The group that creates and sells nude baby pictures on the web is targeted by PF

On Thursday morning (4/28), federal police launched Operation Abusu to dismantle a criminal organization that was active in commercializing photos and videos of children and adolescents, mainly in Brazilian, sensual and sensual poses. The images were sent to foreign websites with pedophile content.

In addition to property hijacking and blocking, 10 search and seizure warrants and one preventive arrest were executed, issued by the 1st Federal Court of Itazai (SC). The move was made at the addresses of the Ballerinio Camborio (SC), Santana do Parniba (SP) and Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul and Sao Paulo capitals.

According to the PF, since 2001 girls have been guaranteed to take pictures and take pictures without bathing suits and underwear, under the promise that the material will be used to direct models in fashion and advertising work. Employers used the argument that the photos would be required by the companies.


However, in countries such as the Czech Republic, the United States, and Russia, images, names, and social network profiles were sold on the Deep Web through Internet sites controlled by the group. It was also identified that the photos were commented and shared by people who were interested in child sexual abuse and contact with girls.


The group’s chief photographer has also been accused of sexually assaulting and persuading models to change clothes in his car and in his photographic studio, where mirrors and cameras would be strategically placed to record them naked. More than 120 Brazilian children and adolescents between the ages of 4 and 18 have been identified so far. This investigation was preventively arrested this Thursday (28/4).

The Federal Police Service for the Repression of Hate Crimes and Child Pornography is analyzing 200,000 images and video files in Brasilia.

The investigation was supported by the Interpol General Secretariat, located in the French city of Lyon, as images of minors have been linked to child pornography for several years and were reportedly listed in Interpol’s Child Sexual Abuse Bank.

International cooperation

Also, as part of a protracted police collaboration between the United States and Brazilian authorities, the federal police relied on information from the US Embassy’s Homeland Security Investigation (HSI), as several clients of the criminal organization were in the United States. Citizens convicted of sexual offenses against children.

Images have been commercialized for many years, through various payments, such as credit cards, international transfers, and more recently, cryptocurrencies. The total transaction amount is yet to be determined.

Ten were charged with felony criminal mischief, rape through fraud, sexual harassment, sexual harassment, unauthorized recording of sexual intimacy, providing pornographic material and raping a vulnerable person. Up to the extent of their participation, the accused persons can answer for the aforesaid offenses mentioned in the law and the constitution of children and adolescents.

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