a very powerful crystal. If 2021 was Chaos Ball, I am here in 2022 to be the Magic Ball. Just keep the traditions, and remember to create designs that serve you, not the other way around.

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