The Iguatemi Campinas’ theater programming features “A Married Diary” and “Cassar Pra Q?”

Cultural Week kicks off on Thursday at 9pm with the show “Um Par Imper” with Zelia Duncan and Paulinho Mosca. Comedy will be on Saturday and Sunday. Also weekend, the musical show “Amazing Tenors, Sings Bocelli”. Tickets can be purchased at or at the theater box office on the third floor of the Shopping Iguatemi Campus. Information by phone (19) 3294-3166.

Paulinho Moska and Zélia Dunkan begin the week’s performance with MPB Musical at the Teatro Oficina do Estudante Shopping Iguatemi Campinas “A strange pair”A. Thursday (12), 9 o’clock at night. During the one-hour show, they performed hit songs such as “Carne E Oso”, “O Tom Do Amar”, “Sinto Encanto”, “No”, “Feliz Caminhar”, “Meadow Do Meadow”, “Tudo A Um” and ” Guy. Beauty and Fear “. The songs of their individual careers, the songs of other singers, in addition to the unpublished songs, the melody of this pair, appears in the script.

Moska and Zélia have been friends and partners since their first solo album in the 1990s. It’s a song written over 25 years of friendship and togetherness. The project was already long thought by the two artists, but the idea for the tour began to take shape when, in 2012, they created the song “Um Par Imper”. Ticket prices range from R $ 80.00 to R $ 180.00 (depending on the sector) and are available at the website and at the theater box office, located on the third floor of the Shopping Iguatemi Campinas. Information by phone (19) 3294-3166.

There are also song programs Sunday (15), A. 8pm, With the Amazing Tennis Group, which brings the show to the stage “Amazing Suite, Boselly Guy”. On the show, three young and already famous tenor songs are interpreted to mark the career of one of the best and most popular singers in the genre. The collection includes hits for Italian music such as “Canto della Terra”, “Granada” and “Cinema Paradiso”, which have been combined with Boseli’s classics such as “Vivo par lei”, “Com te Partiro”, Boleros. , Tangos and movie themes are also immortalized by the sweet and powerful tenor voice. Tickets cost R $ 100.00 (half-price) and R $ 200.00 (full price).


Romantic comedy “Marriage for what” Its attraction Saturday (14), A. 9 p.m.. Directed by actor and comedian Eri Johnson and starring Michelle Martins and Alessandro Annes, the play tells the daily life and struggles of a newly married couple, Pedro Paolo and Anna Lucia, who recently met at a nightclub. And fell in love at first. Sight. She is a high-class woman, vain, authoritarian, short-tempered, who has been fooled countless times by her husband at the same time. He is angry, impatient and an ugly, ordinary “171” who hides the source of his suburbs in order to conquer his wife. Tickets cost R $ 60.00 (half-price) and R $ 120.00 (full price). Also about the Eros Prado stand-up wedding, “A Married Diary” On display Sunday (15)A. 6 pm. The show tells life stories and secrets together with good humor and improvement. Tickets cost R $ 40.00 (half-price) and R $ 80.00 (full price).

Postponed show

Singer Anna Gabriella’s concert scheduled for Friday, May 13 and the pair scheduled for the same day “Outreview” were postponed to 7:00 pm and 9:30 pm, respectively. Tickets already purchased will be valid for the new date. For more information, call (19) 32943166 or email


Iguatemi Campinus Student Workshop Theater

Location: 3rd floor of the shopping Iguatemi Campinas (AV. Iguetemi, 777, Villa Brandina), in Campinas.

Sales: Theater box office and on the website

Information by phone (19) 3294-3166

May 2022 Schedule (subject to change)

Day: 12, Thursday, at 21:00

Paulinho Moska and Zélia Duncan – “A Unique Pair” – MPB Music

Tickets: BRL 80.00 to BRL 180.00 (depending on the sector)

Age rating: 14 years

Day: 14, Saturday, at 21:00

“Marriage for what?” – Comedy

Tickets: R $ 60.00 (half price) and R $ 120.00 (full price)

Age rating: Free

Day: 15, Sunday, at 18:00

Eros Prado – “A Married Diary” stand-up

Tickets: R $ 40.00 (half price) and R $ 80.00 (full price)

Age rating: 12 years

Day: 15, Sunday, at 20:00

“Amazing Tenors” – Concert

Tickets: BRL 100.00 (half price) and BRL 200.00 (full price)

Age rating: Free

Day: 20, Friday, at 21:00

“Paul Cabanas” – Stand up

Tickets: R $ 30.00 (half price) and R $ 60.00 (full price)

Age rating: Free

Day: 21, Saturday, at 19:00

“Rodrigo Marquez” – Stand up

Tickets: R $ 40.00 (half price) and R $ 80.00 (full price)

Age rating: 14 years

Day: 21, Saturday at 21:00

“Diego Almeida” – Stand up

Tickets: R $ 45.00 (half price) and R $ 90.00 (full price)

Age rating: Free

Day: 21, Saturday, at 15:00

“Children’s Rock” – musical instrument

Tickets: R $ 35.00 (half price) and R $ 70.00 (full price)

Age rating: Free

Day: 22, Sunday, at 16:00

“Tick” – baby

Tickets: R $ 55.00 (half price) and R $ 110.00 (full price)

Age rating: Free

Day: 22, Sunday, 8 p.m.

“Milk Hour” – Humor

Tickets: R $ 25.00 (half price) and R $ 50.00 (full price)

Age rating: 14 years

Day: 26, Thursday at 21:00

“A Show for Belchior” – Musical Instruments

Tickets: R $ 35.00 (half price) and R $ 70.00 (full price)

Age rating: Free

Days: 27, 28 and 29, Friday / Sat / Sun, 8pm, 9pm and 6pm

“Impossible” – Barbixus – Comedy

Tickets: R $ 40.00 (half price) and R $ 80.00 (full price)

Age rating: 16 years old

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