The Korean embassy in West Bahia has demanded information on the deaths of five children Bahia

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea has sent a letter to two prefectures in the city of Bahia to collect information on the deaths of five children in a ditch in the municipality of Formosa do Rio Preto, west of the state. The TV Oeste team, an affiliate of TV Bahia, had exclusive access to this Monday (9) document.

The document, dated April 30, has been sent to the municipalities of Formosa do Rio Preto and Bareiras. Requests for support from local authorities are highlighted.

The letter referred to the Vienna Convention, which established a diplomatic agreement between the countries with different legal frameworks. Two diplomats are mentioned who will go to the city in search of more information. They are Gun Hawa Kim, Minister and Charge d’Affaires, and Consul Kyung Mi.

This is not indicated in the documents when the diplomats come to the city.

Five Korean children go out to play and are found dead in West Bahia – Photo: Private Archive

In a note, Formosa do Rio Pretor City Hall confirmed receipt of the letter issued by the embassy. However, he assured that no meeting was held between the representatives of the organization and the municipal management. The city government has said it will cooperate in whatever capacity it can.

Civil police said an investigation was underway and details were not disclosed so as not to interfere with the progress of the case.

g1 contacted the Korean embassy, ​​but received no response until the last update of this report.

Five children have been killed in an accident at Formosa do Rio Preto’s Villa dos Corianos on Friday – Photo: TV West

The Bahia Public Ministry of Labor (MPT-BA) reports that it is investigating three possibilities for the death of Korean children: accident, child labor or neglect. An investigation has been opened by the agency to investigate the case.

According to the MPT, the tragedy may have been accidental, due to lack of signboards and safety at the construction site; Due to negligence, if signaling and / or safety area is obstructed; Or due to child labor, which is considered illegal.

MPT-BA highlights that none of the hypotheses are rejected. The public agency further stressed that job security is the responsibility of those who perform it and that the place should have adequate security measures and signboards.

So far, there is no word on who will open the trench, which, according to civil police, was intended to improve sanitary conditions in the area, however, no details are yet available on who is responsible for the construction.

Five children have been killed in an accident at Formosa do Rio Preto’s Villa dos Corianos on Friday – Photo: Revelation / Military Police

Five Korean children went out to play and were found dead on April 29 in a ditch in the town of Formosa do Rio Preto, on the paraiso farm inside Villa dos Corinos, where about two thousand Asians and their descendants. Live

According to the civil police, the case took place around 12 noon, but the victim’s parents missed the child around 3 pm. The Mobile Emergency Care Service (SAMU) was launched when family members found the bodies, however, teams have already found the young ones lifeless.

The bodies were buried on May 1, in a private cemetery in Villa dos Corianos, where the tragedy took place. Community access is limited to 160 families who live on the site.

The two victims were 11 years old, the other two were 7 and the youngest was 6. Everyone is studying in the municipal school system. The city government has declared three days of mourning for the victims.

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