The history of the wall of Rome in the title of the conference league

Rui Patricio, one of the key figures in Roma’s victory in the Conference League, is also known for his quiet lifestyle.

Can hold 1-0 lead Feyenoord And win the title Conference League, Roma had to be counted on for the great performance of goalkeeper Rui Patricio..

Absolute owner of goalkeeper selection PortugalAbout 20 years have passed Sports And standing outside Wolverhampton Before At the request of Jose Mourinho will be signed by the Italian club this season.

The archer started at the base of the Lisbon team at the age of 13 and made his debut for the team in style, when he saved a penalty to win 1-0. MarineIn November 2006. But the title will only come in the 2007/2008 season, when he won the League Cup and the Portugal Cup.

Serb Vladimir Stojkovich left, and Rui Patricio did so well that he never left. He was a goalkeeper and I’m really rooting for him. I think he reminds me a lot of the way he caught Fernando Pros, Maybe a little lighter. He is very good and fast under the post. He never complained about anything, he was very calm “, recalls former sporting striker Rodrigo Tiui in 2019.

In ten years he played for the Lisbon team, Rui Patricio made many Brazilian friends and told of his humble origins in the countryside of Leiria.

“I don’t know if he studied at all. I don’t think so. As far as I know she didn’t finish high school, so she really needed help. Sometimes he even had trouble expressing himself And looking for professionals to be able to interview. I also wanted meditation, concentration. He is a man who studies his body and mind a lot, as well as other goalkeepers, “said archer Marcelo Boek, currently Power.

At age 23, Rui Patricio began following psychologist Anna Ramirez, who helped him take a leap into his career. Defender Xandão, during his time at Alvalade, remembers the mental strength of the archer.

“If there was a game where he made a mistake or did not do well I remember the whole week later, before the next game, he came to the club, didn’t say much and even coached. And broke it and closed the goal. You can see that going through the situation in the previous game was a chore. He has been the captain of the team since my time. He was not a talkative person, he was a person. He has always been a great performer who has saved the team. “

Even if you can’t win Portuguese Championship For Sporting, he helped the team win the Taka da Liga and Taka de Portugal, as well as various qualifications. Champions League And Europa League.

“He has a very fast reflex. He caught an incredible ball, which looked like they were coming in and he would go after them with the tip of his finger,” Zandao highlighted.

“For me, he is the greatest goalkeeper in Portuguese history. He is a person who always wants to evolve and is not satisfied. He has reached a plateau and is always trying to meditate, work and exercise for the better, “said Boek.

For the Portuguese national team, he was named coach Paolo Bento and made his debut in November 2010. He was called World Cup 2014, playing in just one match. But from the following year, he began to establish himself as a holder and was one of the main attractions of the victory. Euro Cup 2016, when Portugal won France 1-0 overtime in the final in Paris.

“Rui really deserves all the dignity and everything he feels he has and will still live in football for the Portuguese national team. He is the same humble man, an exceptional worker and outstanding on and off the field. “I think he’s bigger as a person because of his family, as a person,” said Boek.

Therapist wife

He is married to Vera Ribeiro, a father of two and a sex therapist. The archer saw his wife gain international fame at the 2018 World Cup. He is the author of the book “Manual The Sedator”, which provides tips and advice on how to spice up a couple’s intimate life relationship.

“Professional players must continue to lead sexually active lives even in concentration. If they can’t get along with women, they should get into the habit of masturbating, which will help control anxiety and stress levels before the game, “Vera said.

Despite the therapist’s advice, Portugal were eliminated from the Round of 16 Uruguay.


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