The highlight of the second day of FITA 2022 is gastronomy

Chefra highlights that para is at the forefront of the organic economy by stabilizing the forest and evaluating its products.The authentic and genuine gastronomy of Para is nationally and globally recognized is nothing new to anyone. It is also true that gastronomy and tourism go hand in hand in one of the fastest growing segments in the world market. Last Friday night (06), sector experts discussed the importance of gastronomy for tourism in the first lecture-show of the tenth edition of the Amazon International Tourism Fair (FITA) at Estacao Das Ducas.

One of the highlights of the night was S সাo Paulo chef Bell Coelho. With a career spanning more than 20 years, he has gone through famous houses and today runs the Clandestino restaurant in Sওo Paulo. A graduate of the American Culinary Institute in New York City, he has worked with Alex Atala at DOM. He became known as the chef of Madeleine Restaurant in 2003. The following year, he took charge of the green kitchen and received the Revelation Chef Award, presented by the wet Sao Paulo jury for the Guia Comer e Beber edition.

“Cuisine plays a much bigger role in tourism than spreading gastronomic tourism. We, as chefs, need to tell the rest of Brazil about tukupi, jumbo, manikoba, herbs, preprioca … … one of the enthusiasts of Amazon ingredients.

Journalist Marila Lazaretti – Editor-in-Chief of Editora 4Caps, who mediated the debate in the presence of the magazine “Prageres da Mesa”, the bilingual magazine “Mesa Tendensius” and “Just For”, in the presence of chef Saulo Jennings and executive Georges Snyder, Commented on

“I think everyone here understands the importance of sustainable forests. All the elements that are here are found in forests. It shows how much more standing forest than a clean and desolate area,” he said, adding to the importance of forest. Organic economy, a movement where the para government is at the forefront of the region and Brazil.

Saolo Jennings further emphasizes that the important thing for him is knowledge as a multiplier component of this local culture, its components, materials, knowledge and as a platform for other markets.

“Gastronomy must be real. Saolo is the ambassador of this movement, but you have to own it here as part of the process. We will show it in a strong way in Brazil and in the world,” said Georges Snyder, executive director of Mundo Mesa, a gastronomy platform that creates content. Its summary by providing experience through.

Thematic panel

Friday’s schedule also includes two thematic panels on the FITA 2022 theme, “Smart Tourism: Sustainable Connection and Experience”. The first of them spoke about the creative city with the participation of Virginia Cassado (UNESCO), Leandro Lima (Creative City Salvador) and the Vice President of Codem, Luiz Rodrigo Neves.

Speakers addressed the conditions for naming creative citiesVirginia Casado, project officer in the culture sector at the UNESCO office in Brazil, highlighted the importance of the conceptual framework for maintaining the “Creative City of Gastronomy” in Belem and the “Creative Musical City” in Salvador. The discount is a basis for strengthening tourism and recognizing the development of creative activities.

Listeners can watch the talk-show on gastronomy“The title of Creative City is a seal that has worldwide recognition. Imagine that Belem is one of them, the whole world knows that Belem is one of the more than two hundred things in the world that is a model for such activity,” explained Virginia Married.

Nicole Fakuri (MTUR), Gonzalo La Rosa (Ciudades del Futuro) and international consultant Italo Mendes were present at the Smart Destination panel debate.

“When we talk about Smart Tourist Destinations (DTI), we are talking about a method and a conversion plan. These are basic and simple strategies, it doesn’t have to be technology, but a thematic and sustainable way of tourism, for example, that gives tourists a safer and more accessible experience, “concludes Nicole Fakuri.

Text: Ascom Setur


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