The Islanders burn Barry Trotz after an astonishing four seasons

Lou Lamoriello demonstrated his commitment to the age of the Islanders by standing on the last day of March’s business.

But a year later when asked about head coach Barry Trotz’s contract – which ended at the end of the 2022-23 season – Lamoriello resigned. And on Monday morning, surprisingly, Lamoriello fired the Jack Adams Award winner by admitting that something needed to change after the season when the Islanders failed to get close to achieving their Stanley Cup goal.

“I believe this team of players needs a new word,” Lamoriello told a news conference. “This is not a bad thing for Barry Trotz. He’s a very big man.”

As for coaching staff – a team that includes assistant coach Lane Lambert and goal coach Mitch Korn, people who have been working with Trotz for a long time – Lamoriello can only say they have a contract next season, though the new coach will have to say if it is still there. so. Lamoriello did not volunteer during part-time work.

Barry Trotz was fired by the Islanders on May 9, 2022.

Lamoriello informed Trotz of the election Monday morning after speaking with owner Jon Ledecky. The players did not take part, although Lamoriello is expected to respond.

“Elections of this kind are made to move forward and not to back down,” he said. “The team knows right now that new words are what we need to do well in my mind.”

Lamoriello did not discuss the reasons for his shooting, but said it was his job to do what was best for the organization. It was not the first time he had made the sudden decision to step down as head coach – in 2000 when he became the Devils’ general manager, Lamoriello fired Robbie Ftorek with eight games remaining in the season and hired Larry Robinson, who went on to succeed. to win the Stanley Cup with accreditation. Seven years later, Lamoriello ousted Claude Julien with three games remaining this season and the Devils with the best record in the East.

Commenting on what is most important this summer, Lamoriello said directing the blue line from a frustrating idea, and perhaps a future hockey business, would be on the table.

From the beginning, the Islanders season was very bad. The team started with 13 games, a five-week road trip, followed by the COVID-19 epidemic that shook the team when it opened UBS Arena. He did not recover well, and he did not just focus on the race, finishing with a 37-35-10 average record. At one point during the second half break to prepare for their suspension over COVID, Trotz said the period was “mentally exhausting.”

Following the final game of the season, the defeat of Tampa Bay where the Islanders shot for the third time, Trotz called it the “most amazing season I’ve ever had” but did not say he knew his future.

“This is hockey and this team – a good part – should come back next year, but there are some changes,” said Trotz, who had a 152-102-34 record with the Islanders. “And wherever the change is, then it will be a new team, with fewer changes. And we believe the team has played a lot of hockey, a lot of important games for a short time, a few years ago. And hopefully this summer will be a summer show, summer to add.

“NHL could slow you down. We were humble this year.”

Barry Trotz
Barry Trotz

Although foreign influences helped, the islanders also struggled to reach their full potential. Trotz ‘first defense, which helped them a lot in the past, was disrupted, with the Islanders struggling to find the back of the net and leaning against goalkeeper Ilya Sorokin too hard, too often.

The start of the team is one of the oldest in the league and – following the second consecutive run until the end of the NHL in 2021 – the Islanders have committed themselves to keeping it well. This creates a great sense of urgency now.

If Lamoriello decided to change something after he failed to make the postseason, then what he could improve could be a coaching staff.

However, Trotz is known to be one of the best coaches in the game, and the Islanders’ challenges this season have taken him out of his hands. There should be no diminishing demand for Trotz operations this season.

He is a successful Stanley Cup coach, who left his last job after winning the Capitals tournament. This release is not surprising, but the results will be back on Long Island in the coming months.

Lamoriello now has the decision to change the license in his own hands as he looks to hire a new coach who could fit into a compelling pot of hope.

The Islanders finished well outside of the competition photo this season. In 2022-2023, their goal will be the same this year: winning the Stanley Cup.

Lamoriello just put the pen down. And it’s now on his shoulders to redeem.

– Additional reports by Jenna Lemoncelli


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